Tiger & Bunny 07

Following the criminal’s death at the hands of the mysterious NEXT, Barnaby lashes out at Kotetsu for losing the only lead he had to his parent’s killer.

Kotetsu later lectures him on his actions and gets him to explain why he’s after Ouroboros before he coldly leaves, and when he later goes home his outburst stays with him as he looks at a picture of his wife. Interested to find out what happened he also has Nathan/Fire Emblem look into the matter and he’s able to find the news paper page that reported the deaths of Barnaby’s parents, alongside this he also thinks that the mysterious NEXT is silencing people. When the time comes for Kotetsu and Barnaby to go to work though Barnaby is no where to be seen, and Kotetsu seems to be able to sympathise with him doing this. However they’ll need to find a temporary replacement, so Apollon calls in Karina/Blue Rose.

So the two of them team up to save a girl with Blue Rose doing most of the work and before she goes on to give a concert, they also team up to say her catchphrase and she asks him about Barnaby. After he gets kicked off the stage Kotetsu bumps into a kid who feels that criminals should die, and he goes on to meet Mr Lloyds and the CEO, Albert Maverick in the locker room who personally thanks him. He then shows him something Saitou has put together, a chamber which should allow him and Barnaby to rest easier. And while Kotetsu puts up with Saitou screaming into the microphone, Barnaby has a nightmare about the night of his parent’s death.

The duo then go on to join the other heroes in aiding the raid on a crime syndicate’s base, and when the director asks Agnes about this she explains the details and asks him if he hates thrills. Up on the rooftops Kotetsu about what he suspects may happen and that he sympathises with him, however before he can ask him what he would do, none other than the mysterious NEXT arrives and sets the base ablaze. Sending Barnaby into a fit of rage as the other heroes attempt to save as many people as they can.

Enraged Barnaby chases the NEXT across the city and their battle takes place along the rooftops as Barnaby bounces off his surroundings and the NEXT boosts his way through the sky. As this takes place the other heroes appear to be fighting a losing battle and the NEXT announces his opinion about their idea of “justice”, considering it weak and flawed. He also appears before Barnaby again who demands to know if he’s connected to Oroboros, and while he doesn’t give a clear answer he entertains the notion as he introduces himself as Lunatic, and that he’ll follow his own idea of justice. But before he can strike a finishing blow, Kotetsu arrives and stops Lunatic, and he manages to get away.

In the epilogue Kotetsu takes Barnaby to question one of the criminals that Antonio/Rock Bison saved, however he didn’t know anything about Oroboros and on their way out, they meet the the judge from episode 5 who tells them to simply ask him if they ever need his help.

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Wow, to put it simply this was an amazing episode, we may have had some fun episodes before but they didn’t exactly feel all that serious, being more along the lines of character based episodes or ones that focused on the fun way that they all interact. However this changed that, not only with the addition of Lunatic but there was just a much more somber atmosphere to it.

First off it was interesting to see some development as far as Kotetsu’s character went, after all the signs that we’ve seen in the previous episode I now think that something had definitely happened to his wife. As after learning about Barnaby’s past he was able to sympathise with him on something similar, which alongside the look at the photo seems to suggest that something had happened in his past as well. Due to this I was also kind of disappointed that he didn’t have time to finish what he was saying, it was really one of those times where I really wanted to hear what he had to say. On the side of all this seeing him have to pair up with Karina was also pretty fun, especially how she forced him to to do things like finish her catchphrase.

Without a doubt though one of the things that stood out about this episode was the formal introduction of Lunatic/Yuri Petrov voiced by Koji Yusa, who had appeared as far back as the fifth episode as a judge and later as a NEXT attacking criminals. It was also interesting to see whether he was really a vigilante or a villain, the answer still not exactly being all that clear, he follows his own idea of “justice” which is interestingly enough as is, but his actions are simply chaotic. Not only his fighting style but other than that we don’t exactly know if he has a clear objective at this point. He may have not confirmed himself as a member of Ouroboros but he certainly entertained the idea. Finally it’s also good to see that the staff aren’t exactly hiding the fact that Yuri and Lunatic are the same person, even his tie could be seen as giving it away.

Last of all there was also what the appearance of Lunatic did to Barnaby, at the very sight of him he exploded and his cool and professional disposition changed to a much more colder one fueled by rage and revenge. I should also note that Masakazu Morita did an amazing job at voicing him in this episode as well, you could clearly hear these emotions in his voice along with how much pain Barnaby was in. Before that though he was also noticeably down, understandable when the only lead he had for over fourteen years had been ripped away just as it was within grasp, something that Morita also did a great job at.

During all of this the action sequences were superb, not only did it have a much more darker and more intense feeling to it due to the red moonlight that Lunatic is somehow able to bring in, but the way that the fight between them carried out had just as much tension and the erratic nature of it perfectly fitted Lunatic. And if that wasn’t enough there was also all the things that were happening in the background, where Kotetsu’s scream of anguish stands above all.


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