Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 08

In the build up to the festival, Sawako has been researching things for the Black Magic Cafe when Arai Pin to see how things are going and to tell her to get the others working as well, as while he didn’t care about it at first, there’s now high class sushi at stake. Other than that he leaves her telling her that Kazehaya isn’t as good as she thinks he is.

However she still thinks he is, wondering whether she fell in love with him because of that and at the same time Kazehaya wonders what he meant when he told him to give up earlier, seeing that what he had told him was right. Not too long after this there’s a montage featuring the opening theme as an insert, showing the things that happened up until the festival, ranging from the preparations to things and testing out the recipes that Sawako had, to their tests and such. During this time Chizu even had her birthday and was given a bracelet from Ryu when he was on one of his training runs. The montage itself though ends with Sawako taking out the good luck fortune that Kazehaya had given her on New Years Eve.

After this it’s finally time for the festival and amongst all of the stands, Sawako’s Black Magic Cafe appears to be pretty popular as student after student goes in seeking to curse someone, but comes out with renewed determination and a completely different outlook. Aside from her booth there’s also a cafe part to it where Ayane and Kazehaya wait tables. When they stop to take a break Sawako wonders what she could have done if Kazehaya didn’t like someone, when Kento comes in with a drink and while he knows what Ayane would do if she found out, he tells her that she should confess her feelings to Kazehaya. As before he couldn’t really see them as a couple and that despite how she told him how it was like there wasn’t a wall between her and Kazehaya, he tells her that he can see one between them. Seeing her starting to feel down and thinking that she’s cuter when she smiles, he sees that Kazehaya is the only one who can make her do that and because of that he’ll support her.

Having left her to wonder whether this wall was put there between her and him, Kento then meets up with Kazehaya to take over and tries to apologise for the misunderstanding her caused, he thinks that he isn’t as good as Sawako thinks he is and if anything admires the way that she always does her best. Following this he meets up with some of his friends and corrects them when they call her Sadako, reminding her of how she used to see him like a god but now sees him as just an ordinary guy.

As the school day ends Ayane and Chizu meet up with her to walk home, however not caring who he likes, she runs off to find him. With Ryu yelling where he is out to her as she runs past Kurumi, wondering what he would say if she told him her feelings. However before she can do this, the episode ends just as she gets to the door, wanting to break down that wall.

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For what it was this episode was amazing, not only featuring the school festival that everyone had been preparing for but also having the point where everything that had been happening to Sawako added up and she was finally ready to confess her feelings to Kazehaya. A point that the first season really could have done with to be a bit more conclusive. If that wasn’t enough the montage seen early into it featuring the opening song was great as well.

As while I personally thought that the way it started at first came out of nowhere, it was still great just to see all those little things that happened between the episode’s starting point and the festival itself. Which while not being much at first, just added up into something worth while, doing a good job at showing the steady progression of time over such a short period compared to when it had skipped months at a time. Most of all though it managed to present a great point in the subplot between Chizu and Ryu when he gave her a bracelet for her birthday, something that indicated that she may be starting to see him in a similar way to how he sees her.

Seeing the school festival that had been built up to in the background also turned out to be pretty fun as well, and it was kind of amusing to see just how Sawako’s booth turned out. With people going in there expecting for her to curse someone but instead they came out with a renewed resolve to try their best fairly. It was like they had been completely taken aback by her true character instead her “Sadako” reputation, with her positive and enduring outlook seeming to reflect on them as well. Other than that, seeing her overhear Kazehaya correct someone calling her that was also pretty nice to see.

During the festival itself it was also nice to see that Kento had somehow grown from what had happened in the last episode, where he was now set on helping Sawako be with Kazehaya when only one episode before he was still set on going out with her himself. Which combined with how he had tried to apologise to Kazehaya for what he had caused and possibly would have fixed things if he was given the chance, just seemed like a bit of growth for him and showed that he was starting to realise the consequences of his actions.

However the best part of this episode though was surely how Sawako had finally reached the point that Kazehaya had reached a couple of episodes before, and was finally ready to make the feelings she had for him known. As while a large part of the episode may have been spent on her wondering why she had them and what the wall that Kento had talked about was, they all simply added up to make that point where she ran forward to tell him about them and break down that wall an amazing one. Not to mention how it was accompanied nicely by things like Ryu helping her out and how she passed by Kurumi, for what it all was it was just an exciting point and was something that the first season felt like it lacked. So here’s hoping that things go well for them in the next episode.


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