C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 04

As their two assets face off Kimimaro remembers how his teacher brought his wife to class once, pregnant with their third child.

Following this his teacher goes in to finish him with his Asset’s attack, Poison Pill, and with the odds against them Msyu begs him to sell some of her stocks, and none other than Souichiro buys one. Allowing them to strike back with Scorched Earth, winning the deal and bankrupting his teacher, banishing him. After this Msyu explains that each Asset has 10 stocks and when Kimimaro goes on to thank Souichiro, he tells him it was merely a point where their interests coincided. On his way back he also talks with the cab driver about what it means to lose ones future, who talks joyfully about it. Back in the Financial District Souichiro is with the other members of his group, the Mikugiri Guild where they note that they’re in control of a third of the Eastern Financial District.

Kimimaro goes to class the next day where his teacher continues class as normal and when he eats lunch with Hanabi again she notes about the amount of accidents that have been happening recently, before he runs off to see if his teacher is all right. So he invites him around to his house that afternoon and while he should already have two children, the house is completely silent. He then goes on to explain how his wife wanted them and that he became an Entrepreneur to support them, also noting that he understands how his father must have felt. His wife comes in soon after this and surprisingly she isn’t pregnant, to be more specific they’ve never had any children. His teacher later explains that it’s like they were never there and when Kimimaro apologises, he tells him that part of life is taking from others, telling him about Souichiro’s guild before begging him not to lose.

Later on Kimimaro goes on to talk with one of his co-workers who tells him that he isn’t married, and given his age and position he can’t see how he ever will. He then goes on to meet Souichiro again who explains that it’s bad whether you win or lose and decides to show him his way of fighting as he goes to his next deal. His opponent as an old man called Kikuchi who also appears to be one of the higher ups and when Souichiro sends in the same Asset as before, Kakazuzu, Kikuchi strikes back by using his Asset’s Pac-man Defence. The cost of using this also forces Kikuchi to sell a fair number of his Asset’s stocks, giving him the upper hand, and against this Souichiro strikes back only to be hit as well.

In the end the amount they’ve gained or lost hasn’t changed, so Souichiro uses Kakazuzu to bring in two more of his Assets including Q, before striking back with another direct attack, and in the end Msyu is amazed that he won with only a one percent gain. He meets Kimimaro again after this who congratulates him, but he explains that Kikuchi going bankrupt would have had a big effect on the real world, and his Mikugiri Guild aims to prevent things like that. And the real fun comes from being able to control whether you win or lose with the right amount of profit, something Kimimaro resolves to try.


Another interesting episode that once again brought a few more things to the table. More importantly though it also forced Kimimaro to come face to face with the reality of his situation and what will come with it. Other than that it also went into a bit of detail in regards to Souichiro’s guild, which at this point doesn’t exactly sound too bad.

To start with the end that Kimimaro’s teacher faced was something that was particularly tragic, it would have been one thing for him to lose his kids in an accident due to going bankrupt, but it was another to have them completely wiped from existence. It’s something that asks the question whether the former would have been better by possibly giving him some sort of closure, even if it did mean going through the pain of losing them that way, instead of being left with only his memories being the sole remaining piece of evidence that he had ever had them. The sort of thing that would always be with him and that he’ll blame himself for.

In spite of that though he actually turned out to be relatively cool about it towards Kimimaro, as when ever he was talking to him I was pretty much expecting him to resent him for it and lash out. Instead though he had accepted it as a random occurrence of his own accord, he had chosen to become an Entrepreneur and at the same time participate in Deals, let alone the fact that you have to take something from someone to get something was also something he had accepted. Also seeing that of all the people to do this it just so happened to be one of his students and could have easily been someone else. Which at the same time was also something I thought worked great for Kimimaro, his first opponent was someone he didn’t even know but for his second to be his teacher really brought the consequences and effects of what he was doing down to earth. Bringing him face to face with them.

To deal with this Souichiro’s Mikugiri Guild sounds like a good idea, a group of Entrepreneurs with similar interests group together to ensure that not only themselves, but their opponents as well won’t go bankrupt. In Souichiro’s case scraping by with a mere one percent gain. Aiming to prevent the sort of things that would come with being bankrupt and would effect lots of people. Due to these sorts of things it also seems like a good choice for those Entrepreneur’s who want to play it safe without taking any risks and really don’t want to do the whole Deal thing anymore, however it would also prevent them from gaining much as well. But even then something tells me it isn’t exactly that easy to get into and to fight in the same way must be really difficult. Other than that in face of something like this I can’t help but be suspicious about it, just what will happen if they do get control of the Financial District? Since aside from their goals becoming distorted, it would also seem like the sort of thing Masakaki and the Midas Bank would have measures against.

Finally on another interesting note I was also quite interested to find that the flations that Assets use actually correspond to economic strategies, not only being limited to Msyu’s Scorched Earth, but also what Kimimaro’s teacher used, Poison Pill, along with what Kikuchi had his asset do, the Pac-man Defence. As while these could only be considered things that are just being thrown around to sound cool, they just naturally fit in with the theme of the show and what the Deals themselves can be seen as. And it’s always fun to look into these sorts of things and find out more about them.


2 Responses to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 04

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    its good to finally know what they mean by taking peoples’ “future” as collateral and while some people would have killed themselves after going bankrupt. i think souichiro is probably going to turn out to be a fallen/twisted mentor sort of character and end up more like a rival than an outright villan.
    i think mashu being the heroine needs more screentime and not just come out for battles. =) haruka tomatsu does a pretty good job of sounding different for every character. i really dont recognize her from one show to another, even when i know its her. after seeing her more in hanasaku, i should correct myself about her voice. she definitely sounds annoying, but not at ear cancer level. it just that the voice she uses in that show combined with those accents and speech patterns annoys me almost as much as ear cancer voices XD. she makes anjou from ano hana one of my fav chars this season though =D

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    She easily is the best girl in Ano Hana (Tsuruku is fine too), and one of the best of the season at the moment. And I can understand how her characters tendency to throw around different accents in Iroha can be annoying. Though how silly/stupid the show can be annoys me more.

    But really I can’t agree anymore, these episodes have been great and are doing a good job at setting things up but giving her some extra screen time and development would be nice. Funnily enough the official art seems to pair her up with Kimimaro as well (it had them forming a heart with their hands).

    I really do wonder, he could go either way at this point, turning out like that when his guild takes control or Masakaki could end up putting Kimimaro against him towards the end. Or even something else entirely. It’ll be interesting to see which direction they take it.

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