Tiger & Bunny 04

In this episode we take a look at Blue Rose or Karina Lyle who juggles her duties as a hero with her school life, the former being something which makes her parents worry and that she doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about.

After a quick shot of her home life it then cuts back to Kotetsu and Barnaby who have to take down an armored car without completely destroying it, something Kotetsu doesn’t exactly get at first and on their way to it the announcer even jokes about his habit of destroying things. So without thinking ahead he leaps from the sidecar and manages to make it stop. However even then the suspect has no intention of going down easily and just as Blue Rose makes her entrance he quickly pulls out a gun, leading to Barnaby having to save her while Dragon Kid snatches the capture points.

At the end of this Blue Rose doesn’t appear to be too happy about Barnaby saving her and when Kotetsu suspects that she wasn’t paying attention due to the other job she has, she doesn’t seem willing to accept his advice and throws how he got any points so far at him. During her supplementary lessons she still isn’t too happy at how he tried to lecture her and even her teacher thinks that juggling her school life and hero duties is far too much. After these she ends up having to let her friends go on ahead while she goes to a meeting with her manager, who points out that she hasn’t been doing a good enough job but to her she didn’t want to be a hero in the first place, using it only as a stepping stone for her singing career.

Karina later complains to Fire Emblem about this and points out how easy he has it due to owning the company that sponsors him, and when Kotetsu shows up to give her some advice again she simply walks off. If anything this also happened to be something Barnaby agreed with him on. In the end though she decides to quit though in order to prioritise her singing career and after she finishes her show, none other than Kotetsu shows up to give her a tip and only now does she ask why he continues being a hero. To which he asks why she sings and tells her the same thing, he simply wants to save people. She later ponders this when her father comes to see her about her decision and while it’s never been something he’s enthusiastic about, he shows that he’s always been a fan, after this though she has to make a choice between singing and being a hero.

The problem this time is an oil rig set ablaze and while Kotetsu and Barnaby make their way to it, Karina chooses to sing, and just as she begins Kotetsu and Barnaby decide to ignore Agnes and rush in with their abilities. While they move through the flames, Karina overhears a drunk belittling their efforts, leading to her remembering how they aren’t doing it for recognition and standing up for them. Back at the oil rig Kotetsu and Barnaby catch up with Rock Bison who’s trying to hold up the rubble, and even though their abilities have ran out they manage to hold it up long enough for Sky High to save the worker.

However just as this happens some rubble starts to fall down and just as things are looking bleak, Blue Rose makes her entrance and saves them. Following this the drunk loses his bet and when Kotetsu tries to collect the bet he had with Barnaby, Blue Rose acts like she thinks of them as the worst for taking bets as she says her catchphrase to the camera.

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Following in the trend of character based episodes this was another fun episode, where this time we took a look at the Pepsi sponsored Blue Rose, or Karina Lyle who if anything still hadn’t found a proper reason for being a hero. So along with that we were able to see her find one.

Part of what made this episode so much fun was that it focused around Blue Rose, and while there may have been something slightly cliche about the schoolgirl who wants to be a singer and secretly acts as a hero, having to juggle all of these things. It was still something interesting about her, and above all she still hadn’t found a real reason for acting as a hero, with it being something she just wanted to trudge through. So seeing this was pretty good as it explained how she wasn’t too enthusiastic about it and if push came to shove she would simply drop it. On the side it was also nice to note that she was voiced by Minako Kotobuki, and while she isn’t someone I would say is good, I still think she has an awesome sounding voice.

Another thing that was nice about this episode was seeing Kotetsu try to give some advice to the young hero and try get her to decide on one thing instead of going with everything and not doing as well. It was just something that as a veteran he was perfectly suitable to do and easily do well at, even if it did get him called a zero-pointer when she didn’t take all that kindly to him interfering. But in the end it was pretty nice to see Karina/Blue Rose take the chance to listen to him, with him telling her that saving people is something the same to him as singing is to her.

Which also happened to be another good part about it, with the matter of saving people being something they didn’t do for the recognition also being brought up front. Almost seeming to serve as a universal reason to everyone but Blue Rose who hadn’t managed to come to that conclusion yet. So along with her struggle seeing her progression to finding it was another nice part of the episode and if anything made for a nice finish to it, with the way she said her catchphrase at the start and the way she said it at the end serving to reflect it.

Finally it was also nice to see that Kotetsu and Barnaby were starting to get along even better, and while they still may have had their differences they argued a whole lot less than before. Other than that it was also highlighted by how they were able to come to an agreement in the gym and even more prominently when they both decided to throw aside any safety precautions and head in with their abilities. It simply made for a cool moment for the two of them as they both set off and made their way through the rubble together.


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