Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 24

As the school day begins, Takuto notices that Keito is more cheerful than usual and Ruri mentions to Wako that they’ve been getting closer lately.

During their lunch break, Takuto, Sugata, and Hiroshi eat lunch together when the principal and their homeroom teacher ask to join them, here they talk about the clubs they’re in and the play that Sarina wrote. The topic of how Sugata handled his fiance being in the kiss scene comes up, and Sugata tells him how he treated it as just another role, with how there’s always the choice to play it reminding Takuto of Natuso. Outside, Wako and Ruri also happen to be eating lunch together as Ruri tells her how she might leave the island to go to college with her boyfriend when she graduates.

After this Wako meets Keito in the restroom where she tells her how her aunt thinks he would make a great catch, and how unlike her she’s the type to remain loyal to one man. She then passes by Kanako who’s caught onto her identity as Ivrogne and is interested to know how she was able to bring Sugata into the Crux. As the day ends, Shingo wakes up to see Head standing over him and asking if he remembers his promise, he then tells him how he didn’t want to grow up yet the pain of being left behind was worse, despite this though, Head still receives the Sin mark to become the dreamer.

Bringing with it an ominous wind, and elsewhere the trio watch the sunset together with Takuto being sure that the next day will bring one even greater. As Keito passes by she remembers how Wako first apprivoised when the totem poll fell on Sugata and she eventually bumps into Head. Later that night Sugata meets her at the ruins of the Eastern shrine, where she tells him about why she joined the Crux for him, and just as he’s about to break her seal himself. Her words stop him and as she begs for him to give her eternity, they kiss and she casts a spell for it.

Following this, Tiger and Jaguar step out and Tiger tells him how the task of killing Samekh’s driver is something she can’t do. As she watches her stocks, Kanako makes the preparations to evacuate the island in case all of the maiden’s seals are broken, causing the volcanoes to erupt, the very reason she has the yacht she has. Elsewhere Takuto and Wako walk along the beach as Takuto talks to her about the same things Sugata had talked about before, and as a second shooting star flies by they’re pulled into zero time again.

Here Head is already waiting in the Sinpathy and Keito reveals her identity as the East Maiden, remembering how she had first apprivoised to save Sugata and telling Wako how they’re different as Sugata removes his mask. Folowing this she apprivoises and has her seal broken by the Sinpathy, changing zero time once more as the Samekh emerges from its depths, and in the face of this Takuto apprivoises once more.

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What a cliffhanger, but to start with Keito’s back story and the reasons for her actions were really something that I had be waiting to see, and while they may not have lived up to some people’s expectations I still liked them. Not to mention the matter of Head acquiring the Sinpathy, something which was bound to happen before the end and was sure to bring something ominous with it.

To start with it may have been pretty easy to be disappointed by Keito’s back story, she was initially built up as some dark and manipulative villain who was bound to be up there alongside Head around this point, and through it she didn’t really live up to that. But that said I still liked it for what it was, it managed to clear up what was between her and Sugata while tying her reasons for joining the Crux into that, turning her into someone who only lived for him. Which said makes it kind of admirable and tragic at the same time, as on one side she’s completely loyal to him yet knows that Wako has and will always be in her way. Let alone there’s still the possibility that he could just be using her.

Wako’s indecisiveness at this point is also something that’s kind of worrying, as even after twenty-four episodes she’s still wavering between who she’ll pick, to the point that Keito even called her out on it. The part that I found the worst about this aspect though was how there had already been signs thrown around that she had made a decision, only having to reveal it, yet it’s like she’s taken it back in between this episode and the last one. But that all said, I still probably shouldn’t expect much as even when her making a decision came up, being unable to pick one was probably going to be the obvious result, it’s just that it’s kind of worrying this late in and this sort of indecisiveness doesn’t make for a good ending at all.

Unsurprisingly, Kanako turned out to be pretty awesome in this episode, I mean she may have already been pretty awesome before it but what she did in this episode simply took it up a notch. As even though we already knew that what she was doing was to ‘save’ the world when all the seals were broken, effectively also giving up quite a lot of things to do so, the reason for why she had a yacht was something that could have been looked past. However this last minute revelation that it was for evacuation purposes simply made her all the more awesome.

As brief as it was it was also pretty interesting to see some parallels to the point that the series began on, in which instead of Wako walking along the beach with Sugata, she was with Takuto, even being accompanied by a near identical shot of them standing together as shooting stars flew by above. Let alone it’s the same point that Wako and Takuto first met, so as something nice on the side it also means that the series could be ending on a similar point to how it began.

Finally Head acquiring the Sin mark at this point was also great to see, as while Shingo waking up was something bound to happen before the end, opening the way for Head to take on the antagonist’s role for the finale and bringing with it a sinister feeling. The question needs to be asked though, is that if Head has the Sinpathy what happens to the Reshbal? Does Head still retain the mark for it or does Ryousuke get it back, something that’s up there as a possibility due to how he appeared in zero time in the last episode. Something else that was interesting about this was also how Head had a different Star Sword, Turquoise instead of Diamant. So could he have acquired this when he received the Sin mark or like his son, did he already have two from the beginning?


One Response to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 24

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i wonder how this is going to turn out, after all those random yet expected turn of events XD. im kind of disappointed how this has turned out so straight foreward while ignoring lots of other characters and stuff they have been building up. but i wasn’t expecting kanako to be so awsome either, i think she just stole the show there lol.

    watch the baseball ep in Level E, it started off pretty good, and was hilarious right to the end, but then the ending was even worse than the other arcs. just kind of skipped the explanation and suddenly everyone escaped…

    also finished zombie, ending was kind of too simple, lots of stuff were left unexplained, there were even characters in the op that never appeared, but the extra epilogue ep was hilarious. it was so random that it was amazing. they ended off introducing a new character, which will apparently be the next villain, it doesn’t look like something they can tell with a single OVA, so it must be a hint for a second season =D

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