Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 23

In the middle of one of their Sunday morning training sessions, Sugata asks Takuto what it truly means to fall in love before challenging him to a duel, where by winning Wako will be his for the taking.

While this may have got him serious about it, he still lost since he hesitated at the last minute and as Sugata lectures him on this, Wako arrives and they’re all surprised to find a portrait of Sugata has arrived, painted by Takuto’s father of all people. The portrait itself gives off a possessive aura and even though Takuto has accepted that his father is a member of the Crux, he’s still prepared to do what ever it takes to protect Wako. Just after this though, Sugata asks Wako on a date.

So she nervously returns and as soon as he’s changed clothes they head out. Meanwhile Takuto has returned to the dorms and meets the trio from Filament and while Benio is preoccupied with Sugata, George and Tetsuya will continue to stand by her side as her knights, even if the chance to get with any girls interested in them passes them by. On their date, Sugata wonders what will happen to their trio in the future and surprises Wako by moving forward to kiss her, later revealing that it was a joke. Elsewhere, Takuto has gone to see a movie and is reminded of the kiss scene from the play, and when he meets Head on the beach, he plunges his fist into his face without hesitation and with utter contempt tells him not to play around with him. Because of this Head sees that he must be removed by force.

After this Vanishing Age’s trio decide to all restore their Cybodies to defeat the Tauburn, something Ginta sees as something that must be done before Head can acquire the Sin mark and with it, Sinpathy. At the restaurant Wako and Takuto have also gone on a date as part of how she had went on one with Sugata earlier, where she tells him about it and him how he punched his father in the face. Soon after this though, they’re all pulled into zero time and greeted by three Cybodies, the Gimelock, Lamedhos, and Zayinas.

Remembering how well Ginta’s earlier tactic had gone, they decide to go with it again by all taking him on at the same time. During this Ryousuke even makes an appearance in zero time, noting how they’re far more braver than Head, however he puts it to their youth. Having to take three Cybodies on at the same time, let alone in the third phase, Takuto finds himself surrounded, having to defend against the Zayinas’ Zayinasphere’s along with the Gimelock while the Lamedhos heads in for the decisive blow. While he does this, Head also notes on the training Takuto must have undergone since he was young yet how it’s wasted on their family’s stupid creed of protecting the weak.

Being kept on his feet at all times, Takuto struggles to defend against them, however Sugata calls out to be fired in the form of the Eccentric Tau Missile, which defeats all three of them at once. At the end of this he ends up not that far away from Keito, remembering how she had told him that not only was she the East Maiden, but she was also a member of the Glittering Crux, Bourgainvilleae’s Ivrogne. Despite the ordeal they faced not that long ago, the first thing Wako does is order a few things off the menu, not being afraid thanks to how she has Takuto and Sugata to protect her. At the Glittering Crux all the representatives are called for a meeting where the first section, Emperor’s leader makes his entrance, putting on his crown and saluting.

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Being so close to the end of the series, this episode seemed to get things started before it went about concluding them, bringing up how the youthful days the characters have at the moment won’t exactly last forever, as well as having Takuto meet his father and the tension between him, Wako, and Sugata as a trio increasing somewhat. Aside from that, there was also the reveal of Sugata taking leadership over the Crux as King, and it was great to see it’s members finally figure out that they could just gang up on the Tauburn.

In this episode the feeling of how adolescence would always eventually come to an end was something that I thought was pretty strong, coming up not only through Sugata wondering what would happen to their trio when they grew up, and even through the appearance that George and Tetsuya made. All of which, the characters seemed to acknowledge that the end was near, and as a way of setting up things for the conclusion of the series it had a nice effect. Bringing up how like all things, that it would come to an end and seeming to set the viewer up for such.

Seeing Takuto punch Head in the face was something I found kind of unexpected yet pretty cool, it was something I thought was going to be saved for the finale of the series. However to see it like this was something that I liked, with the way that Takuto reacted to how his father nonchalantly just started talking to him after walking out, removing any sort of chance for some sort of heartfelt reunion. It was as if he absolutely despised him and for Head, that his earlier statement of how he thought of him as an ally no longer stood.

The fight in this episode also turned out nicely, being effectively the first time that the Crux decided to gang up on the Tauburn and had the chance to do it, even providing a chance for a rematch for Vanishing Age’s idiot trio. During this I also liked how Head referred to how Takuto had been essentially making his way through on luck, as well as his feelings towards their family’s creed. The former just seemed to bring Takuto down a notch from being absolutely unbeatable while the latter hinted at what could have been the cause for the divide between Head and Takuto’s grandfather, Ikuro and why he refused to pass the Tau mark onto him. As for the fight itself, seeing the gang up strategy actually pay off turned out to be pretty good and showed that even Takuto had his limits, as a way of a rematch it was also nice to see Ginta, Takeo, and Tsukihiko get another chance to shine as well and show off a bit.

For it to end with Sugata volunteering himself to be fired as an Eccentric Tau Missile also made for a fairly awesome end to it, adding an extra spin to how Takuto had used it before and feeling as if it was the last time that Sugata would back Takuto up, thus opening the way for the reveal at the end. Which didn’t really come at that much of a surprise, being hinted from the moment the leadership position was being kept open for Sugata and during all the conversations he had with Head. Not to mention that there was just an ominous feeling to how Wako met up with him at the Southern shrine in the opening theme. So it was just something that was kind of expected, but how it was done through him moving closer to Keito was something that I liked, showing where their meeting in the last episode had led to and that he was starting to drift away. If anything it looks like it will be elaborated on in the next episode.


4 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 23

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    although it was pretty obvious this was going to happen, it was still a littly surprising to see it happen, because they havent fully explained it yet. even though the show is nearing the end, it looks like there are just more and more complications appearing, with nothing being resolved XD. i’m looking forward to seeing how all this turns out =D.

    i just watched the new colour rangers ep, it was a simple and straight foreward single ep arc, but it was deccent and slightly heart warming. too bad there was not a hint of the prince or craft, but it seems they will be back in the next ep, along with the rest of the original cast from the first arc. =D

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    That’s kind of worrying me, at this point we have multiple plotlines up in the air but there really isn’t enough time to resolve them all in the two episodes we have left. It really something that I mind that much but it’s going to effect the series a lot in the long run.
    Other than that, I agree that Sugata taking leadership over the Crux was pretty obvious, there were things like the Samekh saluting in the opening and the way Sugata had his fingers positioned in the ending, not to mention all the hints for it throughout the series.

    Also I just managed to catch up with Level E, the ‘new’ arc wasn’t that bad but it still wasn’t as great as previous two. Though that may have been because I spoiled myself by flicking through the manga earlier, Mikihisa actually being a girl just didn’t have much impact to it.
    The Color Rangers episode was still kind of good, and I also liked the heartwarming side to it and how they were still had to occasionally use their powers when they were so adamant about getting rid of them.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode as well, Yukitaka and the Prince just seemed to interact amazingly together, but after the first few episodes the former completely disappeared.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i wonder how yukitaka will act towards the prince now that he knows the prince is a troll. we didn’t get to see much of that at the end of the first arc, so their interaction might be different from how we remember it lol

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Probably the same, since even during the arc the Prince still trolled him quite a bit, he just didn’t know he was the type to do the overarching sort of trolls that encompass all that preceded them. Someone who pretty much says ‘fuck limits’ when it comes to trolling.
    But I’m interested to see if there’s any changes as well, though I think that Togashi may have started to fizzle out at this point. Especially since the Color Ranger’s episode just wasn’t as good as any of the episodes in the arc, and we’re so close to the end of it.

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