C: the Money and Soul of Possibility Control 05

As the episode begins members of the Mikugiri guild engage in their deals by winning by a small margin, which Souichiro explains is to lessen the effect the Financial District has on the real world. To do this though the key to controlling the Deal is a complete understanding of one’s abilities.

So Kimimaro attempts to put this to use in his next Deal, and while he tries to minimise his attaacks by having Msyu use Microflations instead, during the last few seconds Msyu goes in for another attack and it turns into a marginal loss instead of a win. In the real world Souichiro and his fellow guild member gather the membership fees from the the other members and uses them to bribe someone to prevent more budget reductions, and as he leaves he asks him whether he can really bear their nation’s deficit on his own. Back on Kimimaro’s side of things the driver explains that even a small loss can lead to something big like their house burning down.

Because of this he checks on his aunt when he gets back and finds that she’s going to be hospitalised for a while soon, and when he goes to the university the next day he finds that he’s failed the course he was doing, however when he checks on Hanabi he finds that she’s totally fine, if anything she’s doing extremely well. Elsewhere Jennifer meets one of her coworkers to exchange information and note on the effect that the Financial District must be causing to the real world. When he gets back to his apartment Kimimaro is berated by Msyu and he tells her about instant ramen, she wants him to feed her through the card, something which he can’t bring himself to do.

The next time he goes to the Financial District he sees Kikuchi engaged in another deal, this time with another particularly rich person, Yasushi and it isn’t long before they’re at each others throats in a fight that’s nothing short of bloody. In the end though Kikuchi was defeated and his pharmaceutical company takes the hit, Kimimaro goes on to ask his teacher about this, who explains that it not only the employees who will be effected but those who’s only hope lies with them as well, together estimated to be around ten thousand. Following this he presents his plan for their next deal and some instant ramen to Msyu who shoots the former down, and when he meets Taketazaki he pays him to find out what happened to Kikuchi’s company.

It turns out that it was bought by a foreign pharmaceutical company, which just so happens to belong to Souichiro, and so when he meets him again Souichiro explains that he used the money gathered by the Guild to supress the fallout from the deal along with the Guild’s intentions to control the Financial District. When they get back to the real world he brings him to his boardroom where he tells him that when he accepted the Financial District and the Midas Money as real, he sought to find a balance, preferring to live peacefully in a dirty world. And so following this Kimimaro joined the Guild, taking on a woman with a gold card as the episode ends.


Honestly I can’t say I have a good understanding of economics or had much interest in it at all either until now, but even so I’m still enjoying this series a lot. It would probably be enjoyed a whole lot more but the characters and elements we have so far are still pretty fun without it. With this episode detailing a few more things and progressing a bit further.

One of the things that I was interested to see while watching this episode was that win or lose, the Entre’s life would still change due to the results of a deal.That even a marginal loss could end up turning their life upside down, for which Kimimaro somehow ended up flunking his course and his aunt needed surgery due to one. It really brings a new light to deals, they’re not just to make more money but Entre’s also do it risking their own futures at the expense of the futures of the opponents they face, making them a lot more ruthless in nature. Alongside that the idea of getting bankrupt also got a lot worse, it wasn’t just a single big hit but the bankrupted Entre’s life/future would effectively pour down the drain until there was really nothing left, evidenced by when we saw Kimimaro’s teacher, Ebara again and saw that his wife had walked out.

To go with this sort of ruthless fighting it was also interesting to see another battle between two “strong” Entres, however unlike Souichiro’s Deal with Kikuchi the one we saw with Kikuchi again and Yasushi wasn’t anything short of bloody.  As just what you would expect of someone of their level, with each strike they would go in to do as much damage as possible, showing no hesitation as their desire to take as much as they could showed no end. It was something that quite clearly showed the difference between the usual sort of fighting and the Guild’s style of fighting, with the former being messy and bloody while the latter was clean and somewhat stylish.

At this point I’m also surprised at how Souichiro’s character has turned out, for someone portrayed against Kimimaro in the opening and as someone who wants as much money as possible in the first episode. He’s turned out to be pretty selfless and good intentioned, pretty much willing to bear the weight of an entire country’s deficit on his shoulders and acting to buffer the fallout from when a giant in the Financial District falls. Even taking Kimimaro under his wing at this point. However because of this I’m actually worried about what will happen to him, as the more he picks up will ultimately mean that more will fall if he ever does get defeated or bankrupted. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was the reason that Masakaki refers to him so highly as well, it would be as if he’s just waiting for him to collapse and bring down the futures of pretty much everyone with him.

Finally I also liked the scenes that Msyu had in this episode, as even though she isn’t exactly fully in sync with Kimimaro she’s still a fun character and the way they interact together can be pretty fun too. Even if she doesn’t exactly seem like the easiest to get along with, often berating Kimimaro over things and not exactly listening to him, that said she is right about a few things. However she still had a few fun moments in this episode, like when she saw the instant ramen that Kimimaro had and wanted some, probably giving him the sort of idea that it wouldn’t have been too hard to have after we saw the way the cards work. Other than that it was also good to see that she had more than Scorched Earth in her arsenal by having her use Microflations instead, especially after how her Mezzoflation has been used to instantly defeat their opponent in their past two Deals, so the variety is good to see.


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