Gintama 202

After one year and two within the show, Gintama returns in glorious 16:9 along with a few surprises for Shinpachi.

At long last Gintama returns, and kind of like my old posts for the series I’m going to try and keep these short and sweet. Kind of.

Opening Theme:

“Tougenkyou Alien” by serial tv drama. Download.

The first of these is Gintoki himself, who in these two years was beaten up by some aliens, a cyborg, and lost his girl, essentially becoming Yamcha. It also turns out that Shinpachi seems to have some amnesia and is unable to remember the promise they made after the 201st episode to meet up at the Jabaody Archipelago, which is basically just an idea he picked up. Soon after this Kagura returns, and well it turns out she grew up quite a lot during those two years, displaying her new prowess by instantly changing into her pajamas, resulting in a lot of impressed reactions. Sadaharu returns after this, and in an unexpected twist, the delivery man reveals that he is the result of Sadaharu’s wish to become a better. Despite Shinpachi’s disbelief towards this, Gintoki and Kagura don’t seem to care that much.

So unable to believe this, Shinpachi runs downstairs only to find that the exact same thing has happened to Otose, Catherine, and Tama, and because of this Gintoki explains that Shinpachi must accept this and take the chance to change as well. Unable to accept it, he runs home and when his sister, Otae comes to console him, he finds that during those two years, she gave into Kondo’s stalking and they got married, meaning that Shinpachi now has him for a brother-in-law. And so, as they eat as a family Shinpachi is still in disbelief to all of this, and finds that Kondo gave up his job with the Shinsengumi to help her. Aside from that he also helped Shinpachi get a job there before he left, and as he heads off to work, Otae implies that she’s pregnant with Kondo’s child.

Unable to believe everything around him, he runs as far as he can until he reaches a cliff, and demands to know whether everyone is just messing with him, as in those two years he’s become totally out of place. At this point though he meets someone who understands how he feels, a new feminine Kyuubei, and has also happened to take quite a liking to him as well. However in another unexpected twist, it turns out that the heroes of babel failed in those two years, and seeing this Katsura shows up and accuses Kyuubei of further trying to overlap with his character. However he had foreseen this and decided to beat her to the punch, becoming Zurako.

Ending Theme:

“Samurai Heart (Some Like it Hot!!)” by SPYAIR. Download.

Next Episode:


After a one year hiatus Gintama has returned, and what an amazing return it was as well, with nothing other than a timeskip arc being more suitable for it. In the end though it was just fun to see the characters make a return with all sorts of wacky twists, and as far as the opening and ending themes go, Jirochou‘s appearance also means that we should also have a pretty awesome arc coming up.

To start with the timeskip arc simply made a perfect way to open up the new season of Gintama, as even though it may have originally been a parody off of One Piece’s timeskip where the characters agreed to meet up again in two years. It was backed up by how much time had actually passed since the series ‘ended’. So even though it’s only going to be something temporary, it made for a great way to welcome back the series, and if anything I wouldn’t have actually minded if everything stayed like this.

Giving us more of timeskip Kagura with the new Yorozuya, where given Gintoki’s new Yamcha status, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she took over as the main character, especially with the way she refers to herself now. Aside from that some of the fun also came from some of the new appearances of the other characters, which despite the whole story about how they all grew warts, really just gave the impression that they didn’t want to stick around any longer. After that it even went another step further with Otae and Kondo getting married, the new change in Kyuubei and Katsura Zurako, and even Shinpachi now being a member of the Shinsengumi. Which actually makes me curious as to how much it’s changed as well, though the shot of Sougo in the preview seems to imply that he’s finally taken out Hijikata.

Amongst all of this the opening and ending themes were also pretty promising as well, where while the opening showcased the fun sort of atmosphere that the show has, even giving all of the members of the Yorozuya troll faces at the start. It was also nice to see Sakamoto fulfill the only job he has on the side, to appear in the openings. The ending however went about foreshadowing the upcoming serious arc, which without a doubt is something I’m looking forward to, given the way that it’ll look into Otose’s past and give us an antagonist that will actually make Gintoki snap. Not to mention that not that long after it, we should also be seeing things move forward on Takasugi and Kamui’s side as well.


2 Responses to Gintama 202

  1. Lehq says:

    Adult!Kagura is hot.

    Also, Trap-bei is fine too.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I second that, I’m honestly going to miss them like this when this arc ends.

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