The World God Only Knows II 01 and 02, Kusunoki Arc

After a brief introduction to what the first season covered, Keima demands to know how long he has to put up with capturing loose souls and when Elsie sees his explanation to them she laughs in his face. Shortly after this though she bumps into some delinquents, which Keima treats as “Parsley” in his school life.

Don’t know why I couldn’t decide to blog this earlier, I loved the first season.

Opening Theme:

“Whole New World God Only Knows” by Oratorio The World God Only Knows.

Of course this pisses them off and he realises that in real life they can beat the crap out of him, and as he struggles to apologise a tall girl with an intimidating aura, Kusunoki Kasuga comes to his aid. Telling them to leave him alone and when they refuse to do so, she quite literally blows their leader away. Having rescued him Kusunoki asks Keima why he didn’t stand up for himself and turns her sights on him, it’s only now that Elsie makes an untimely return to save him as well with the skull in her hair used to detect loose souls reacting.

Seeing this display of weakness however Kusunoki leaves. As she leaves the other girls in the hallway whisper about her, referring to her as the head of the Kasuga school of martial arts and all the while she struggles with all the cute things around her. Elsewhere Keima comments on how he may have to fight her if he goes down her route, and when Kusunoki finds Keima’s scribbles explaining loose souls and such, she can’t help but find them cute.

Following this Kusunoki receives a formal introduction as Keima and Elsie sit outside her club’s room and before Elsie can fully comment on how hard it will be for him, Keima has already bowed down asking to become her pupil. She sees a few things wrong with this and doesn’t see how he could learn to become a warrior, but Kusunoki can’t help but feel a strange pressure from him and upon seeing his face she gives in. So from this point he became her pupil, commenting on her habits and having to throw a cat out. This cat quickly returns to Kusunoki in the locker room though, and when Keima returns from cleaning the clubroom he finds her holding it, making things simple for him.

Surprised by this Kusunoki runs off and prepares to cast the cat and with it her weakness away, also commenting on how she’ll “change” Keima’s face. However before she can do this something stops her, and as she remembers her past she sees another apparition of herself behind her. Keima and Elsie jump out at this point and when they go over it with her they find that this other side of her reacts to weakness, with Keima telling her that she can now confront this weak side of her. And so in order to draw it out Elsie suggests that they should go on a date.

So they do this in the next episode with her trying to first make it clear that they’re not really on a “date” while the sight of her in a dress draws a lot of attention to her. This results in her splitting again as well and this time the split self actually defends against her attacks, following this Keima and Kusunoki go shopping but the only thing they find that works for both of them is the arcade, where she does her best to beat him at a physical sort of game only to be blown away when Keima maxes out the machine. After this they go to a movie and to an amusement park but still can’t seem to agree on much.

Towards the end of the day they find themselves in the park as Kusunoki struggles with the idea that she actually had fun during the “date” but they still haven’t been able to completely draw out her other side, the sight of a couple eating an ice cream together though gives them an idea. So they blushingly decide to do the same with Kusunoki seeing it as the weakest thing to do, and as they push themselves to do this the result is Kusunoki’s other side being completely separated. So she wastes no time in donning her uniform to face it.

From this point Keima can see the ending as the two sides face off with one another, appearing to be equally matched with little to suggest which one will be the victor. In order to intervene Elsie puts together a suit of armour but Keima turns the idea down, and back during the fight before them Kusunoki remembers how she had no other choice but to cast this other side of her away. Her feminine side gains the upper hand after this  and tosses her aside, letting her feelings towards the dojo she’ll succeed known. Keima catches her and decides to show her how to win, by placing a flower in her hair in order to make a compromise, to become cute and feminine while being strong at the same time. Also using cats and the armour that Elsie made as an example.

Kusunoki still can’t see things this way so Keima attempts once more by telling her to seek a greater form of strength, with her feminine side admitting that she had fun and already seeing things this way as she gives up. But first she decides to be a little selfish first and seizes control of their body to kiss Keima. In doing so freeing the loose soul for Elsie to retrieve. During the epilogue Kusunoki is shown to have made some sort of compromise with her other side by allowing the cat inside the club room and has kept the flower.

During the beginning of the next arc Elsie remembers that she’s had a manual all along but it accidentally turns out to be a cookbook and as she detects another loose soul she bumps into an old friend of hers, Haqua.

Ending Theme:

“Ai no Yokan” by Kami nomi Zo Shiri Tai (Kanae Itou, Saori Hayami, Ami Koshimizu, Kana Asumi, and Aki Toyosaki).


I may have not ended up blogging the first season when it aired, but it ended up being something I enjoyed watching quite a lot, and if anything I probably would have if I had the time back then. It was just a fun series with a great main character and a lovable heroine who helps him out along the way on a somewhat enjoyable quest, and if you were to include this in the harem genre Keima, voiced by Hiro Shimono also provides a nice twist.

As in contrast to them the reasons things don’t progress is that he simply wants nothing to do with them, preferring rather to stick with 2D heroines and video games than make any commitment to reality. It’s just something that makes him an interesting character, as he’s pretty much forced into doing what he does, and putting his experience as a ‘god’ of visual novels/video games to use in real life, even viewing the real world in a similar manner. So with these sorts of things he ends up being a pretty fun main character and makes the series fun to watch.

However I don’t think he would be nearly as good without Elsie to compliment him, as without a doubt one of my favourite parts of the series is how these two interact, with there just being something about the way Keima gets on his high horse when he explains things that’s just so entertaining. Other than that what’s not to like about an air headed, slightly childish demon girl voiced by Kanae Itou who loves firetrucks. So if anything she’s another one of the reasons that this series is so much fun.

As a girl to start the season on I kind of liked Kusunoki quite a lot and if anything she’s sitting alongside Shiori (to the far right) from the first season as one of my favourite heroines so far. As while Shiori had Kana Hanazawa and a soft spoken personality going for her, Kusunoki has Ami Koshimizu and the tall intimidating girl who secretly loves cute things sort of personality. Which as cliche as it is, is the sort of personality I can’t help but like in a heroine, or maybe it’s just the soft spot for upperclassmen types of heroines that I have.

The interactions between Kusunoki and Keima were also a fun part of this arc, with her seeming to take the lead and attempt to beat him into her ideal man, and even before then she felt a power equal to her own from the Capturing God. The date that she had with Keima also turned out to be a pretty fun part of the second episode, ranging from Elsie’s intervention by coming up with her outfit to just how Kusunoki and Keima were unable to find anything in common. And even when they did compromise by doing physical sorts of games, he would still utterly defeat her, resulting in a particularly cute result when she tried to one up him. So just how ‘unsuitable’ they were for one another was definitely one of the fun parts of this arc, and it seemed to climax with the ice cream scene.

If anything the story she had was actually kind of nice for what it was, dealing with the struggle she had between her tough martial arts facade and the weaker feminine side she had suppressed for it, and while it isn’t like any of the previous arcs have tried hard to build up to why any of the girls feel the way they do. Kusunoki’s reason for why she felt that she had to be strong to succeed her family’s dojo did a good yet simple job at getting it across, there would have been just so much riding on her to be strong. Even having to compensate for something like not being born a boy by going even further with it.

All that said one of the other interesting things about her was just like Kanon’s issue of having to be noticed being strong enough to result in something physical, Kusunoki’s did as well by causing a split between her weak/feminine side and her tough martial arts exterior. In all though this physical result was also interesting as it showed that with the influence of a loose spirit, the girl in question could unwillingly obtain an “uncontrollable” ability, which was just something that seems to play into the slight supernatural aspect of the series.

So given the story she had the conclusion was also something nice about it, even if it was kind of cliche, as given the nature of the struggle itself the natural answer would have been that she needed to balance both of these sides. As even if she could beat this other side of her into submission, it would still be part of her, and would ultimately always be a problem for her if she didn’t do that. So it made for a nice conclusion and even gave her some acceptance.


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