Tiger & Bunny 03

The third episode begins with the duo in a training simulation to work on their teamwork, but it all falls apart once they start arguing on whether they should act on instinct or by planning ahead.

Ironically the reason they were doing this was to work on their teamwork which Kotetsu only agreed to do after their boss otherwise told him to quit, and so after this they meet the producer, Agnes who seems to know Kotetsu’s real identity and will be following the two of them in order to garner popularity for them. To start this they ask some of the heroes about what they think about the newcomer, for which only Kotetsu doesn’t have much to say. Later that night Barnaby watches a news report on the unveiling of the Fortress Tower and the statue of Mr Legend that stands at it’s entrance, for which the CEO Albert Maverick refers to as a symbol of peace. This leads to Barnaby looking back on his past in which his parents were assassinated, and while Maverick had tried to comfort him by saying he wasn’t alone back then, he still believes that he is.

The next day he’s awkwardly greeted by Kotetsu to hang out as part of the documentary that Agnes is putting together, for which she lectures him on calling him by the nickname “Bunny”. So with this they go around doing things like signing autographs, eventually visiting the Fortress Tower, where Kotetsu appears interested in the statue of Mr Legend and passes by a suspicious engineer on his way to the elevator. They then go about continuing the documentary but it soon gets interrupted by a bomb scare and so while Barnaby helps with the evacuation measures, Kotetsu follows the hunch he has from earlier.

So remembering the engineer from before he ends up finding the bomb around the elevator and returns to meet up with Barnaby, of course Agnes is adamant on following them with the camera crew, so Kotetsu explains to her that protecting civilians is what they do as heroes, and that she is no exception to that. Outside the other heroes help out with evacuating the building while Barnaby disarms the bomb and Kotetsu films it, explaining the hunch he had from earlier and refusing to leave him behind. Elsewhere Agnes still appears to have faith in Kotetsu when her assistants doubt him. Back inside the building Barnaby has almost managed to completely disarm the bomb, but he’s reached one of those points where one wrong move will cause it to explode and what’s worse they’re running out of time.

They now have to make a split second choice for which Kotetsu chooses “up” and activates his ability, shortly after this the bomb is gone and everyone is okay, with a hole through to the sky above them. The footage then reaches Hero TV, showing how Kotetsu made a hole by punching the ceiling while Barnaby kicked the bomb upwards, while the footage of them arguing which part of it was worse was left out. During the epilogue Kotetsu meets up with Rock Bison or Antonio Lopez at a bar where they talk about how the bomb wasn’t one that anyone could get their hands on and how he’s faring working with Barnaby, after this Karina Lyle or Blue Rose spots and recognises Kotetsu in the crowd.

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Fuck Yeah, Pepsi.


Another enjoyable episode and while the previous two episodes had focused on either Kotetsu or how well he worked with Barnaby at first, it was nice to see an episode to focus on Barnaby a bit more, and on the side it was also great to see that they were starting to work together better. With this episode seeming to forebode that things were slowly starting to head towards what they’re like in the ending theme.

To start with how this episode focused on Barnaby was something that I liked about it, as in the episodes before he had appeared as little more than the aloof serious member of the Apollon’s Duo, so to see this episode go about suggesting why he acts like this was something that I liked about it. Showing that he saw himself as being alone while the organisation that was supposedly behind his parent’s assassination looks like it could turn out to be the main antagonist later in the series. Aside from that, just like Kotetsu before him it was nice to see his reasons for becoming a hero, as while Kotetsu’s seem to be rooted in admiration, his seem to be rooted in obtaining some sort of revenge.

Next to that another thing that was good to see in this episode was that Barnaby and Kotetsu were starting to work better, and that even though they still continued to bicker and argue from the start until the end, how they handled the bomb at the end showed that they were at least starting to understand each other. Other than that it was also accompanied by how Kotetsu told him he wouldn’t leave him behind, something that at least got a small reaction from him. So in all these things were all good to see as they seem to foreshadow that things are on their way to what they’re like in the ending theme.

Something else that was also interesting on the side was that Agnes appears to at least have some sort of interest in Kotetsu from how she at least knew his real name, and while it may have just been her job as the producer to know all of the hero’s real identities. It just gave the impression that she had at least done a bit of research on him. Aside from that it was also pretty fun watching her berate him throughout the episode for his lackluster or I guess what you could call sarcastic responses, and not to mention that Kotetsu managed to look pretty cool when he made it clear what his duty as a hero was.

Finally being able to see Kotetsu and Rock Bison hanging out like bros in ‘real life’ was also another good thing to see, as brief as it was, as before it they had at least been shown to be friends through work by how they talked to each other. Other than that during the same scene seeing that the events from this episode being hinted that they could be part of something much larger was also great to see, and finally from both the way this one ended and the preview, the next episode looks to be a Blue Rose/Karina Lyle centric episode. So I’m looking forward to it.


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