Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 22

The drama club’s play starts with Wako’s character, Kleis singing her song and Takuto’s character, Mark being able to see her, meeting a girl from far away who decides to tell him of her story and the ship.

As part of a curse Kleis couldn’t be seen or touched however she eventually met a man who could see her, Columner played by Sugata and fell in love, but even then he couldn’t touch her. He would then meet a strange witch, Ayin, played by Tiger who could see her as well thanks to her magic eyes, and while he was prepared to kill her with the knife that he carries, she tempted him with a way that he could touch Kleis. Offering him the Jewel of the Night in exchange for one thing, for him to sail a ship.

Between scenes Takuto spots a certain girl who he invited to see the play and the story continues with Columner sailing the ship and becoming lost in the power it brought, killing the Fish Planet’s queen, played by Jaguar who forbade anyone from flying above her and claiming such rights as the king. Shortly after this though the play went into an intermission, during this Kanako and Keito talk about the play and Wako meets Takuto’s childhood friend, Hana who’s come to see the girl who Takuto likes.

Columner went on to become one with the ship and in becoming lost with the power it brought, he forgot Kleis and when Ayin returned to claim her side of the deal he killed her as well with the ships power, following this Columner retreated away and the ship was sealed. Things then go back to Mark where Sarina’s character ad libs something in as the Vice President runs up to her, calling themselves members of the Entropeople and both telling him that he can see Kleis, and therefore sail the ship. Going on to tell him that the decision is his alone and that she only wanted to tell him the story before he made it, in the end though he chose to see Kleis’ smile instead.

With the play at an end Head meets Sarina and tells her how he thought that if it had gone on longer, Mark too would have made the same choice as Columner. Around the same time Takuto introduces Wako and Hana to each other, with him being surprised that they had already met and Hana telling him that he’s radiating, asking if he can hear the voice of the world. Having done what she needed to do, she then heads off to catch the last ferry and passes by Sugata on her way out. Before he leaves as well, Head gives Sarina his contact details so that he can paint her sometime, however not liking old guys she doesn’t intend to go.

She and the Vice President then watch over the trio and just like they had said in the play, feel that they can only watch on. Even though zero time wasn’t invoked that day, Sugata once again fell into a deep sleep so Keito went over to perform her duty, but just as she had finished he immediately wakes up.

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The way that most of the episode was treated as part of the drama club’s play was really one of the most interesting things about it, as just like the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan’s story, Sam the Squid Piercer there was definitely more to it through how it portrayed past events. Aside from that it was great to see the developments on Keito’s side of the story come back up a bit more prominently and it was kind of nice to see Hana again, despite how it feels like another attempt to shove 9nine down our throats again.

While it kind of goes without saying, one of the interesting parts about this episode was how it went about explaining the events from the past in the play, Eve of Legend and just as Sam the Squid Piercer had went about explaining some events from Head’s past, this one seemed to go much further back. Telling us the story of what must have been the Samekh‘s original driver and how it tied in with how the Ayingott was crushed in it’s hand before it was restored. The story that it went about telling also turned out to be kind of sad for what it was, with Columner succumbing to power and becoming lost in it, forgetting what he had initially sought it for, and assuming that Head as Mark had also succumbed to this from his words to Sarina, the question really needs to be asked whether Takuto may be faced with this choice as well.

For what it was, Sarina and the Vice President being aliens or ‘Entropeople’ still caught me off guard, as despite how it had already been hinted that there were aliens in the series at some point, with the Cybodies themselves acting as a testament to them. I just didn’t expect them to be brought into the series in this way and was expecting it to just be something in the past, not the present. Given the way she had been treated throughout the series it also felt like an attempt to add some importance to Sarina’s character at the last minute, especially after she had been voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, it just isn’t right for her to voice an irrelevant character. So considering that hopefully something good comes from it and it isn’t just shoved aside. Other than that Sarina’s costume for the play was kind of cool.

Hana make a brief return was also kind of nice to see, where even though she had come to see the play that Takuto was going to be in, what she had really wanted to do was meet the girl he liked, Wako (who happens to really suit having longer hair). Managing to hint that she may have started to have feelings for him after he had heard the voice of the world like Natsuo had, and working to tie up the loose end of how she had been the girl who he had liked in the past. Giving him some form of closure to it and a way of moving on, which at this point looks to be towards Wako.

Given that this could also be considered her arc, it was also great to see the feelings that Keito has for Sugata come back up and shift away from the sort of admiration she has for Takuto for keeping her secret. Where little things like the way she told Kanako how she thought that Kleis would still be happy as Columner became lost in ambition, seemed to reflect on herself and how she would feel if Sugata fell to the same sort of fate. However the part about all of this that stood out the most was how Sugata had caught her performing her duty, as with all the times that it must have happened he must have been growing suspicious at that point. Effectively exposing her as the East Maiden and opening the way for things to progress between them.


2 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 22

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    sarina and VP being aliens was pretty random, it would have been better if they dropped hints earlier like they did for keito being the east maiden. i wonder how much head knows or realized about sarina and how fish girl knew the other part of the story if they aren’t passing it off as mere coincidence that the stories matched up.
    i really didn’t get the feeling that sugata just happend catch keito doing ritual thing. it looked like it was set up to me. there was no zero time but he still went into his deep slumber, which sounded like he was setting a trap or something, then he suddenly got up when he should have been asleep. at the same time this whole thing happened so abruptly with no reason for him to set the trap in the first place, so i don’t know what to think of it lol
    i think i’ve had enough alien revelations for one day. i hope i don’t see anymore in the next little while XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    There was the whole galactic thing and where the Cybodies came from, but yeah, it really could have been foreshadowed better like that. It at least got him interested in her, and I thought that the story came from Cybody memories?

    If anything I guess he’d be getting pretty suspicious at this point, especially after all the times it had happened. So he probably faked it to see what Tiger and Jaguar were up to. What I liked about it though was how it opened things up between him and Keito.

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