Steins;Gate 03

As soon as Kurisu steps in Okabe questions why she’s here and while she does a few things unfamiliar to him, she reveals that she’s interested in the gel-banana.

One of the first things she does is to taste it and she sees right through Hashida’s attempt to get her to say something perverted, spiraling into a battle of words between Kurisu and Okabe to declare the other the most perverted. After this Kurisu shows interest in their phone-microwave and due to Hashida telling him that she might actually be able to figure out how it works, Okabe decides to make her the fourth member of their lab, Christina. Something she isn’t too happy about but she still agrees to the conditions he sets.

Mayuri arrives back around this point and is delighted to find that another girl has joined the lab and they get along well before their attention is drawn back to the microwave and with it the messages that Okabe sent that supposedly went into the past. So they decide to reenact what happened by connecting a phone to it and messaging it, with the message to send starting with “Christina is a pervert” but Hashida changes it to “Okarin is a pervert”, however just as things are going well Mayuri opens the microwave, unleashing a blast of electricity as everyone ducks for cover. Above all though the message was sent into the past, meaning that the microwave is nothing other than a time machine.

Following this Kurisu ran away in disbelief and Hashida stayed up all night trying to fix the microwave with nothing to show for it, and the next day Okabe finds message after message from Moeka and Hashida tells him about SERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Reminding him of what John Titor said on the message board about how SERN at this point  had been able to create a mini-black hole with it, so Hashida explains to him that SERN is an organisation specialising in particle physics and has some of the best facilities for it. This gives Okabe the idea that SERN could be hiding something about a mini-black hole, so he asks the Super Hacker to hack SERN’s servers, something he thinks he’s joking about.

Okabe heads back to the lab after this and meets Suzuha outside who happens to have overheard everything that happened in the lab and promises to keep it a secret. He then receives a message and Suzuha thinks it’s about someone dying, however it turns out to be just another message from Moeka and she seems to know quite a bit about the IBM 5100 and has heard about John Titor. As he runs back upstairs Okabe remembers more of what John Titor had said on the message board about how he needs an IBM 5100 and Okabe’s claim that the John Titor from 2000 said the same thing gets Titor interested in him, so he gives him his address.

Later on Mayuri arrives back just as Okabe gets out of the shower and finds Hashida hard at work hacking SERN, so she and Okabe head up to the roof and decide to eat some canned Oden together, trading pieces with one another as they do so. Soon after this Hashida succeeds in hacking SERN to the point of being able to read their emails, and as they look through these they find that SERN has succeeded in creating a mini-black hole as part of their Z-project, however one line stands out amongst all of this, “Human is Dead”.


Now that the character introductions are out of the way it’s as if the story is finally starting to move forward, becoming all the more interesting as it does. However as it does this I can’t shake off this feeling that something horrible is going to happen to those around Okabe, and knowing Nitroplus, I wouldn’t put it past them.

On the side though I loved what we saw of Kurisu in this episode, whether it was her seeing through Hashida’s perversions or trying to one up Okabe by proving that the other was the pervert. The latter making for some good points throughout the episode as the way the two interacted was just a lot of fun with Okabe even nicknaming her “Christina”, though given the way he threw it out I’m really starting to wonder whether he was really just saying random names to Suzuha in the last episode. On the side it was also pretty fun to her reaction to finding out what the microwave was, almost serving as a “ha, in your face,” for Okabe. But anyway, through the way she interacts with Okabe and acts as a character with western gestures I’m finally starting to see how she was able to become so popular.

If there was one thing that stood out it would be how suspicious Suzuha was in this episode, as sure she had overheard everything going on upstairs but she still seemed to know about things that she shouldn’t normally know about, such as John Titor and the IBM 5100, and more importantly she accidentally revealed something before it had even happened. The “human is dead” that appeared at the end of the email when Okabe received a message earlier, so given how she randomly showed up she definitely seems suspicious. And if it wasn’t her posing as John Titor on the message board the only other likely candidate among the already introduced cast would be Moeka, given her search for the IBM 5100.

The microwave being revealed to be a time machine also seemed like a fairly important part of the episode, almost standing as the point that the character introductions ended and the story finally started to begin. The one thing that would kick everything out of that unmoving state that Okabe’s life had as he ran around Akihabara and hanged out with his friends. So if anything it felt like a fairly important point and the fact that it happened on accident probably added a bit more impact to it, not only due to the fun and wackiness that comes with a group of friends randomly discovering time travel, but also how easily a change like this could take place.

However the thing that scares me the most about this change is the fear that something bad can and will happen to those around Okabe, and worst of all he’ll be forced to witness it all while he remains unharmed. Let alone it would also be all his fault. The thing that seemed to give this impression the most though was how he had Hashida hack into SERN, a supposedly almost omnipotent organisation that rules the world from the shadows, it’s just the sort of thing that seemed to lift a flag for him since they wouldn’t exactly appreciate having some random guy hacking into their servers. Next to him there’s also that unquestionable feeling that something bad will happen to Mayuri simply by being connected to them, which if anything all those heartwarming sorts of scenes between her and Okabe have been just to build up to. But really the scariest thing about it is that this is Nitroplus, they can and will do this sort of stuff.


3 Responses to Steins;Gate 03

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i liked the first part when the trio was arguing over name calling. i hope we get more of it, and more kurisu =D
    the one thing i found kind of weird was that after they sent the text to the past, i think his reaction should something along the lines of him having already seen it and and maybe think the experiment is kind of pointless, instead of going through his messages and being surprised that it’s there. but everyone else should freak out just the same

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Given Okabe’s ability to remember things when the world lines changed I think it would have turned out like this, and back then he probably would have just dismissed it as Hashida joking around. It only would have made sense at this point.

    I hope for more of it as well, it’s just so entertaining watching her get riled up by Okabe calling her Christina and Kurisu is a lot more likable than I expected her to be.

  3. […] “Now that the character introductions are out of the way it’s as if the story is finally starting to move forward, becoming all the more interesting as it does. However as it does this I can’t shake off this feeling that something horrible is going to happen to those around Okabe, and knowing Nitroplus, I wouldn’t put it past them.” – Gin no Dangan […]

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