Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 10

On the night before the parade Sawako receives Kazehaya’s message and when how a girl likes his friend Andy comes up, she tells them that they would look good together. Giving her that extra bit of confidence.

Was kind of waiting for a raw to pop up without the earthquake warning, but that said, doesn’t Kimi ni Todoke only air on NTV? So that may have taken a bit too long.

When the next day begins Sawako reassures herself that she wasn’t dreaming and the second part of the school festival begins with a costume parade. Before this happens though, Ayane does Sawako’s makeup to make her costume even more convincing, and we’re able to see some of the other character’s costumes as Ayane tells Kazehaya that Sawako made his costume. He then races off and Arai Pin is shocked at his sudden change.

He meets Sawako outside and thanks her for meeting him, and when Joe shows up again he tells him that he’s busy, leaving Ryu and the others to take him away. With what courage she has, Sawako tells him how much going to the shrine with him meant to her and how she wants things between them to change. She then starts to head back, telling him that she won’t let anyone down and as she walks off, he calls out that he likes her for everyone to hear.

The parade then goes on as normal, with Kazehaya looking back on his past moments with her and passing by their friends and family as they make their way to the judging area. When they get there, Sawako’s role makes up the key part of their performance as she follows the plan that Arai Pin had. But while the judges were impressed with it on its own, they wonder whether the drinks she gave them could be considered a bribe.

When the winners are announced at the closing ceremony, their class would have done well but the drinks did end up being considered a bribe, much to Arai Pin’s lament as the sushi slips out of his grasp. After this Sawako sits with Ayane and Chizu when Kazehaya appears before her again, here he tells her that the feelings he has towards her are not different to hers and she that she wants all of him. Leaving him to tell her the same and that he’s finally reached her.

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In a way I’m actually surprised that the series didn’t end at this point, Kazehaya and Sawako reaching each other had essentially been what the series was all about. Aside from that, while the prime focus of the episode may have been the point where Sawako was able to express some more of her feelings, I still liked how we were able to see some of the past moments in the series and some of the characters we’ve barely been able to see.

Seeing Sawako further confess her feelings to Kazehaya was something that was great to see, especially due to how her last attempt had been cut short and if anything had been done completely on the spot. So by having her be able to put her feelings in line and at least be able to plan ahead, her attempt in this episode seemed a bit more powerful. In how she was not only able to clearly tell him just how much that one night she spent with him had meant, but also with the way she was able to confess those feelings that had made her feel greedy throughout this season.

The way that Kazehaya also did something along these lines also seemed to stand out, as while his last attempt had also been ruined by Joe’s arrival, in this episode he at least tried to make it clear that talking to her was far more important to him at the moment. He even seemed to go a step further after this in the way that he called out that he liked her for everyone to hear, showing that he didn’t have any fears towards anyone knowing it as well as just how confident he was about it. Which combined with what Sawako had done, made the scene a lot more definitive, in my opinion more than the one in the previous episode.

The parade for the festival itself made for another nice scene, putting everything that had happened during the first season and up until this point in hindsight, and also allowing us to see them from Kazehaya’s perspective with how much they had really meant to him. Along with this it also seemed to be strengthened by the passing glimpses of some of those characters who appeared briefly before and hadn’t really appeared in this season, like Sawako’s parents or Kazehaya’s brother and Maru (who was still a puppy back in the first season). It may have been a relatively simple point but it felt like so much more. After that, the performance that Sawako gave was pretty fun as well in how she was able to put the effect her appearance usually has to good use, and how after that Arai Pin’s plan ended up getting them disqualified. They were both just a few of the fun points of the episode.

Overall though, considering the way that this episode carried out I’m actually quite surprised that it didn’t decide to end at this point, as with a name like Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings finally reaching each other felt like the story that it had set out to tell and would have made for an otherwise conclusive ending. However given that there’s still two episodes left I guess that there’s still the story that happens after this to tell, something I’m kind of glad about. As it will show us just where things will go from this point as well as some of the other subplots in the series will go, not to mention that a series as heartwarming as this is probably too good to end so soon.


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