Steins;Gate 02

Out of disbelief, Okabe tries to find out whether the Makise Kurisu that stands before him is the real thing and as they part, he introduces himself as Hououin Kyouma.

Soon after this Okabe goes to a conference where Kurisu explains how time machines are impossible, and when he speaks up she decides to turn it into a debate. Of course though, he was utterly defeated by her and thinks that it was all planned by the Agency. He receives a message after this so he heads over to meet Mayuri and meets another one of his friends Urushibara Ruka, who despite possessing feminine features and wearing a Miko outfit is actually a guy, something that can’t seem to escape his mind.

On their way back, Okabe and Mayuri find that the path to the radio building has been closed off, and when the time comes for her to go to her job, he offers to carry all of the bags of corn back. When he gets back he meets Mr Braun who happens to be closing the shop early for the day to interview a part-timer, this part-timer happens to be a girl called Amane Suzuha, and after a few quick questions she ends up getting the job. She also happens to be curious about what Okabe has in the bags he’s carrying and while he puts up a typical excuse about how knowing could make her a target of the Agency, he ends up tossing her a piece as he leaves.

Later that night he goes over the details of everything that had happened and finds that what his friends told him was true, the time traveler John Titor appears on a message board soon after this. Who explains that an organisation called SERN possesses a monopoly over time machines and has used it to create a dystopia, and so he’s come from the year 2036 to stop them, he also explains that the Grandfather Paradox doesn’t exist and that by meeting yourself or did something, two of the infinite world lines would merge. Upon reading this Okabe, knowing that John Titor had first appeared around the year 2000 decides to look into him again and finds no results on him and the books he had have vanished, and when he asks him about this he’s told that he’s never been to the year 2000.

As this stays with him the next day, Okabe meets a girl taking photos with her cellphone and stops her for taking one of him, and offers to delete it in exchange for Hashida’s address, who she will ask about a particularly old computer she’s looking for. So unwilling just to give her his friend’s address, he gives her his own and makes his way over to the maid cafe where Mayuri and another girl by the alias of Feris Nyannyan works, and once again she happens to be another person who goes along with his delusions. The sort of relationship he has with Feris doesn’t particularly sit well with Hashida, but when he shows him the computer the girl was looking for, he explains that it’s an IBM 5100, a computer from around the time computers weren’t particularly popular or cheap, and despite the rumour of there being one in Akihabara, no one could find it. Okabe receives a message from the girl soon after this, who introduces herself as Kiryuu Moeka and despite how quiet she was before, her message makes her seem a lot more outgoing.

Later back at the lab, Okabe explains to Hashida that the structure of the gel bananas makes them seem as if they’ve been torn apart on a molecular level, something which he can’t really seem to make sense of. Once again he also intends to throw the whole bunch into the microwave despite how them belonging to Mayuri, but he compromises and only puts one in. However when the timer runs out, the banana is nowhere to be seen inside and there’s a gel banana attached to the bunch, and as they suspect that it could be a teleporter, Kurisu appears in their doorway and comments on it.


Another fairly good episode, as not only were we introduced to some more characters but some of the details about the events of the previous episode, and about the method of time travel in the show were elaborated on. So in a sense it almost felt as the foundation for the story was still being laid down in this episode as these introductions were done.

The cast we had in the previous episode may have already been pretty fun, but you would have to admit that it was pretty small, only consisting of the main character, the bro character, and two potential heroines. So it kind of goes without saying that more of them would need to be introduced in this episode, and while I didn’t find them as overly fun as the characters we already had, for what they were they also look like they could be a lot of fun. Providing a bit more diversity to the cast and if anything we’ve only just met them.

To start with the first character we were introduced to was Ruka who fills in the role of the trap character and was interestingly voiced by the goddess, Yu Kobayashi in another confusing sort of role. Secondly we were introduced to Amane Suzuha, voiced by Yukari Tamura, who looks to fill in the Genki Girl sort of archetype and despite only just meeting him, pretty much bought into Okabe’s delusions. Aside from her, one of Mayuri’s co-workers, Feris Nyannyan was introduced and while it may have just been a ploy to get him to buy something, she appeared to put up just as many as he did when they talked. The thing that was interesting about these characters was that like Mayuri and to a certain degree Hashida, they all appeared to go along with Okabe and with the exception of Amane, each one seemed to broaden his range of friends to us. Finally we were also introduced to Moeka Kiryuu, voiced by Saori Goto, who looks to fill in the role of the introverted sort of girl, and despite what little screen time she got in this episode, I can’t help but think that the IBM 5100 she’s looking for is somehow related to everything that’s going on.

So I’ll be interested to see how that turns out, and other than that we’ve only just been introduced to these characters so I’m also interested to see what will come of them in the later episodes. With all of this though, it was also good to see Kurisu’s character elaborated on a bit in how she pretty much enjoyed making fun of Okabe by not only proving him wrong, but also making him look like an idiot and despite that she must have actually been interested in him in order to track his lab down. Alongside this, it was also pretty nice to see Okabe and Mayuri help each other out, as even though they’ve already been established as childhood friends, there’s just something nice about the scenes between them, and either way a character being voiced by Kana Hanazawa getting more screen time can never be bad.

Next to the characters it was also great to see the mechanics to the time travel that the series will be using elaborated on a bit, and if anything I was quite amazed to find that this John Titor who’s used as a primary example for time travel so far, actually “existed”. So without a doubt it was interesting that the story seems to be taking aspects of what he said, be they the IBM 5100 or the many-worlds theory being taken as fact, and in all it’s really something that gives the impression that the writers over at Nitroplus really did their research when they were working on the visual novel.

Finally it also brought in another interesting aspect about Okabe, when these time lines merge, he retains his memories from the previous time line instead of having them erased like everyone else, evidenced not only by the confusion he felt in the last episode. But also how the reappearance of John Titor in 2010 erased his appearance made in the year 2000, and with it all the articles and books that were written about him, while Okabe could clearly remember them. So if anything it seems like this is his ability as the protagonist, something kind of suitable considering the mechanics introduced, the only problem is that people will most likely already see him as just some crazy guy in a lab coat.


4 Responses to Steins;Gate 02

  1. gecd says:

    did you read the VN?

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i caught up with this =)
    having seen chaos’head, this just as trippy as i expected, but it seems to be explaining things better. idk why these shows make me a little nauseous, might be because it’s all white and fuzzy XD
    also awsome hearing mamoru’s deep voice again. =)
    definitely looking forward to the mind raep XD

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    @ gecd

    Can’t say I have, walls upon walls of moonrunes make my head hurt.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    For some reason I couldn’t really get into Chaos;Head but maybe I’ll give the VN a go, and I like the way things are being explained as well. Also it could be the artstyle, things are unusually bright, but I guess that’s one of it’s unique points.

    Also he’s probably one of the best parts about it, not to mention he pretty much has the likes of Kana Hnnnngazawa and Tomokazu Seki to back him up.

  4. Point Blank Sniper says:

    tbh, i forced myself to sit through most of chaos;head just for the sake of finishing a show i started. it really wasnt all that interesting until they started to explain things near the end. i didn’t really understand what happened through most of the show, but by the end, it got a little too simple and straight forward for the type of story it was.

    and i really don’t like kana hanazawa playing the slow girl this time. her super soft voice go hand in hand with the dim/slow girl archtype…which really frustrates me cause it seems to make the show feel very slow… -_-
    but the otaku dude makes up for it lol

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