Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 25 (END)

As the Samekh rises from the depths of zero time, Takuto apprivoises the Tauburn and Keito reveals that her plan was to have Sugata become a true king using the Samekh once Wako’s seal is broken. However when she points out to Head that his plan was meaningless he reveals one of the Sinpathy’s abilities, the power to apprivoise other Cybodies.

Takuto then flings himself at him demanding that he give Sugata back, so Head takes him on by using the twin sword style he also learned from Ikuro, and while Takuto is able to keep up with him, in fighting Head now he’s also fighting against Samekh itself. So with him down, Head explains that unsealing zero time will free Samekh and in doing so it will consume the world’s libido, killing the planet and to Head, allowing him to manipulate time itself so he can remain in the past.

So seeing this, Kanako expels him from the Crux only to have him laugh in her face, as to him they were nothing more than pawns to get him to this point, at this point Takuto starts to get up to fight him once more. So Head goes to deal the finishing blow with his two Star Swords, Diamant and Turquoise, only to have it blocked by none other than Wako who also apprivoises her Cybody. Having the Wawna outside of the temple isn’t really a problem to him though, so using the Samekh to restrain it he attempts to break through the barrier she’s put up and with it her seal. Using all the Cybodies that Takuto had fought in the past to keep him busy as he does this.

As they start to pummel the Tauburn with blow after blow, the members of the Crux who he fought before call out to him and as they start to have doubts about their Cybodies, Simone hears her Daletos and tells them that Cybodies are something they can aspire to and that Head’s use is distorted. As she says this the Daleth mark appears on her chest and her mask shatters, and one by one, on everyone else as well. And so they all take up their Cybodies once more, this time to fight alongside Takuto. With George using the Alephist’s defeat the Reshball just in time to save him, and as soon as they defeat them all they charge forward in an attempt to undo their mistakes, only to be met with a King’s Pillar.

So with only the Tauburn left, Takuto charges into it and keeps going until he manages to give his father a good punch, destroying the Sinpathy and freeing Sugata. Upon this though, the Samekh starts to return to the depths, as it was his plan from the beginning to seal himself with it and insure that it could never be used. Reminiscent of his previous words and the reason he trained Takuto to protect Wako, and in the wake of this Takuto compares what it means to do what he needs to do and what he wants to do. Making up his mind as he breaks Wako’s seal himself, unsealing zero time and giving him one chance to save Sugata with the world at risk.

Upon this the Samekh rises once more and keeps going into the sky, and with Wako cheering him on, Takuto soars up to save him and as he gives it everything he’s got. Wako reflects on how his first phase could have been to make people smile, and how it may have been better if she had never met him, because if so she wouldn’t be pained by being in love with two guys at the same time. Up above, Takuto breaks into the Samekh and sees through the illusion it puts up, firing one last attack to save Sugata. Having done this the Samekh is destroyed and the Tauburn a wreck, and as Takuto recites his family’s creed to Sugata, they watch the sunrise together.


As the sort of ending that you couldn’t dare look away from this one was simply amazing, however as the sort that gives some closure and shows what happened after everything, it was kind of lacking. Overall though it was still good, the animation was spectacular and the fight scenes throughout it were simply awe inspiring, but that said it really could have done with another five minutes for an epilogue of some sort.

To start with the fight scenes and the animation for them in this episode were nothing short of amazing, and just based on animation alone I would have called this episode a great one. As even though the fight scenes for this series had already been great, it was simply awe inspiring to watch it go from one to the next, bringing back that art style that was used for Benio and Takashi’s fights amd even throwing one last fight for Takuto when you thought it was all over. It simply made the episode a joy to watch and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the reason for all the reused animation was for this, not to mention how incredibly satisfying it was to watch Takuto give his father that punch he had been needing all along.

Head’s motivations were something I kind of thought were kind of silly at first, but given the shows focus on adolescence and how it isn’t something that will last forever, his unaging appearance and goal to remain in the past were something that really suited the series. Making him a perfect villain for it, and those little things like how he despised the Tauburn and with it Takuto, simply because they would have reminded him how old he was was great. So even though it may have been preceded by another punch, the one Takuto gave him made for an incredible finish.

Seeing some of the members of the Crux get their Cybodies back to fight alongside Takuto also made for a nice touch during the finale, as even though it may have already been expected from the way that the second ending theme ended, the way it was done by them all receiving true marks made it a bit more better than expected. Given how George had spent most of the series training after being one-shotted in the first episode, seeing him be the one to take down the Reshball and save Takuto was great, let alone being able to see things like Kanako covering his back, Simone and Takashi fighting alongside one another, and even Benio using her skills as the captain of the Kendo club. It was just a fun addition to it.

Among other things it was also great to hear Monochrome and Wako’s song play throughout the episode, the former being something that I would have loved to play at a point like this alone. But while Wako’s song may have been kind of lackluster compared to it, it still made a nice addition to it and it was kind of backed up by how we were able to see her use her Cybody. Which really gave the impression that she was the only maiden that actually knew how to use her Cybody, being able to at least put up some resistance and even showing an offensive sort of power a few episodes back. Other than that, for Takuto to break her seal made for an unexpected twist to the series.

As just when you thought it was going for a bittersweet sort of ending, where Sugata seals himself with the Samekh and the trio will never be the same, seeing Takuto deciding to put the fate of the world at risk to bring him back made for both an unexpected and awesome turn of events. Leading to him taking on the Samekh and single handily taking it down in another amazing fight scene, even throwing in that unsurprising conclusion that Wako decided to pick both in the end.

However, while all these things would have made for an incredible end to the series there was one thing that it lacked, an epilogue. Something that it really needed, as after this we don’t even have a clear idea of how Takuto and Sugata get back to the island, let alone how many things are still up in the air within the series at this point. As given the progression through the school life side of events, I kind of expected it to end with the school year ending for the characters, as cliche as it would have been. That said it also makes me hope for some sort of sequel for this (or at least an extended complimation movie) and to resolve all those loose endings.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this has been a show that I’ve loved watching over the past two seasons and while it may still have quite a few unresolved events, it was still something I had a lot of fun watching. It had some great characters and a fun feel to it as a whole, let alone it’s one of those series where you can just tell that the staff who worked on it had a lot of fun making it.

Which is something that I always like to see in a show, since it’s as if working on it they not only put a part of themselves into it but it also meant a lot more too them than it usually would have. I just have a great amount of respect for whenever I see this sort of thing in a show. As for them to go out and create something original without too many of the wrong sorts of cliche is something kind of impressive when you consider the abundance of adaptations or just plain generic anime as of late. So with a lot of admiration and respect, I take my hat off to the staff for making something unique and refreshing, yet at the same time nostalgic in it’s own way.

In general the atmosphere that the show had was also one of the things that I loved about it, as at times it would be upbeat and fun for the school life side to it, but could easily change to one a bit more darker and mysterious when it needed to. Aside from that there were also the numerous hints and pieces of symbolism thrown about that made it easy to guess what was coming up, and was even used as a way to heavily imply that something had happened without showing it. Almost adding an extra layer to it. So all up I just liked the atmosphere of the show itself, it just worked so well.

However I don’t think this would have worked nearly as well without the abundance of great characters it had, who despite how briefly they appeared all seemed a bit more realistic than you would expect, it was almost as if they completely lived lives of their own outside of the main events of the story. At the same time though this could possibly be considered it’s undoing as well though, because as we grew to know these characters with certain events for them seeming to be triggered, there just wouldn’t have been enough time to completely resolve them all. Which wasn’t made any better by some throw away characters taking up around four episodes. That aside though for the most part the characters in this show were great, be it through the school life antics/usual selves or through their Crux persona’s.

Aside from that there were also the little things that have pretty much become iconic to the series, be it the way the characters apprivoised their Cybodies or how the characters in the Crux would salute each other (kiraboshi), the latter being something that BONES seemed to make a big deal about early on. Or even the concept of zero time itself, which with a few exceptions would change with each episode, and as simple as it was it provided an amazing backdrop to the Cybody battles. The way that each maiden had a song could also probably be considered but of this, where aside from making great battle themes they also helped convey the steady passing of time through how each represented a season. So added to everything else, all of these things made this series incredibly fun to watch.

So in the end this was a show that I really enjoyed watching, and for those who could stand the almost repetitive nature of it to get used to it, I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for a fun adolescence driven mecha series. Just don’t expect too much or for everything to be resolved, but even for that there’s always the hope of some sort of sequel/complimation movie to wrap up some of those loose ends.


4 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 25 (END)

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    since the beginning, this has been pretty a fun show to watch. it’s a shame they started so many sub plots and had so many potentially epic support characters but finished off with almost nothing explained.
    i was glad to see some kanako awsomeness, and it seemed like simone picked up on it too =)
    kanako should totally have her own spinoff and have everything explained in it lol

    aside from gintama, i hope the new shows are good =D

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The amount of sub plots that were running and the amount of characters really was a problem about this ending, 25 episodes just wasn’t enough time to wrap them all up. That said I don’t think it tried to hide that, the opening and ending themes made it clear that it would only focus on the trio, so I guess we were lucky for what we got. The story at least needed some sort of epilogue, it was great on its own but it feels like quite a few things are still up in the air. So I’m hoping we at least get an extended compilation movie out of it.
    Also I honestly wouldn’t mind that.

    Steins;Gate was interesting and the idea of a modified microwave that can send text messages into the past is awesome. Tiger & Bunny is a fun take on the super hero genre(corporate sponsored heroes) and Kotetsu is a great main character (a washed up middle-aged single father on his way out of the business). Hanasaku Iroha is well, pretty but looks to have a great voice cast and be fairly down to earth, and Sket Dance has potential and the manga is written by one of Sorachi’s old assistants. Not to mention that there’s still a few series to come, I’m interested to see how Ao no Exorcist will turn out since even though the manga isn’t anything special, the trailers looked awesome and it’s going to be directed by Tensai Okamura.

    That all said it’s still probably too early to tell…

    Regarding your previous comment,
    Still a few episodes away from finishing Zombie but I managed to finish Level E, the baseball episode was fairly fun but I expected a bit more (I agree that it should have explained how everyone escaped), the final arc though was great and almost managed to surprise me as much as the first one did. Especially with the Prince getting trolled a bit in the end.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    just finished level E, loved how the prince got trolled too. i wish there was more, but it looks like it’s pretty well concluded.

    im planning on watching steins;gate and ao no exorcist, and im going to give sket dance a try. i didn’t know it was drawn by sorachi’s ex-assistant, that explains why the setup is so similar XD

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    There was an extra chapter where the Prince goes on a late honeymoon with the Princess around ten years after the point that the series ended on, Earth is shown to have completely changed into something of an intergalactic hub, the Prince has a daughter, and he and Yukitaka now appear to be good friends. So I guess they could probably be saving it as a DVD exclusive episode or something.

    At first glance I would have labeled it Gintama in highschool, but supposedly gets pretty different later on. But yeah, it’s always neat to find out these little things out about mangaka, like who mentored who and which ones joke around together.

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