C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 02

Kimimaro arrives at the Financial District with Masakaki who explains some of the responsibilities and goings of being an Entrepreneur, the main of which appears to be that they must participate in a Deal at least once a week. In which they will battle another Entrepreneur to increase their “stocks”. The sight of a newcomer also draws a lot of attention, so Souichiro decides to make a bet with Q.

A Deal is also one of the first things that Kimimaro has to do, so Masakaki instructs him of his opponent and informs him of how to summon his “Asset”, something an Entrepreneur is aided by in their deals. In his case it turns out to be a girl in read called Msyu, a representation of his future. Before he knows it the Deal begins and his opponent wastes no time in attacking, forcing Msyu to protect Kimimaro as he wonders just what the hell is going on.

In one of his opponent’s attacks Msyu is hurt and even with her injuries she continues to defend Kimimaro as their opponent ups the attack of his asset, Gig each time. On the side lines Souichiro watches on and appears to meet a friend of his, Taketazaki, an information dealer who’s also interested in the Deal. After narrowly managing to get away, Kimimaro is worried about Msyu but she tells him that she should heal quickly and explains some of the details to fighting, and juts as they agree to fight together, their opponent shows up again. So as fast as she can Msyu instructs Kimimaro of how to use her abilities, and allow her to use her attack, “Scorched Earth”. Which with she obliterates their opponent and even she is amazed at her power.

When the Deal ends she returns to his card and his stocks rise in accordance, however he collapses shortly before Masakaki can get him to select his next opponent. Outside of this the other Entrepreneurs watch on and Souichiro accepts that Q won their bet, and she comments on how Kimimaro was the first person to win their first Deal without any prior knowledge since him. Also seeing some similarities in how they acted then, and on her way out, a woman spots Souichiro and sees that even he was interested in the previous Deal.

The next morning Kimimaro wakes up to find that little time has passed as Masakaki congratulates him and informs him that he’ll be back in a week, along with that he can talk with Msyu through his Midas Card. So he decides to check in on her and finds that she’s doing better, only to be caught off guard by Masakaki who informs him something bad will happen if he goes bankrupt. The next day he checks his balance again and Hanabi is surprised to see him actually spending something, and when he asks her a similar hypothetical question to the one he asked his co-workers, she tells him she would save it. Elsewhere Souichiro is busy in a meeting and his desire to bring in as much money as possible seems to also apply to the real world.

During his part time jobs, Kimimaro struggles with the strange black notes that have only just appeared to him now, and when he asks Msyu about it she tells him to get his act together. However even after learning that these notes come from the Financial District he still struggles to distinguish them and it ends up pissing a customer off. At this point though Souichiro arrives and buys him off. So Kimimaro gives him a can of coffee as thanks, and Souichiro wastes little time on bringing up Entrepreneur related things, explaining that those black notes are from the Midas Bank and when he mentions that he could be like him, Kimimaro snaps back that he would rather honestly work f0r just as much money as he needs. However Souichiro sees it as normal and mentions his lost father before parting ways, and far away from all of this the same woman from before watches on.


After this episode things are starting to get a lot more clearer, we’re finally able to understand just what was going on during the Deal that was in the last episode, and with it just what comes with being an “Entrepreneur”. Not to mention that we also got a look as to who Kimimaro’s next opponent could possibly be.

As something to start the episode on, learning how a Deal operates and just what is required of and comes with being an Entrepreneur were most welcomed. As to be honest, what we saw in the previous episode appeared as not much short of a strangely awesome incoherent mix of card games and engrish, it kept your attention but you couldn’t really understand what was going on. So to see these sorts of details explained was something good to see in this episode and it kind of made sense to learn about them in Kimimaro’s first Deal.

What comes with being an Entrepreneur, Assets were also something that was interesting about this episode, in which we were introduced to who looks to be another main character, Msyu. Kimimaro’s asset who seemed to take on the role of the strong sort of heroine who the protagonist worries about at first, it’s something kind of familiar and if anything her no nonsense attitude to get things over and done with while Kimimaro stayed out of the way was kind of likable. Meaning that she should warm up to him over the course of the series while he himself becomes a bit more capable along the way. Finally it was nice to note that she’s voiced by Haruka Tomatsu which makes moments like when even she was amazed at her power pretty fun.

While Kimimaro came to terms with just how his world had changed and becoming an Entrepreneur it was also interesting to learn more about Souichiro. Who with all the similarities that were thrown about between them is someone I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out was actually Kimimaro’s father. As they both supposedly began on similar terms and he hinted that he knew what had happened to his father, but above all the most convincing evidence would probably be the similarities between their Assets Msyu and Q, which if anything look to be pretty similar in appearance. Pretty much implying that there is a connection between the two and with them their Entrepreneurs as well, and if so I just wish that Japan would be a bit more subtle with these sorts of things.

If there was one thing that confused me a bit in this episode though was just how money from the Midas Bank actually works, as in order to avoid inflation this money would have to come from somewhere in the real world. As if this money was just being taken directly from the Midas Bank to the real world there would be little doubt that the actual value to it would go down. So even given the supernatural aspect to the series with some strange dimension and a clown-like demon with a top hat, there would have to be a source or explanation as to or for how it works. However given the nature of the stocks and such along with what Souichiro had said the only one so far appears to be that all the money Entrepreneurs make is pooled together and portioned according to their stocks. Which could explain a few things I guess but with the amount of money that each one seems to be able to just throw around it wouldn’t exactly make much sense as well, in all this is just something kind of unnerving in a series where money gets so much focus.


4 Responses to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 02

  1. paper says:

    The series mentioned that his mother had died, right?
    I wonder how he would feel if it does turn out that Souichiro is his father.

    I adore Masakaki and his eccentricity~

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    There’s something foreboding about him but he is pretty awesome at what he does.

    I think it pretty much implied that, Kimimaro is old enough and has a good enough reason to live alone, and given how important his father running out seems to be I could see it happening. Especially considering what going bankrupt does, and either way I’m assuming that Souichiro did have a hand in what happened. Whether he does turn out to be his father or not.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    im surprised mashu isn’t a generic tsundere lol she’s just kind of rude i think. i guess we cant tell for sure until we see more of her, but haruka did a good job with her.
    on the other hand, her character in hanasaku iroha borders on ear cancer to me =P

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Pretty much, she looks to be one of those heroines who’ll warm up to the protagonist as the story goes on. It’s actually something I kind of like since it wouldn’t really make sense for her to immediately like him and all he’s really done is get in the way.

    Ear cancer is probably going too far, it’s Haruka Tomatsu and while it may not be the role that she has this season that I like the most it’s still not really that bad. Plus we’ve barely even seen her character that much, so she could get better later on.

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