Durarara!! 25

After starting up with the usual chatroom, Izaya shows everyone a post on a message board where the poster declares that he’s going to kill Hanejima Youhei, and skipping ahead to Shizuo facing off with Izaya while numerous street signs litter the ground with Celty, Mikado, and Anri watching on. The episode then goes back to explain how it reached this point.

This time around the movie star, Hanejima Yuhei who happens to really be Shizuo’s younger brother, Kasuka happens to be hosting a television tour of Ikebukuro, his goal, to find it’s number one couple. For which his agent intends to market as an idol couple. It also happens to be a holiday and when Celty intends to just stay home and watch some of the shows she’s recorded, she’s surprised to learn who Hanejima Yuhei really is as Shinra explains how it connects with his real name. If that wasn’t enough Izaya also happens to have some younger siblings, twins Kururi and Mairu who happen to be on the search for Hanejima Yuhei.

Eventually Seiji and Mika show up on the tour, making Namie fry the television in Izaya’s office but the show continues through one inside Kadota’s gang’s van, where Erika and Walker feel that the number one couple is an anime one. Shortly after this Kasuka starts to describe what his first date was like in the city, finishing just as he finds Mikado and Anri who happen to be going to a movie together and match his description perfectly. Back in Shinra and Celty’s apartment, he talks about how they should enter however he’s afraid that everyone would fall in love with her, and her telling him to shut up.

Just outside the crowd Kururi and Mairu spot Shizuo and run over to him and when they ask if he could introduce them to Kasuka, he agrees only if they throw their brother into a garbage truck. However by matching the surroundings with what can be seen on the tour, Kururi finds out where Kasuka is, so Shizuo drags them away. Even with all of the pressure, Mikado manages to explain that he and Anri are just friends but he would like to be more than that, but he feels that they shouldn’t do anything until they meet their dear friend again. This dear friend, Kida Masaomi also happens to be watching the tour as he travels with his girlfriend, Saki. At this point though the poster who intends to kill Kasuka steps out, intending to take revenge for how his girlfriend left him because she was a fan of his.

However before he can stab him, he’s taken out by a flying sign while Anri retracts Saika. In order to stop them getting in the way, Shizuo locks Kururi and Mairu in a nearby store, but just as he stops he receives a call from the person he hates the most, Izaya. Who explains why that guy wanted to stab his brother and how he knew where he was, arriving just in front of him where he informs him that he’s in the area to do one last thing before he leaves for a while, to piss him off. Kicking things off by throwing a knife, which Shizuo shatters with his teeth before ripping out a street sign. Following  an explosion the focus shifts to the mystery of the flying vending machines as Kasuka directs the cameras towards their fight, and seeing this Celty heads out.

As their fight continues with Izaya leaping from building to building while flinging countless knives and Shizuo using sign after sign, the groups they both beat the crap out of see their chance to get back at them and head in. Back in the van, Erika is in a fit over how they’re really Ikebukuro’s “number one couple”. In the middle of all of this, Mikado and Anri are lost at what to do as Celty arrives followed by the goons out for revenge, however just as the camera’s shift towards her they’re intercepted by Simon who has them and Kasuka do a commercial for Russian Sushi.

At last we now reach the point where the episode started from, with Izaya smirking at a tired out Shizuo before hitting him with an old trick, having him hit by a truck. But instead of staying down as everyone takes him for dead, he lifts the truck up and throws it away as he prepares to strike him, only for Izaya to dodge his attacks, almost injuring the bystanders and starting a fist fight in the street. This spreads over to Kururi and Mairu who had just managed to escape, and when one of the punks knocks over her sister, Mairu effortlessly takes them all out before checking if she’s alright and kissing her. With everyone fighting around her, Celty covers the whole city with her shadow where it’s caught on camera from above, but while what she may have done helped them, Kinnosuke shows up to arrest her with his fellow traffic cops.

As the tour ends on a good note, the members of the chatroom all talk about how they were in the area as life continues as normal for all of the characters, reaffirming their love for the city. And just before the episode ends Mikado bumps into a boy holding a booklet for the Raira academy at the train station and gives him some advice before seeing him off.


Once again it was great to see the characters again and as an extra episode this was definitely a fun one, providing a chance for Kasuka to show just why he was in the second opening theme and giving Shizuo and Izaya a chance for what could be their last fight in a while. It was also fun to see Izaya’s sisters, Mairu and Kururi be introduced, which was really something I was really looking forward to. Aside from that it was nice to see Mikado and Anri hanging out looking almost like a couple, while Masaomi watched on from afar.

To be honest, the thing that I was probably looking forward to the most in this episode was the introduction of Izaya’s awesome sisters, who aren’t exactly normal either. For which it certainly didn’t disappoint as we saw Kururi and Mairu, voiced by Hisako Kanemoto and Eri Kitamura chase around in search of Hanejima Yuuhei. As characters they also turn out to be pretty fun in how Mairu takes on an outgoing sort of personality while taking on an introverted appearance, while Kururi goes for the exact opposite with an introverted personality yet outgoing appearance. In all I’m simply looking forward to seeing more of them in the inevitable second season (which has a good chance of being announced soon given the sales and that this episode was bundled with the final DVD).

The way that it was partially set up as a television tour also turned out to be pretty fun, opening the way for Shizuo’s younger brother, Kasuka to play a role when he had appeared in the second opening theme, yet didn’t make a proper appearance at all. Despite his extremely stoic nature it was also pretty fun to see him play the role of an outgoing celebrity host as well. Not to mention that it was also fun to see Simon constantly plugging Russian Sushi at every chance he could get, attempting to be on screen at all times and even dragging the camera crew away to film a quick live commercial for it. Aside from that there was also the way that it exaggerated certain events like Shizuo’s habit of flinging extremely heavy objects and the way Celty saved the day, when for the people of Ikebukuro it was probably just business as usual.

While in some way it may have made me sick to my stomach by blatantly calling Shizuo and Izaya “Ikebukuro’s Number One Couple” to pander to the Fujoshi audience, even Erika making it pretty clear. Their fight in this episode turned out to be pretty awesome and from the way that Izaya kicked things off, it was as if it was his last chance to piss him off for a while. Not to mention that with the way Izaya runs away most of the time when he shows up, it really just stood out through him instead intentionally taking him head on with knife after knife. The fight itself also turned out to be pretty fun as Shizuo tore his way through anything that got in his way and invoked Unlimited Sign Works at one point, while Izaya jumped from building to building with ease. It also wasn’t that bad to see what could be considered a look back at the high school days when Shizuo was hit by the truck, where unlike before he got up completely unharmed. If anything it seemed to stand as a reminder of just how strong they are, with Shizuo going without saying and Izaya simply because he can keep up with him on an almost daily basis.

Set after the first season had finished, it was also pretty nice to see Mikado and Anri trying to hang out together in the absence of Masaomi, who considering how awkward they are kind of acts like the glue between them, and without a doubt with him no longer there they really do come across as more of a couple. Though they haven’t made any attempt to be anything more than friends since he had left, something that was pretty nice to see Mikado talk about and even admit right in front of her (on national television) that he wanted to be more. Accompanied by this it was also nice to see that Masaomi was somehow watching over them as he traveled with Saki, where instead of only hanging out in the chatroom he was watching as they showed up on the tour.


3 Responses to Durarara!! 25

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    loved the epic battle between shizuo and izaya, it made me miss the show even more =(
    the sisters were as weird their izaya…
    this really needs s2 more than any other show i can think of

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    If you miss it the first three novels that pick up from where it left have have been fully translated, so if you feel like reading you could go through them. Other than that there’s always Baccano! if you haven’t seen it.

    A second season is bound to happen, it’s one of the studio’s highest selling titles and it’s apparently pretty popular as well. Also only the first three novels out of nine have been covered so there’s more than enough material.

    Anyway if there’s a second season you can look forward to things like Kasuka and Ruri playing a role at some point, Izaya’s sisters being awesome, more badass Russians (including Vorona), and even Mikado being pretty badass with a ballpoint pen.

  3. […] “Once again it was great to see the characters again and as an extra episode this was definitely a fun one, providing a chance for Kasuka to show just why he was in the second opening theme and giving Shizuo and Izaya a chance for what could be their last fight in a while.” – Gin no Dangan […]

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