Steins;Gate 05

As Suzuha goes about her part-time job she meets Okabe and Kurisu dragging the IBM 5100 back, finding them still arguing and acting particularly hostile towards Kurisu.

When they get back upstairs Mayuri is happy to see Kurisu back and Hashida is amazed that they could bring one back, however as a computer from the time before the internet it’s going to need some tweaking to get it to do what they need it to do, and while he tries to get Kurisu to do it Okabe find himself having to go find the parts on his own while Mayuri shows her around. Once again she also tells her that she’s his hostage and that it was a choice she made alone.

As he looks for the parts Okabe meets Suzuha again who tells him that she knew an expert on the IBM 5100 but it’s impossible to contact them, also feeling that her reaction to Kurisu was misplaced. Aside from that she’s caught off guard by a passing helicopter and just like the corn, has never seen fireworks. After this he goes on to meet Mayuri and Kurisu again and while Mayuri heads home, the two of them head back to the lab with Kurisu surprised that the two of them were actually childhood friends.

When they get back to the lab she also puts on a lab coat to be more comfortable, leading Okabe to think that she’s the greatest since the others wouldn’t wear one, and whats the first thing he wants to do, stand back to back with their hands in their pockets. As they wait for Hashida to put the parts together, they also eat cup ramen and play the same board game from before, during which Okabe is amazed to find another intellectual drinker of Dr Pepper. Aside from that he also demands that she call him either Hououin or Kyouma, making her cry.

Not long after this Hashida completes it and they find that it’s as if SERN created the IBM 5100’s special programing for their plan, following this though they find the details of the Z-Program are kept as a JPEG file, making automatic translation impossible. Luckily for them however, Kurisu is able to translate it. Finding that SERN really has been investigating time travel and while their Large Hadron Collider creates a black hole, something known as a lifter is also used, other than that they’re also at the point of human experimentation. Remembering the Jellyman’s report they decide to look into it, and while Okabe suggests that his lab assistant should head back Kurisu decides to stay. In the report though they find instance after instance of where the subject died and jelly like body was found in the past.

Shocked by this Okabe steps out for a bit and Kurisu explains how this had happened to Hashida, a likening it to squeezing a soaked sponge through a hole made with her hand, something Hashida finds perverted coming from her. The next morning Kurisu finds Okabe on the rooftop and asks what he’ll do, for which he plans to complete the Phone Microwave ahead of SERN.


It kind of feels like we’re really getting into the story and along with that, as if the characters are playing with fire with what they’re doing, since if anything they actually dug deeper in this episode. Second to that Suzuha was once again as suspicious as ever and it was fun to see Okabe and Kurisu find a few things in common.

It just provided something lighthearted to accompany everything else. As to start with, she was really the only one who wanted to wear a lab coat, unintentionally falling into the sort of trap that comes with it when everyone else didn’t want to wear one when Okabe had been trying to get them to. Other than that it was also amusing to see Okabe pretty much say that one of the purposes of a lab coat is to stand back to back with your hands in your pockets looking awesome. Next to that it would have of course had to have been the Dr Pepper thing which got him to act in a similar manner. However finally when they were starting to almost get along it was kind of sad to see her press the Okabe button and for him to make her cry.

If Suzuha hadn’t already been suspicious enough in the previous episodes in this one she stepped it up again once more, and if anything I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she turned out to be from SERN’s dystopian future, which would imply that they “win” in the current world line the series is in. As while the things she’s been saying have already suggested that she’s from this sort of future, there are also things like the way she reacted to the corn, fireworks, and the helicopters passing by as well. What could all really be considered relatively normal items, all either being relatively easily acquired items or regular occurances. Something else that was also interesting to note about her was her reaction to Kurisu, for which is something I’m also interested to know where it was placed.

Finally there was also that feeling that the characters were getting deeper into the possible mess they’ve made for themselves, turning merely hacking SERN’s emails to decrypting their files to read their reports. Making everything that they’re doing all the more risky, as while Hashida is confident about his abilities, against an international organisation like SERN they’d have to be pretty damn good in order to avoid any sort of detection/tracking. Which just gets riskier with each time they look into their servers. Second to that it was also like the story was getting darker as well through the actual details of the Jelllyman’s report, that showed just how close SERN was to achieving their goal and how far they would go to get closer to it. Effectively sacrificing someone with each experiment. It also just means that Okabe beating SERN to create a functioning time machine won’t be something he has to do, but what he must do, making the way he said he would do it something that can’t be for show.


3 Responses to Steins;Gate 05

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. There were so many reasons, but looking good in lab coats is right up there. The thing I found so funny about that was that, while someone might think it, only Okarin would say something like that out loud.

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    im enjoying the constant plot advancement and hilarious conversations involving kurisu quite a bit. i think the pacing so far is great. suzuha is definitely suspicious, but i’d like to see more of and find out how the other girls(and trap) are involved.

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    @ Joojoobees

    You’d have to put it to him to purposely do it as well, literally being one of the first things that came to his mind when she put one on. It’s really one of his strong points.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    The pacing really is great, I don’t really have an idea of how it compares to the VN but after five episodes there’s no rushed or stretched out feeling, and each episode has managed to accomplish something.

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