C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 01

A salary man goes to the ATM and while none of his usual credit or bank cards work, a strange one does, causing the interface of the ATM to change as it offers him a Deal. So he accepts this and a taxi appears out of nowhere to take him to the ‘Financial District’.

It may still be too early to say something like this, but this season has so many interesting shows.

Opening Theme:

“Matoryoshika” by NICO Touches the Walls. Download.

Inside this space, a man named Souichiro Mikuni asks a girl known as Q whether money is really money and considers her response to be somewhat simple yet complicated at the same time, while he considers it to be irreplaceable. A strange man known as Masakaki then arrives to inform him that the Deal has been pushed ahead. Shortly after this the salary man appears before him and they both summon some form of familiars with their cards which they appear to be able to use as a form of blade to fight each other with, and despite the Salary Man charging in first, Souichiro defeats him instantaneously, telling him that just like him he wants as much money as he can get.

In an economics school in the real world, the protagonist Kimimaro Yoga is busy studying for things other than his major and when some of the other students approach him and his friend Hanabi Ikuta to see if they want to go with them to a party, he turns the offer down to go to his part-time jobs. For which on the train ride to the first one, the train is stopped by the defeated Salary Man committing suicide, at his first job he tells his co-worker how he just wants a simple life, and at his second his other co-worker is surprised that he can handle two jobs at once. And Hanabi tracks him down to give him some notes for the test tomorrow, saving him, and when he asks her if she wants to hangout after he finishes work, she tells him that she’s with her boyfriend.

When he gets back to his apartment he studies until he falls asleep, eventually being waken up by a knock at the door from none other than Masakaki. Who’s come to offer him a loan and doesn’t seem to take a simple no as an answer, going as far as to transport him to a space free from the restraints of time in the real world, allowing him to study as much as he wants as he explains the details and conditions for this loan. Telling him that he’s been selected as an Entrepreneur, or put shortly an Entre, and that in exchange for his future they will sponsor him on the condition that he spends money in the Financial District.

The next day he checks his balance to find that it’s suddenly risen by about 500,000 yen and when he goes to school he thanks Hanabi for the notes, and considers the previous offer from the other students. At his part-time jobs he finds that in his position, his co-workers would take the extra money, seeing nothing wrong with it. So he later goes and withdraws this, and as he takes it from the ATM, Masakaki’s voice asks him whether he’s accepting his offer, telling him that with it he could even win Hanabi’s heart and even brings up how his father ran off. And as he snaps back, Masakaki presents to him his card and welcomes him to the Financial District.

Ending Theme:

“RPG” by School Food Punishment. Download.


Among the shows for the upcoming season this one looked to be pretty interesting, as aside from it’s concept the composition for the series was going to be done by Noburo Takagi, who had previously done the adaptations for Baccano! and Durarara!!. However I can’t really admit that I have much experience with the director, Kenji Nakamura‘s work, so I don’t really know what to expect. As a first episode though, I’d say this one managed to live up to some of the expectations I had.

The characters we’ve been introduced all seem pretty good so far, beginning with Kimimaro Yoga voiced by Kouki Uchiyama (a particularly “new” awesome voice actor), a student who despite just wanting to live a simple life still looks to be trying to save an earn as much as possible, and the man who looks to be the antagonist for him, Souichiro Mikuni surprisingly voiced by Daisuke Hosomi who so far looks to contrast him quite a bit. Next to these two we also have Kimimaro’s love interest, Hanabi Ikuta voiced by Yui Makino, who appears to be quite close to him yet oblivious to him. In all though given that this was only the first episode, it could probably still be too early to draw such opinions on the characters, but that was the sort of impression I got from them so far.

To start with, the way that money looks to be used in this series is probably one of the things that interests me the most in this, there’s just so much potential for it. Such as whether it’s really important to have a lot of it and what it really means to have it. Let alone among all of this there will still be how each character views it to define them, whether it’s Kimimaro’s need for it as a necessity or Souichiro’s wanting it just for the sake of having it. So in all this looks to be an interesting focus for a series and it feels like it has a lot of potential to be pretty good.

It really also begs the question as to what you would do if you were placed in a similar position, whether you would really offer up your future in exchange for what could possibly be more money than you would ever need, it’s really just an interesting idea as it depends on one’s values and ideals. Which for the characters appeared to be presented quite nicely in this episode, whether it was Souichiro’s monologue around the beginning of the episode or the way that Kimimaro lived his life, spending as little as possible while earning as much as he could.

Aside from that the Financial district that the Deals throughout the series will take place is another thing that’s interesting about this series, presenting a different ‘world’ for things to happen in the series, and while I don’t have that much experience with them myself, I can easily see how it could be compared to the Persona games. Bringing in some form of familiars for the characters to fight each other with, which hopefully should be elaborated on in the next episode. Along with it, it also brought along the mysterious man, Masakaki voiced by Takahiro Sakurai who seems to manage this place and without a doubt gives the impression that accepting the loans he offers is akin to accepting a deal with the devil.


6 Responses to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 01

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    knowing nico touches the walls and school food punishment did the theme songs, this show probably isnt going to fall short of awsome. this definitely has an interesting concept, and takahiro sakura sounds awsome =D masakaki is stealing the spotlight from our apparent antagonist souichiro lol

    there are definitely a lot of potentially good shows this season.
    i’ve been watching hanasaku iroha which is amazingly character development and story driven for something tagged as slice of life. ano hana also looks to be a tear jerking show.
    ao no exorcist is also awsome. more nobuhiko okamoto is always good. this time around, i dont really feel like hearing jun fukuyama since he’s using his high voice XD
    im also watching nichijou and sket dance as my back up gintama. both of them are hilarious, although neither is at gintama level yet… i was seriously going to ditch rumbel and catch up with gintama, but then they started releasing again… >_>

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, Sakurai does a great job at voicing him and considering Masakaki’s position I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the role as the overarching antagonist while Souichiro was the one you just have up front (kind of like Leo and his Saber class servant in Fate/Extra I guess). The kind of one who steps up once the supposed big boss is taken out.

    I agree that Hanasaku is fun and has some great characters/development for them, but at times it can be fairly stupid, it is coming from the same writer who wrote the Norio episodes of Darker than Black though.

    Ano Hana has potential to be a nice show like that, and if anything that feeling of growing a part from friends like that is something we can all relate to.

    Ao no Exorcist started off in a good way and the voice cast is amazing, if anything it actually looks like it could end up being better than the manga. To be honest I’m still deciding whether to blog it or the second season of TWGOK.

    Rumbel really is useless, the anime practically took a year break and they’re still behind by over fifty episodes. I’m not saying that every group has to release within twenty-four hours of airing all the time every time, but you’ve got to draw a line somewhere. So yeah, just go with Horriblesubs/Crunchyroll, they actually do a decent job of it.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    personally i think you should go with ao no exorcist, i just caught up with twgok right up to ep1 of s2. it seemed to me that there were lots of fillerish scenes and eps that were kind of pointless. there were a lot of funny stuff and music, but i didn’t find it as funny or interesting as i was told. a lot of time there were very dragged out attempts of being funny, but those didnt work on me. the voices were good though. =D
    if ao no exorcist keeps up the pace, i looks like it could be one of those awsome action shows like DtB and FMA…at least thats how it looks to me atm

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    The thing is though that having read the manga I know that it eventually becomes another poorly executed derpy/mediocre shonen series at one point (think Naruto meets Soul Eater, though that’s probably going too far). That said Tensai Okamura could change that, the first episode looked amazing and did a far better job than the manga. And not only does Nobuhiko Okamoto voice Rin, but the rest of the voice cast looks to be perfect.

    On the other hand some of the attempts at comedy in TWOGK can seem like that but I just love how Keima and Elsie interact and it just has a fun style to it all. Not completely random but not overly serious either. Plus as far as “harem-leads” go, Keima is amazing, he isn’t some spineless self-insert otaku lead who’s afraid of women and actually earns everything he gets, even if he doesn’t want it to begin with. Also I loved Kusunoki and Haqua comes in during this season.

    In all I could try for both by only doing individual posts for the arcs of TWOGK since they’re a lot more clear cut while doing Ao no Excorist as well, it would just take a bit more motivation/time.

  5. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i guess if the manga goes bad, it won’t be as amazing as what the first ep made itself out to be. maybe they will make some bs ending for this, like most other shows. if it’s too much, maybe you should scale down your ao no excorcist posts fromm what you usually have, or just skip it altogether since theres a big chance it might not turn out well and just go with TWOGK instead =D

  6. Ginnodangan says:

    I think I might just stick with TWOGK then, since when it does get to those derpy moments there won’t really be much pushing me to write about them, and not to mention that just like all the other shows I’m blogging this season Ao no Exorcist looks to be over thirteen episodes. Which could really weigh me down next season.

    But there’s still hope despite the derpy progression. There’s a good break off point which could give Tensai Okamura and his team a lot of time to mess around with like they did in the first two episodes. Which could end up making it infinitely better. Since things like Shirou being shown to be an incredibly badass exorcist before he died and the continual struggle with Astaroth weren’t even there.

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