The World God Only Knows II 03 and 04, Haqua Arc

After meeting her friend for the first time since they graduated Elsie is overjoyed while Haqua still tries to do things professionally, showing off the armband given to her as the Section Chief of the Far East Division’s 32nd District. Because of this she allows them the honour of shaking her hand, but Keima honestly couldn’t care less as he tries to get the signal for the events in the game he’s playing.

Figured I might as well do another double episode post.

The two friends then start talking again with how many loose souls they’ve captured with Haqua saying 10 and being shocked when she hears that Elsie has caught 5 in only a few months. Suddenly a message comes in through their sensors warning them that a loose soul on the run after some idiot messed up trying to capture it, so they suspect that it could be nearby with Haqua wanting to do things alone.

So she wanders through the school looking for it, contemplating why she wasn’t assigned to somewhere in Europe while having no idea about the layout of the school, and luckily she bumps into Keima. Who’s willing to help and won’t tell Elsie that she was the one who let the loose soul escape, having seen through her. Following this Elsie makes a return with Haqua berating her on not doing things professionally and beating Keima when he attempts to tell her the truth. After this they send her to search for it and Keima asks for the information that will allow him to reach the ending.

He then continues the search with her and she shows some abilities with her raiment that Elsie hasn’t exactly gotten a hold of yet, and following this Haqua goes on to explain a few things about loose souls to him, particularly how this one is dangerous. That they are in fact the souls of “Real Demons” from a war in hell in which the Demons like her prevailed. While he wasn’t exactly paying attention Keima is now able to put things together, that the loose souls hide in the emptiness of the human heart and gather power from their negative emotions, with Haqua expanding it by telling him that the Demon will be reborn as their targets child. Elsewhere Elsie is distracted by a fire truck.

Because of this Keima and Haqua go about trying to find “negative” areas around the school, starting with the baseball field since the team sucks, where the delinquents hang out, and the theatre that was built on an old battlefield. So they head inside when they get to the last one and when Haqua’s sensor goes off Keima prepares to take his leave, however she doesn’t exactly want to be left alone in this sort of situation. And when he reasons that she’s already caught 10 she confesses that she hasn’t caught any. Deeper inside Elsie relays that the loose soul is right in front of her.

After catching up Haqua attempts to capture the loose soul however the sign of weakness it shows is revealed to only be a feint as it uses the unconscious students to restrain her and Elsie. All the while Keima lies in the background. They manage to break free but Elsie can’t exactly hold them all back and seeing it’s chance to escape the loose soul takes to the rooftop, leaving Haqua to berate Elsie and attempt to head up alone, feeling that the scythe she received after graduating is proof that she’s better. Keima feeling that she’ll just fail again drags Elsie up as well.

On the rooftop Haqua looks back on how everyone had such high expectations for her but she finds herself unable to meet them, and it’s now that the loose soul strikes. Keima and Elsie arrive to find her possessed by it as the loose soul comes out of hiding with the unconscious students, while Elsie thinks that beating it is impossible Keima points out one thing, she only has to fill the emptiness in Haqua’s heart.

At this point she sets her scythe ablaze and tosses Keima aside to approach Elsie, and as she tries to reach out to her once again laments over the expectations everyone had for her, just how hard she had to work for them all, and that they didn’t mean anything in the real world. Hearing this Elsie resolves to save her and when Haqua brings down her scythe she finds herself unharmed as she tries to reach out to her again. Telling her that she’ll always be the most amazing demon in her eyes.

With the emptiness filled Haqua decides to start from scratch and this time fight by Elsie’s side, holding back the students while she goes in with the capture jar, telling that she’s more experienced at it since she hasn’t caught a single one. And with Haqua to back her up Elsie easily manages to close in to capture the loose soul, using her raiment to retrieve the jar when she drops it and her dummy to fool it. Following this she decides to give it to Haqua to hand in and once again Haqua offers to shake Keima’s hand, and this time he accepts.

As the episode ends Keima congratulates Elsie and overjoyed she wants to buy him something to eat but given the time they decide to hold off until tomorrow, where they find Haqua again.


Against the usual capturing arcs this one was pretty fun and if anything there was something refreshing about Keima being pushed into the background a bit to make more room for Elsie and introduce Haqua. Who also turned out to be a pretty fun character while fitting into the Tsundere character type.

Making her a somewhat fun character and she even turned out to be pretty interesting as well, as she attempted to hide under the guise of the student that aced everything. Struggling to keep it up when she had worked hard enough back then. She was also probably the thing that was being built up to before the second season as well, as back when the first season ended it pretty much told us to look forward to seeing her in the next one, and being another loose soul catcher/demon like Elsie she also gives the impression of having a bit more staying power than some of the other girls.

Aside from that her interactions with Keima were also a fun part about her, as while she would act high and mighty towards him with things like presenting him the honour to shake her hand, he ultimately couldn’t care less and pretty much ignored her. Next to that there was also the way that he would turn her words around on her like when he asked her what kind of demon would let a human mess around with them. So in all she made for a fun character, and of course she’s voiced by Saori Hayami, that’s always a good thing.

As something completely fun on the side, during the part where Keima and Haqua were looking around the school there was one thing that stood out. The quick high tension, hot blooded baseball match that felt like a polar opposite to the usual fare we see, primarily because the pitcher ended up being voiced by Tomokazu Seki. The guy pretty much excels at these hotblooded sort of roles.

One of the interesting things about this arc would have also had to have been that it explained just why the loose souls need to be captured, as before this point it didn’t really feel like there was anything bad that would happen if the loose souls weren’t captured as soon as possible. So learning that leaving them would mean “Real Demons” being reincarnated as humans seemed to add some pressure t0 why they had to do this, pretty much giving a reason for capturing them aside from them just being on the loose. Other than that it was also interesting to learn some things about “Hell” around this time as well and how there had been a war that led to the Real Demons being defeated while ones like Elsie and Haqua prevailed.

Other than that there was also just how dangerous a loose soul really was, particularly one that had absorbed a lot of negative emotions. As while we’ve seen them hide inside people we hadn’t really seen one seize control of multiple people by exploiting the emptiness in their hearts or even one as big as this. So it just goes to show how dangerous they can be and how messy it can turn out to be when someone messes up trying to capture them. But in all it just raised how dangerous they can turn out to be.

If anything it was also nice to see some extra focus on Elsie through her friendship with Haqua, ending up giving her the chance to fill the sort of role that Keima usually does by being the one to fill the emptiness in one’s heart. Sort of giving her the chance to shine as she did this for Haqua by putting her fears of inadequacy at ease. Other than that there was also the brief change of hairstyle she had as well that pretty much changed her appearance entirely, and looked great. In all though it was just nice to see her step up in this sort of way for a bit.


2 Responses to The World God Only Knows II 03 and 04, Haqua Arc

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i liked this arc a lot cuz a lot of stuff have finally been explained. haqua is also a pretty fun character but i also like how she serves to highlight and bring out some of the strong points of the two main characters. =D

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, it was great to see these things and I hope we somehow get some more Haqua in this season, even if it isn’t that much. Also that was another fun part about it, she gave Elsie a chance to shine while Keima messed around with her.

    Anyway, Chihiro’s arc is up next and I’m looking forward to seeing Ayumi showing up again.

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