C: the Money of Soul and Possibility Control 06

While Jennifer takes a shower she listens to the man who will be Kimimaro’s next opponent, Sennoza Kou on a talk show and following this Kimimaro and Msyu are shown in a Deal with a random opponent and win with ease.

After this they appear to be getting along much better and eating instant ramen seems to have become a habit for them, during this though they meet Sennoza who introduces himself as their next opponent and offers them a way out of the deal by compensating for the loss needed to pass a deal. When he later looks into him Kimimaro finds that Sennoza is quite famous for his charity work and for donating money towards the development of vaccines and such.

On his way home though a woman in a van pulls up and tricks him into getting into the van, but she simply wants to talk. This woman is Jennifer and she explains that she’s investigating Souichiro and thinks that his way of putting the future at risk for the present is too risky, offering him one of the three burgers she has as she presents the option to crush the Financial District. Feeling that the effect that investing so much Midas Money would have is still uncertain, and as they head back she mentions just how strong Sennoza is before they’re pursued and escape together into the Financial District.

Later on Kimimaro goes to meet Sennoza at Jennifer’s suggestion as he gives a speech about how the listeners should think of the future as well, they then go on to talk about the widening financial gap that the Midas Money is causing, feeling that if there’s no future the present isn’t worth anything. He then goes on to show him a room fill of pictures from the kids he’s met by volunteering, but each time he takes a loss some of those pictures disappear. Kimimaro has a similar conversation with one of his coworkers about this as well, and while he’s in the Financial District he once again bumps into Souichiro who happens to be on a date with Q. He then explains that Sennoza had offered him a similar way out and since it would have been impossible for him to compensate for him, he crushed him, and that his view is too far-sighted. Feeling that the future is meaningless without the present and that Sennoza can’t sense the “blood” on money.

Kimimaro’s Deal with Sennoza takes place in a tunnel and begins as he remembers what not only Sennoza had said, but also what Souichiro and Jennifer had told him. The Deal however is completely one sided as Sennoza’s Asset, Karma completely overpowers and tears Msyu apart. And faced with no other way out but to attack, Kimimaro tells her that he doesn’t want to win or lose but he’s afraid of losing the things around him, and so he takes her hand. The fight isn’t shown but from a conversation that Kimimaro and Sennoza have afterward it becomes clear that Kimimaro pulled through with two Mezzoflations in a row and that Sennoza had underestimated him, not appearing all that bitter about it.


Given that this is a series that’s part of the Noitamina time slot I guess we’ve reached the halfway point in it, and while things may have been kind of slow at picking up I’ve still enjoyed watching it quite a lot so far. That said this episode also turned out to be pretty good as well and there’s so many things I could talk about, as not only was there a change in the relationship between Kimimaro and Msyu but their next opponent also provided something of a moral challenge for them.

Since while this opponent, Sennoza Kou voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara may not have been someone that Kimimaro knew like Ebara, he could still be considered a genuinely good guy, offering his opponents a way out beforehand and using his earnings from the Financial District to help build the futures of those in need. Immersing himself in charity work of his own accord, and because of that he was pretty selfless, though in a different sense from Souichiro. If there was one problem that I had with him it’s that an extra episode could have built up to someone of his level better, but that said there’s only 11 episodes so I can see why they only gave him one episode. However saying that about both of them would be where similarities ended.

As while Kou tried to minimize the effects that Deals had his way of doing it was undeniably flawed, as shown by Souichiro when he crushed him. Meaning it was good on small fries but as soon as someone equal or bigger than him came along it just wouldn’t work. There was just something naive about it, which at the same time fitted in with how his style aimed at building for the future in exchange for the present. Which was another point that he differed from Souichiro from, as in contrast to him he was more about the present and held what I thought was a more realistic outlook by focusing on the present. And while there may have been something about the way he said it he does have a point, you can’t/shouldn’t build something with a shitty foundation.

If there was another thing in this episode, it was that Jennifer actually approached Kimimaro instead of just lurking in the shadows. Allowing her to sort of present her side of things and show that Souichiro and the Mikudori/Starling Guild’s methods weren’t entirely “good”, with her goal being to take down the Financial District itself. Presenting what could be considered the path out of the three given that could lead to the showdown with Souichiro we see in the opening, so it was something that I liked. And we even managed to get some To Love-ru trouble out of it, but at the same time I’m wondering just who the goons that were chasing them worked for.

This should give an idea of the official art I’m talking about below, by Kenji Nakamura himself none the less.

Along with all of this I also was glad to see that Msyu had started to warm up to Kimimaro and that their relationship was a lot more pleasant and cheerful, they generally got along and interacted much better than they had in the previous episodes. With Msyu even appearing to have even taken a liking to instant ramen. So these all led to some more cute scenes for her. Given that there’s only five episodes left though this change is something that’s great to see, as even though the more abrasive relationship that they had was still all right, it’s kind of distracting when things like the opening and official art portray something entirely different. Not to mention that it’s also good to see some sort of progress with these sorts of things.

With the way that the episode ended I’m also wondering just how the hell Kimimaro and Msyu were able to beat Sennoza, his Asset, Karma could have just been a glass canon but it seemed like they didn’t even stand a chance against it, he was not only overpowering them but also tearing Msyu apart. That said though, C isn’t really a show that should be watched for the fights, it’s about what happens after them. And what we saw was good enough as is, serving as the pinnacle to Kimimaro and Msyu’s development in this episode and having some ambiguity to it by leaving it up to us, the viewer as to how the pieces we were given were put together and still being conclusive overall.


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