The World God Only Knows II 06

As Ayumi appears before Keima he remembers how he had conquered her and that she shouldn’t have any memories from that, she then goes on to ask him if he’s had a fight with Chihiro but to him it isn’t possible to have a fight in the real world.

But while he may have said this he collapses shortly afterward, so Ayumi gives him her secret stash of calories to get him to eat something and asks him to thing things with Chihiro, reminding him that they have cleaning duty together as she leaves. Elsie’s explanation for this change is that the emptiness in her heart has been filled. The thing about having cleaning duty together also turned out to be part of Ayumi’s plans to fix things between him and Chihiro by getting her to fill in for him, and so as they go about this she apologise’s for going to far and Keima finds that he’s triggered a flag, something impossible for background characters.

Her attention is soon drawn to the boy she now like’s Yuta, and she starts to go on about how she should approach him. To Keima though her plan so far is foolish, as to him making a conquest is all about information, and due to that he has a 100% success rate. Chihiro then belittles him on how this is only limited to his games, so he asks her if she even has that, also blushing when she asks if he actually has any experience in love in real life. And so she accepts defeat and demands that he help her.

When Keima tells Elsie about this plan he realises that the one to fill the emptiness in Chihiro’s heart won’t have to be him, and so with new found determination he goes about helping her. Kicking things off with the four main points, an encounter, making an impression, building the relationship, and finally a confession. For this he gives her three days to get to the confession and decides to give her a head start by pushing her into him with some hot tea, as even a negative impression counts.

After this Chihiro is unenthusiastic about the amount of work he’s given her, but the next day she meets Yuta in the hallway and sees that Keima’s advice has some worth in it. But she hasn’t read the report he gave her, so he agrees to support her by hiding under Elsie’s raiment to feed her lines to her. Following this he goes on to help her steadily move forward and as he presents the next thing she has to do, Chihiro appears to be slightly distracted and smiles as she comments that rain every now and then isn’t so bad. Despite this though Keima pushes it aside and tells her that she’ll confess to Yuta tomorrow.


Another fairly fun episode with some decent progression, not to mention it’s the first arc this season to go further than two episodes. Even though it doesn’t look like it’s heading in that direction, for what it is the spin on this arc of Keima only helping Chihiro was also pretty fun as well, especially the sort of scenes we get between them.

First off I may have already talked about this in my last post but it was great to see Ayumi again, where in this episode she went on from being like a beacon of hope to attempting to fix things between Keima and Chihiro. Interestingly enough also appearing to still be infatuated with Keima even after her memories of him had been forgotten, for which the explanation that was given was also something that I liked as well, their memories may be gone but the void in their hearts has still been filled. So they’re still there in a sense. Along with that it was also nice to see some moments of some of the other heroines brought up as well.

After that I liked the change in Keima’s role, he went from the conqueror to the instructor, meaning that he wouldn’t have to be the one to conquer Chihiro and presenting another option other than himself filling the emptiness in his target’s heart. That there were other ways it could be filled. All up leading to some fun moments as Keima sought to teach Chihiro how to conquer her target using his methods and being dumbfounded that someone like him had more experience in love than her (even if he refused/couldn’t explain it). Other than that Keima taking on this role also allowed us to see how he breaks things down each time.

Seeing another aspect of Chihiro’s character was also pretty nice for what it was, as while she was initially introduced as the type of heroine who wouldn’t be a heroine. This episode went to show that there was one thing about her, that while those around her gave it their all and did what they could, Chihiro just didn’t really put that much effort into things. Brushing aside most of Keima’s attempts to help her and spent most of her spare time not doing much or trying to find excuses for it. So all up how this will play a role is something I’m interested to see.

However despite that change it doesn’t exactly look like things will end up like that, as from the way Chihiro was acting towards the end of the episode it would seem that she’s starting to enjoy being around Keima. Even attempting to make small talk with him as he went about making the preparations for her, hiding a smile at one point which really just gives that sort of impression. So perhaps it won’t really end in a way any different from most of the previous arcs and go for the more traditional sort of end. Which won’t really be something I would mind all that much, they tend to make for some good moments in the series.


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