Puella Magi Madoka Magica 09

Upon Sayaka’s transformation into a witch, Kyouko grabs her lifeless body and with Homura’s help and ability to stop time they escape, with her telling her to leave her behind.

Madoka later meets them along the train tracks with Sayaka’s body where Homura explains that her Soul Gem has become a Grief Seed, something which she has trouble believing while she goes on to talk about how she’s now a witch and will live on to cause suffering instead. Hearing her talk like this Kyouko can’t stand her as she even goes on to tell her that if she’s going to get rid of the body she should do it carefully, not considering herself or Kyouko to be human anymore.

Having gone home Madoka meets Kyubey on her windowsill who explains his reasoning for what he’s doing, that it’s for the greater good as energy is steadily becoming lost and in the search for a new source his race discovered the Puella Magi. However because they themselves were incapable of emotions they decided to use other species within the universe instead, humans for which the fluctuation of emotions in girls makes them perfect for it, finally it’s his job as an Incubator to collect the energy converted from their transformation to a witch. After all of this Madoka can’t believe that they could treat them like that, which because of that Mami had died and Sayaka ended up the way she did, but still Kyubey can’t understand why she would feel like this as Madoka considers him her enemy. Before he leaves he then gets straight to the point, if Madoka were to become a witch the energy received would be tremendous.

Following what had happened before, Kyouko still has hope in turning Sayaka back to who she was by retrieving her Soul Gem, however Kyubey doesn’t know a way to retrieve it but still considers that it could be possible, either way though she tells him that she wouldn’t accept his help as she eats her way through the bags of food. The next morning she calls Madoka aside on her way to school, where she explains that Sayaka could still be saved if she heard her friend’s voice, and though she doesn’t know whether it will work or not, she still wants to try it. Reminding her of the kinds of stories she likes where love and courage conquer all, the reason she believes she became a Puella Magi. After hearing why she wants to save her, Madoka then properly introduces herself to her with Kyouko doing the same while handing her a snack.

As they make their way to the barrier, Kyouko explains that the reason she teamed up with Homura was because of the Walpurgis Night which will come soon, bringing with it an incredibly powerful witch. Before they head in she checks if she really wants to go in, with her telling her how she just wants to do something and as they make their way through it she goes on to tell her how she thinks she’s a coward for having others fight for her. To which Kyouko tells her that only those who have to do it should put their lives on the line and how a time where she has to put her life on the line may come someday.

When they reach Sayaka they’re met with countless violins playing in the background with her just ahead, so they decide to do what they had planned to do by having Madoka call out to her while Kyouko holds off her attacks. As she takes blow after blow, Kyouko wonders if she’s doing this to get even with her for beating her down before and she only fights back once her barrier protecting Madoka breaks. Following this she tries to remind her of why she became a Puella Magi as the ground beneath them crumbles, and while she falls Kyouko prays to see something happy before she dies.

Having gotten out of class Homura makes it just in time to catch Madoka, however Kyouko tells her to get her out of here since it was her stupidity that dragged her along in the first place, and accepting her fate she sets up another barrier and tells Homura to just protect that one thing she truly wants to protect. She then takes out her Soul Gem and prepares her final attack, telling her how it sucks to be alone and that she’ll be right by her side, her Soul Gem shattering as she uses it. After all of this Kyubey appears before Homura and tells her how he knew it was impossible to save Sayaka from the start, with Kyouko’s sacrifice meaning one thing. Homura must now let Madoka become a Puella Magi or face the Walpurgis alone, something she refuses to let happen.


Having reached the end of what could be considered Sayaka’s arc I’m actually kind of sad about how it ended, as I ended up liking Kyouko’s character quite a lot and if anything through her naive sort of hope that she could save Sayaka, she really shined in this episode. Aside from that I was actually pretty surprised at what Kyubey turned out to be and the reason for why he’s creating witches, though at the same time he’s never exactly told the complete truth.

If anything Kyouko has turned out to be one of my favourite characters in this series, so it kind of goes without saying that I’m pretty sad to see her go in this episode. Her character though really shined this time around and it was nice to see just what kind of impact Sayaka had had on her, reminding her of why she became a Puella Magi and even seeming to give her some form of hope. It’s because of that, that it was also nice to see her refuse to give up on her, where even if it was impossible to save her she still clung onto that small shimmer of hope. It was just something that was sweet to see and made her last act pretty powerful in how she promised to be right by her side.

However with all the signs she was giving off throughout the episode, her dying should have really be something that I should have expected, as through all the hope she had her actions were definitely lifting those sorts of flags. Being apparent from the moment she started to eat all the food she had gathered in her room, it’s just one of those things that gives the feeling that something bad will be coming up. Other than that, the way she talked about liking stories where love and courage conquered all also gave that feeling, being the exact thing that this series is without and what I would least expect to see in one of Urobuchi Gen‘s stories.

What Kyubey turned out to be also kind of surprised me a bit, though it felt like a deliberate turn away from what I had and what he would have been more expected to be. So in a way the reveal that he was some sort of alien acting for what he considered to be the universe’s greater good turned out to be a surprise, and actually made the way he couldn’t understand human values or reasoning, and why Madoka was they way she was make sense. However even if what he and his species were doing didn’t exactly make sense, he’s never exactly been all that honest anyway and has always been prone to leaving certain details out. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he were either lying or was hiding the truth in some way.

Finally with Kyouko’s departure it looks like we’ll be heading into the last arc of the series focusing around Homura, with how she’s effectively all alone now opening the way for the point we saw in Madoka’s dream in the first episode. During this episode though it was pretty nice to see some of Kyouko’s words possibly make an impact on her, it was like what she said wasn’t as an ally out of convenience when she told her to protect that one thing that she wanted to protect. So it should be pretty interesting to see whether she can carry through with it by protecting Madoka on her own, especially in the corner that Kyubey has backed her into and how determined she is to do so.


3 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica 09

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was expecting sayaka to die this ep, and eventually kyouko, but i didn’t expect both of them to be killed off at the same time. it was kind of random how kyubey is an alien and all, but i guess it serves well enough to make the whole ‘bad guy isn’t all that evil, just doing what he needs to do for the greater good’ sort of dilemma. one thing i really like is how kyubey set kyouko up so that he has homura and madoka backed into a corner with no other choice. i really think more shows should have this kind of plot development, instead of random stuff happening just cause the writer said so. a lot of anime these days just have stuff happen out of nowhere or stuff that were “part of the plan” but is totally improbably of actually happening so perfectly.
    i was watching zombie earlier, it seemed like the plot was going to progress when all of a sudden, it turned into a giant cluster of random incomprehensible, unrelated, and previously unhinted subplots that triggered each other to inexplicably surface at the same time. it was as bad as godzilla getting in a fight with gundam in atlantis when suddenly santa clause comes to give them exploding presents. XD i’m really hoping all of it gets explain properly and will make me go “ah, it all fits together now,” but i seriously doubt it.
    even Level E kinda dropped the ball since the ending to the arc was such a lackluster. right when they were in a pinch it just jumps to the aftermath where they give some semi-farfetched, forced, lame, and boring explanation of how they managed to resolve the problem =(. it would have been much better if they showed what happened as they did it, instead of explaining after, but nevertheless, it was nothing short of the usual humor. =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Same here, I expected Sayaka to go around the eighth episode and if Kyouko was going to go she would go around the same time, which was kind of a shame since I really ended up liking her character. I liked that part as well, it kind of makes it ambiguous as to whether he really is evil based on what we view such as, asking whether these sorts of beliefs as to what is evil apply to him.

    I haven’t watched the last few episodes of it but I like it so far, the only problem I have with it is that it can’t decide on whether it wants to be serious or not. Because at one point things could be covering Ayumu’s story but suddenly everything comes down to killing a giant flying whale by kicking its head off. At the same time though, it’s one of the things that makes it so much fun to watch, so if it continues I’ll look forward to it.

    The same kind of goes for Level E, I watched and loved the Color Ranger’s arc (mp3 for the theme song where) but I haven’t really watched any further than that yet. It’s a shame that Togashi really only wrote three volumes of the stuff, it’s pure gold.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    next ep colour rangers are back =)

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