C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 03

As the episode begins the woman seen in the Financial District in the previous episode, Jennifer Satou talks about the possible origins of the Financial District, dating back to the middle ages. While she may have visited the Financial District at least 51 times only 11 of those were for deals, choosing to observe them more often.

When she enters to do this once more she feels as if Kimimaro’s next deal could decide the future of the Financial District. In the real world Jennifer then goes on to explain that she works for an organisation investigating the Financial District and the effect the Midas Money on the real world, shown tailing Kimimaro as she does this. This is also revealed to be something not just limited to Japan as she attempts to tail Souichiro, explaining that he’s a man known to use many aliases and that he’s built up a guild in the Financial District.

Jennifer also contemplates why she was chosen to become an Entrepreneur a few months ago when she met Masakaki in a similar way to how Kimimaro met him. Back in the present Kimimaro decides to visit his aunt in the country to ask about his parents, so she tells him how they actually appeared to be doing quite well before they disappeared and shows him what she has left from her brother. An old notebook filled with numbers and an illustration of Midas. Due to this he decides to see Masakaki so he asks Msyu how he should go about this who simply tells him to go and see him himself.

Back in the Financial District Jennifer shows that even she isn’t an exception towards the one deal per week rule by participating in one with an opponent that’s been decided for her, explaining that Asset’s attack with things called “flations”. For which there are three levels, Micro, Mezzo, and Macro, from the weakest to the strongest with the minimum costs for these being 100 thousand, one million, and ten million. As she does this Taketazaki observes her use a Mezzoflation to allow her Asset, Georges create an illusion to lure in her opponent.

Elsewhere here Kimimaro demands Masakaki to tell him about his father but he doesn’t seem willing to talk about it, once again Souichiro shows up to save Masakaki the trouble and takes Kimimaro to Taketazaki. Who after a quick exchange of funds immediately starts talking about him, telling him that he was strong Entrepreneur and was taken away by Deals, however he went bankrupt and hung himself. During all of this Msyu seems to be curious of Q.

Following this Souichiro takes him up to the rooftop where Kimimaro tells him how he wished that his father had just lived normally, so Souichiro decides to tell him the story of his father who during the financial crisis had chosen his company over his sister, and so with the first thing he did with the money he made in the Financial District was to buy him out. It’s because of this he feels that your father helps make you who you are, and so because of this he helps him see that his father had been acting for him and his family all along. Suggesting that he find something to use the money he makes on to make others happy.

Souichiro then takes his leave and passes by Jennifer who looks back on how her superior didn’t feel that anything had to be done about the Midas money flowing into the real world, just telling her to report back to him. As she tries to ponder all of this she feels that Kimimaro is at the point of either becoming her ally or enemy as he undergoes his second Deal, for which the opponent is none other than his economics teacher.


Another interesting episode and just like the one before it it managed to answer a few questions that I was left with from the previous one, mainly regarding the woman seen, Jennifer Satou voiced by Mayumi Asano, and it even went a bit further with the workings behind the deals. Next to that it also went into a bit of detail regarding Kimimaro’s father and how the Financial District was perceived by the world.

To start with learning a bit more about Jennifer was one of the things that I liked about this episode, and if anything she also turned out to be an interesting character as she went about explaining a few things while tailing/observing Kimimaro and Souichiro, letting us learn a bit more about the latter through her eyes. Secondly to that her position as an observer of the Financial District for an organisation investigating it managed to show that while it may be a secret among the general populace, there was still a group who knew about it and were concerned about the impact it has from the shadows.

Managing to sort of answer just what effect the Midas money flowing into the real world had, by well not answering it, however from response Jennifer’s superior had it could be assumed that there was already something in place to keep the whole thing from falling apart. On this note I should also probably say that I’m liking the English in this series, be it what commentates the deals or what we got in this episode, it all actually sounds pretty good. Somewhat related to this it was also interesting to see that the Financial District wasn’t regarded as something that had appeared recently as well, for which Jennifer briefly talked about a myth that had eluded to something similar to it. Suggesting that it had already been about for a long time and had locations all over the world where it’s influence could be seen. On another note I’m also interested about the origins of the Financial District itself and given all the Midas themed stuff I’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

In the second half of the episode it was also quite nice to see Kimimaro seek to learn more about his father, and while we were given some clear details regarding him I’m still not sure what to think of them this early into the series. That said it still contained some nice messages and moments for Kimimaro as Souichiro helped him see that his father hadn’t really been that bad of a person and that what he had been doing was for him, leading to him realising that his feelings had been misplaced. And while I still have some doubts about the information we got about Kimimaro’s father, there’s just too much to it for it to be false.

As while I had first suspected that Souichiro was his father the ages listed on the official site just don’t really add up (Souichiro is 33 while Kimimaro is 19). Despite this though I still wouldn’t be surprised if there was some other sort of connection between between Kimimaro and Souichiro, whether it turned out to be related to Msyu and Q or just how similar the two of them seem to be at this point in the story. Finally in an interesting note it also looked like Souichiro and Q were walking with another person/Asset as they left, which I’m actually quite curious about since this third figure was never really properly shown in the episode.


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