Steins;Gate 06

Five days after the satellite hit the radio building it’s origin still hasn’t been found and Moeka avoids the camera crew interviewing people about it. Elsewhere Okabe and Hashida eat lunch with Suzuha at the restaurant where she’s surprisingly never had food like this and has trouble cracking eggs, once again Okabe also breaks the no cellphone rule.

They meet Mayuri and soon Kurisu as well after this and head back to the lab to gather around their “round table” to discuss the situation they’re in, that they must complete the Phone Microwave as soon as possible to beat SERN. However they still have little idea as to how it actually works and decide to come up with a name anyway, starting with Okabe’s “Nostalgia Drive” and other characters throwing out ideas from movies related to time travel, such as Hashida’s “The Mail That Leapt Through Time” and Mayuri’s “Back to the Mail” and “DeLorean Mail”, and ending with Kurisu’s “D-mail”.

Next they have to figure out how it works so using their past results they aim to replicate them, once again by throwing another banana in, and when Kurisu bumps her head Mayuri makes it all better. Following this Okabe concludes that the missing factor was time and they find two messages from Kurisu that arrived five days ago, telling him he’s an airhead in English. Something which takes him a while to figure out, and when he and Hashida go to buy supplies he still seems to be distraught by what he’s seen, wondering if he really should have gotten Mayuri involved. Following this they meet Moeka outside and they bump into Suzuha who warns him that Mister Braun is going will send their rent through the roof if they don’t stop the vibrations, something Okabe fails to do.

Apparently Kirisu had warned him about this five days ago and she goes on to explain that each second on the timer represents an hour back in time, meaning that 120 seconds would equal five days, however the character limit is still set at 18 Japanese characters or 36 English characters. When he later takes a nap, Okabe dreams about falling into a kerr black hole where a voice explains what’s going on and tells him he must reach the end without turning back. He then awakes to another message from Shining Finger asking if she can come over, to which she’s already waiting at the door.

Once he opens it she still prefers to talk through messages and asks him to show her the IMB 5100, and when he does this she suddenly asks if he can help her carry it. But even then he explains that he’s borrowing it from the shrine himself. Hashida, Mayuri, and Kurisu arrive back during this and start to talk about classified information, and Okabe see’s no other choice but to make her Lab Member 005.


Even though it didn’t exactly have the same sort of shocking developments that the last episode had, this episode was still all right as we saw things drift into that stage where they work on perfecting the D-Mail. If that wasn’t enough it was also good to see Moeka reappear as well.

As just like Suzuha, she’s another fairly suspicious character but she also happens to have something of a mystery factor, Suzuha appeared quite often during the last few episodes and gave us a few things to draw ideas from. But Moeka effectively disappeared, remaining as little more than constant source of irritation for Okabe in the guise of “Shining Finger“, constantly messaging him for little to no reason. However it’s because of this we don’t exactly know much about her, we know she wants the IBM 5100 and will probably do what ever it takes to get it, but not really what she wants or needs it for. Which due to I can’t think that Okabe’s choice to suddenly make her a lab member was a wise one, more of a “well you already know too much not to” sort of thing and I’m really wondering just what the FB she mentioned towards the end refers to.

Next to that it was also nice to see that Okabe wasn’t exactly messing around in the last episode to look cool, and that he actually fully intends to go against SERN by completing the Phone Microwave/D-Mail before they can set the final pieces of their plan in motion. Along side that that the things he saw have now stuck with him, and he’s actually starting to regret getting Mayuri as involved as she is, truly showing that she’s probably one of the few noticeable weaknesses that he has that could be used against him if things took a turn for the worst. Which given all the heartwarming scenes between them is something I’m worried about. Something which came as a mystery was also the dream that he had, it was just one of those things that feels as if it has a much deeper meaning to it. In which in this case he heard a mysterious voice beckoning him on and explaining the concepts behind what one must feel if they were sent back in time. So I’m interested to see how this could come up again later.

Finally there was also something of a feeling that the story had advanced from that exploration sort of phase where the characters stumble upon their very own time machine and what they have to do. To one where they develop it and experiment with it, actually getting it to do what they wanted instead of making gel bananas. So it’s something of a nice change in pace, we still get the characters hanging around the lab and Okabe’s antics are as awesome as always (acting as a true Mad Scientist should), but there’s a small feeling of gradual transition that pretty much comes with each episode. It’s really one of the things I’m liking about this series so far.


2 Responses to Steins;Gate 06

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was getting a decent giggle from the kurisu conversations again, but being how she is, i find it kind of strange how she goes along with mayuri’s dim wittedness without getting frustrated (and even lets mayuri pat her on the head). i also like the development okabe has had. at first, he really seemed like he was delusional and all, but those inner thought scenes have been suggesting otherwise. the dream scene is interesting, and we will probably get a more as the story progresses, but this kind of stuff tends to thow a story into a bad case of mind raeping metaphysical loopiness…if they appear to often. so i hope they dont show up too frequently =P
    i was also wondering what “FB” meant. i thought i might have missed it when it was mentioned earlier in the ep, but i guess it wasnt.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    She probably sees her as the only other girl in the lab at the moment among the two “perverts”, so it kind of makes sense. Also Mayuri is still pretty young (around 16). Alongside that I totally agree with you, it showed that there’s completely another layer to his character underneath the way he acts.

    Same here, I’m wondering just how he was able to recognise it.

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