Tiger & Bunny 06

While a red moon lights the sky the criminals seen in the first episode meet their ends in the form of a bright bluish green flame.

Sometime after this Barnaby is in the middle of a photo shoot so Kotetsu decides to mess with him by taking a photograph with his phone, leading to them finding out about the criminals when he tries to cover it up. Following this their boss, Mr Lloyds sends Kotetsu to help try to clear Fire Emblem’s name due to the circumstances of the criminal’s deaths, the reason being he’s just a spare. So to do this Kotetsu has to withstand his flames and while they find that normal flames weren’t strong enough for the damage done, the research and development team guy, Mr Saito just wanted to prove that he would’ve died in that fire if it weren’t for his suit. Elsewhere Barnaby is interviewed and amongst the nonchalant sort of answers, he tells the reporter that he doesn’t like fire, remembering his parents deaths.

Back over at the prison, Fire Emblem has been suspended until his name can be cleared with Agnes wishing it could have been Kotetsu instead, at this point though a burst of flames hits an old inmate and while Kotetsu tries to save him, he dies in his arms. He spots a figure on the roof and gives chase but can’t find anyone. On Barnaby’s side of things he remembers the mark he saw on his parents’ killer’s right hand and how he tried to find out about it, discovering only one thing, Ouroboros. Due to what happened in front of them, Fire Emblem’s name has been cleared but Kotetsu still feels some pain from being unable to save someone right in front of him.

Shortly after he steps out though he’s attacked by a mech, he tries to call Mr Saito but ends up with Barnaby instead who thinks he’s joking again. So with no other choice he cracks his knuckles and runs away, catching up with Fire Emblem who gets pissed when it wrecks his car. When they think it’s out of ammo it’s really just switching to a flame thrower, so Fire Emblem fights fire with fire only to be overpowered, leading to Kotetsu saving him and them teaming up to take it down a notch. Ripping open the cockpit to see a familiar face.

However he gets away just as Barnaby and Mr Saito arrive, and as they think all of this through Mr Saito manages to remind him where he saw the man in the cockpit from, the engineer who planted the bomb in the elevator. So realising he’s trying to silence those who saw him the three heroes head out, managing to save Agnes just in time. Barnaby then precedes to completely take the mech down, leaving arresting the suspect to Kotetsu. However he sees a familiar mark and demands to know what it means and about the man who had it on his right hand. Seeing that he’s going too far, Kotetsu stops them and Fire Emblem has to split them up, leading to the suspect taking Agnes as a hostage. But once again the moon glows red and a figure wielding a crossbow burns him alive from a far away building.

Next Episode:


Continuing the trend of character based episodes we finally see one based around Fire Emblem, and alongside that it also dealt with our duo in a slightly more serious manner. Finally there was also the introduction of another NEXT who’s reasons seem kind of ambiguous at this point.

While he may have been overshadowed by everything else that was happening in the episode, it was also pretty fun to see Fire Emblem get something of an episode and even though it didn’t exactly focus much on how he was pretty much the only hero who doesn’t exactly have to answer to any sponsors. The reason being that he owns the company that sponsors him. What we got instead still turned out to be pretty fun for what it was, like the way he would flirt with Kotetsu (who was still a total bro about it), and the way they ended up teaming up to fight the mech. He probably could have used some more focus but he turned out to be yet another fun character.

One of the main things that seemed to overshadow him was the way that the issues that our duo have were brought into the open, with Barnaby’s search for his parents’ killer gaining some prominence along with the “Ouroboros” mark. Where aside from still being haunted by his memories from that day he just about snapped when he was presented with a possible lead, with just how ruthless he could be coming through in his voice. Other than that it also seemed to present that Kotetsu as well was haunted by something, as being unable to save someone right in front of him looked to pain him quite a bit, and if anything it should also be noted that we haven’t seen his wife and that his daughter lives with his parents. So perhaps that’s something that will be related to it?

In the end though there was one thing that still came across as a total mystery to me, the guy with the bluish green flames and crossbow, who’s actions in this episode certainly were ambiguous. As on one side you could see him as a vigilante who felt that the current heroes weren’t going far enough and that some criminals just didn’t deserve to live, pretty much quite literally becoming the judge, jury, and executioner given his position in the last episode. On the other though, his actions could also be seen as silencing them as a member of Ouroboros like he did at the end, both are pretty interesting to think about and I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to learn more about him.


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