Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 09

After hearing Kazehaya tell him why he loves Sawako, Ryu told Sawako where he was and refuses to tell Ayane and Chizu how he knew this. Inside the school Sawako makes it to the doorway but can’t move any further, resolving to tell him how she feels.

Instead though he goes on to apologise for what he had said and tells her that his feelings will never change, pointing her towards where the others would be. However she tells him the reason for why she came and begs him to listen as she tells him how she feels, and who she was to her, the one who changed her world. Going on to thank him for everything he’s done for her and tell him that she likes him, followed by him opening the door and pulling her inside.

Back outside Ayane and Chizu wonder how things are going, but there’s one problem, Jo is looking for Kazehaya and while they thought Ryu could take care of him, they’ve look past how he can’t lie. If things were already bad enough, Arai Pin shows up looking for Sawako and manages to trick Ayane and Chizu into hinting to him what’s happening in the classroom, with Jo overhearing this. In the classroom, Kazehaya holds Sawako in a silent embrace with time seeming to hold still until he breaks it, feeling that it’s the first time he’s seen her face to face.

But before much else can happen from this point, Jo bursts in wondering what’s going on, scaring her away and asking what snacks they should get. During the later preparations for the festival, Sawako tells Ayane and Chizu what had happened and can’t properly describe it, Arai Pin then arrives with some snacks for his students and wanting to speak with Sawako. So they step outside but just as he’s about to talk about the festival with her, she confesses that she can’t look at Kazehaya anymore without feeling any sort of hidden desires towards him. So seeing this he tells her how Kazehaya has them as well, and because everyone has a heart it’s perfectly natural to feel them.

Only after this though does he realise that he’s just said something cool, and runs off to give Kazehaya the same speech but he isn’t exactly willing to hear him out, catching him just as he’s sending a message to Sawako and being kicked out. The girls receive a message telling them what had just happened and Sawako looks forward to the next day when she will be able to talk with him again.

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If anything this was the point that everyone had been looking forward to, the moment where Sawako and Kazehaya truly confess their feelings to one another and break down that period of awkwardness between them. However at the ninth episode it would all be going to fast if everything happened now, so having something happen to interrupt it was kind of something I was expecting. Surprisingly as out of place as he is, Arai Pin also turned out to be pretty awesome in this episode.

After almost thirty four episodes this was the moment we were all waiting for, the moment where Sawako and Kazehaya both step forward and confess their feelings to one another, without any sort of misunderstanding whatsoever. It’s simply a point that needed to happen in order for the story to shift on, however the characters just weren’t ready for it and when Kazehaya tried to do this on his own it wasn’t exactly the best place or time. So to see them both able to do this was amazing, as not only was Sawako able to properly tell him that she liked him and thank him for just being there, it was amplified by the way that he pulled her into the classroom.

Also working to break the wall between them down, which even as she said all of this still appeared to be there in some form as the door between them. So just the simple act of him opening it seemed to represent that it had been completely torn down, and there was really nothing hiding the feelings that they had for one another. During the time that he embraced her it was also amazing how time seemed to stand still between them, with the music used and the way that the pentagon slowly shifted across the screen easily giving that impression.

However while this could have counted for a good cutoff point for this season, things simply wouldn’t let it be that way, there’s still at least three more episodes left after all. So while it was quite easily to be annoyed by Jo stupidly barging in and ruining such a nice moment, I wasn’t really that annoyed by it since it allows things to carry on a bit further and opens the way for it to end at a much better point. Aside from that the whole thing just seemed like just one of those points where something randomly goes wrong, something that’s bound to happen from time to time.

Unexpectedly Arai Pin turned out to be pretty awesome in this episode, as even though he’s commonly used as a gag sort of character and just feels so out of place in a series like this, he was still the character who delivered the advice that Sawako needed to hear at the right time. That because they all have a heart it’s perfectly natural to feel hidden desires, that they weren’t just limited to her. It was just something that stood out in this episode, as of all the characters in the series he’s the one who you would least expect to deliver this kind of advice and help the characters the way he did, even if it wasn’t taken too kindly by Kazehaya.


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