Toaru Majutsu no Index II 22

With only a minute left before his battery runs out, Accelerator prepares to settle things with Kihara, when this minute is up though he’s hasn’t even landed a single blow on him as he collapses on the floor.

Even if it harms her, Vento continues to attack Touma with her wind attacks and when he demands to know why she refuses to look at things from another person’s viewpoint, she answers that she hates science for what it did to her brother. Around this point Touma spots some bystanders unconscious in the background and when countless particles start to rain down from around Hyouka, he thanks his luck and tells her that Index is going to save her as he resolves to finish things with Vento.

Back on Accelerator’s side of things, he continues to get up and completely unable to comprehend anything Kihara says to him, he takes him on with his bare hands, something that Kihara hadn’t planned for and as a last resort he breaks the memory card containing the virus he implanted in Last Order’s brain. Destroying any way of saving her as he starts to kick him while he’s down, however at this point none other than Index arrives. On Touma’s side of things he picks up on how Vento is making sure that he can’t touch her hammer, but as soon as he rushes forward she uses her wind attacks again and even then harms herself in the process. Finding Touma’s concern towards her sickening when it was his side that set up these conditions in the first place.

Soon after this, Vento reaches her limit and when Touma offers to take her to a hospital, she tells him how her brother was killed in an accident involving a supposedly safe amusement park ride. In which both of them were injured but there was only enough blood to save one of them, so her brother pleaded that they save her instead, and due to this Vento now stands as a member of God’s Right Seat bent on destroying science. Wanting to change the cold existence it’s brought about. Touma though can’t understand why she would feel like this when the intentions behind everything she now hates are completely different, let alone how her brother chose her future over his own and how she’s distorted it. So while it may not be much compared to what her brother did, he charges forward to save her by breaking her illusion.

Index spots Accelerator and recognises Last Order as the girl he was looking for and the key to everything, not knowing what to do though she calls Mikoto  to ask a few things about the electric brain wave network and the AIM field covering the city. So putting it into terms that she can understand, she figures out that in saving Last Order she will be saving Hyouka and that the way she can do this is with a song. Sure that prayers will always be heard.

During all of this Accelerator has continued to get up to keep Kihara back, however hearing Index’s song appears to have some sort of affect on him and he’s at least able to yell out Kihara’s name before stepping up again. They exchange blows a few times but when Kihara throws a grenade to end it, he finds him completely unharmed as black wings burst from his back. Leaving Kihara to wonder just what the hell is going on and whether his true form is really that of an angel as Accelerator fires him like a railgun.

At the very start of what could be considered the epilogue for all of this, Touma meets with another member of God’s Right Seat who’s arrived to retrieve Vento, Acqua of the Back. While Touma tells him to let her go, he throws him her now useless cross and informs him that as a saint, picking a fight with him would only shorten his lifespan.

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As the climactic finish to this arc this episode was great, switching things between Touma and Accelerator’s viewpoints as they both had their final fights with their respective opponents. Not only that but being able to see Vento’s character explained and her hatred justified was also kind of nice to see, and we were able to see some form of progression in Accelerator’s character. Despite being so close to the end of this season, it also feels as if the story is only getting started.

Being able to see Touma “break” someone’s illusion again as part of his fight was actually something I thought was nice to see, as given the way that Vento’s character and goals were developed in this episode, it somehow carried a certain weight to it that just hadn’t been there in his finishing punches for the last few arcs. Which probably could have been placed to the look into her past where her motives were based, of how she lost her brother in a freak accident had broken any sort of trust she had in science. Allowing her motives to be easily understood and at the same time seen for what they really were, distorted, when she would have done the same exact thing in her brother’s position and had failed to take in the intentions that everyone had had at the time.

With the fears that I had for him over the past few episodes, for Accelerator’s battery to run out in the middle of his fight with Kihara was something that I was already expecting to happen. He had just cut off any way of getting out of there easily when he chose to wipe out the Hound Dogs and kill Kihara, as even though he may have been seeing things in the long run when he did this it was really just more than he could handle when he chose to do them before saving Last Order. However instead of the fight ending for him there, I actually liked how it turned out as he was able to keep going through raw determination alone.

Something that was a nice change of pace when he’s pretty much steamrolled anyone he’s faced in the past, so seeing him fight tooth and nail for once was great. Not to mention we also saw some progression on his behalf in the form of the the black wings he bore and his angel speech towards the end of the episode, which on the surface may have just seemed like a last minute power up, however it felt like so much more. Given the way that Index’s song had reached him and pushed him on, having a noticeable effect on him when things were at their bleakest, it’s just nice to see when the solution to a science side problem on a grand scale is something rather simple from the magic side.

Aside from Accelerator’s awakening another thing that gave the feeling that the story was only getting started was the introduction of Acqua of the Back, voiced by Hiroki Touchi and another member of God’s Right Seat. Who despite his brief appearance managed to leave a pretty strong impression, making it clear that Touma stood absolutely no chance against him if he were to even try and take him on, if anything that he was lucky that he only came to retrieve Vento. Not to mention that as a Saint, he should also give us a better idea of what they’re capable of, as before we’ve only had Kanzaki to draw this from.

Despite how the series may be about “science” and “magic” colliding, this also felt like the first arc where they actually did that and entwined, as before that the arcs could generally be separated into either science or magic arcs depending on who the antagonist was and what it was focusing on. Since even if they did take place in Academy City, they would still be predominately magic or science based to distinguish them. However with the way that some aspects of the Science side started to resemble that of the Magic side, regarding Fuze-Kazakiri and Accelerator’s awakening, for the first time it was like these two aspects were starting to merge and whether this was truly a magic or a science arc became completely indistinguishable. Aside from that another aspect that I liked about this was the way that Index chose to rely on a prayer to save Hyouka and Last Order, something she was completely certain would work when Mikoto thought it would be useless. But given that there’s still the epilogue to go, maybe it’s a bit too early to draw a full conclusion on this arc.

Finally, as you may already know, a devastating 9.0 earthquake earthquake and tsunami has hit Japan, my heart goes out to the people and all those who have friends, family, or loved ones affected.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 22

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    its nice to finally see two intertwined science and magic plots unfolding together. it was pretty intense and i enjoyed how touma and index kinda crossed over to accelerator’s story to help. i hope there are more of these arcs. =D
    that said, i think things could have been explained better, and a lot more foreshadowing could have made everything much better. TBH, as awsome as the arc was, i thought a lot of it was random ass pulls piled on top of each other, which was a bit disappointing. i hope next ep explains some of the stuff, although it seems like it will also going to lead into the final arc because they are short on time…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It looks like they’re going to try and cover part of the first SS volume, like they did with the fifth volume so they could ease us back into the series. Which shouldn’t be that bad, since it will probably give us some more Misuzu and GROUP screen time as well as introducing Shiage before the season ends. But this time really could have been better spent on this arc, it’s pretty much the crowning arc for the second season and from what I’ve heard, the point where Kamachi figured out where he was going with the story. It was really just something that deserved better and the SS volume could have been done like the Railgun OVA as something to tide us over until the next season.
    But that said I really liked how closely entwined the two sides were as well, it’s a key point of the series but it hadn’t really happened like this before.

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