Tiger & Bunny 08

In the wake of Lunatic’s arrival public opinion appears to be on his side as they ask themselves, “do we really need heroes?,” and so to combat this it’s decided that the heroes will attempt to gain their support again the heroes will be doing things like volunteering and making appearances for the media.

Why must this be sold out everywhere I look?

As part of one of these Kotetsu, Barnaby, and Ivan Karelin, better known as Origami Cyclone team up and while the latter acts enthusiastically on stage, in reality just like Barnaby he wants to go home, feeling down after after some people trashed him on his blog. Telling him he wasn’t even fit to be a hero and that he should just quit. The three go on to a “Hero Academy” where NEXTs are trained to be heroes, and where the principal is happy to see two of his former students and Kotetsu, the ex-star hero. After this they lecture the recruits on what it takes to be a hero, with Barnaby talking about the importance of points, Kotetsu on saving people, and Ivan on showing off your logos.

The reaction for this leaves him feeling even more down as he watches the recruits asking Kotetsu if they can show him their abilities, leading to him remembering when he doubted whether he could even be a hero and how his friend, Edward told him that there would always be something he could do with his ability. He meets Kotetsu just as he’s leaving and like the recruits he asks if he can show him his power, which just so happens to be mimicry, however it’s limited to appearances only. Sometime after this Barnaby talks with the principal about old times and Kotetsu asks him about Ivan, so he tells him how he tended to hide behind his friend but there was an incident that led to him being unable to ever be a hero. In this Edward attempted to intervene and save a woman but in the resulting struggle he needed Ivan’s help but he couldn’t move, leading to him accidentally shooting the woman.

Due to this Ivan feels that he should have been a hero instead and as it may be, Edward has escaped from prison hoping to get revenge for how he ruined his chance, and after listening to him tell him this, Kotetsu tells him that it’s up to him to catch him. Ivan eventually chases him to a parking lot but before Edward can extract his revenge, Lunatic arrives intending to give the sinful one what he feels he deserves. Blocking his every move and upon remembering what Kotetsu had told him, Ivan uses his ability to mimic Edward and when this doesn’t work he tries to shield him.

Luckily Kotetsu and Barnaby arrive just in time to save them and take on Lunatic, in which they learn that he’s not affiliated with Ouroboros. And when Barnaby moves in to strike, Lunatic fires a shot right back at him which Kotetsu blocks before they both hit each other with power enthused blows. After this Lunatic’s mask starts to crack as he talks about his idea of justice being along the lines of an eye for an eye, and Kotetsu responds that his idea of justice is catching idiots like him.

Following this Edward surrenders and thanks Ivan for saving him and Ivan resolves to become a proper hero, Barnaby sees Kotetsu off to the ambulance and wonders why he does the things he does for him, and during the epilogue Yuri/Lunatic looks into Kotetsu and Barnaby.

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I must admit, I was looking forward to when we would get an Ivan/Origami Cyclone centric episode, as not only was his habit of sneaking into the background one of the fun things about the series, he himself also looked to be a pretty fun character. Next to that of course it was great to see that Barnaby was starting to warm up to Kotetsu.

First off it was great to learn a bit more about Origami Cyclone or Ivan Karelin, the Russian Japanophile who always tries to sneak into the background, a master at showing off his sponsor’s logos, as just like Dragon Kid we hadn’t really seen him as much as some of the other heroes. Let alone interact with them as much, so to see him finally get a chance to do this was great. It was also interesting to see what power he had and while I had suspected that it was going to be super speed from how he sneaked next to Barnaby in an earlier episode, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was mimicry which in a sense fitted in with the “Origami” part of his name. Aside from that he also happens to be voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto, most famous for his role as Accelerator in Toaru Majutsu no Index, who really seems like a guy who loves his job and just a cool guy in general.

The issue he had also made for a nice story in the episode as well, seeing him deal with the inferiority he felt about himself towards the other heroes and even considering hanging up his suit when a vocal group questioned whether he should even be a hero on his blog. It was all kind of understandable as well, the other heroes can punch their way through buildings, incinerate/freeze anything in their way, or generally just do something that will stop criminals in their tracks. But he only has his mimicry, something which not only made it difficult to save people like them but making it a lot more dangerous as well. If that wasn’t enough there was also his past with his friend Edward, which would have also increased these feelings of inferiority, as he not only felt that he ruined his chance to become a hero but became on himself.

As something interesting on the side it was also nice to see that there was some sort of hero academy that took in NEXT’s and turned them into heroes, which Barnaby had even attended at one point.  Along with that it also allowed us to see that not every NEXT power gave the holder the power to go on a rampage, and that quite a few of them were not only quite harmless but also pretty random as well, throwing in an extra dash of variety. Before that though it was also interesting to see just who was in control of Hero TV and just what they were intending to do about Lunatic, who happened to be right under their nose.

Finally another great thing about this episode was that Barnaby was finally starting to warm up to Kotetsu, and that things were well on their way to them fighting side by side and the time that Barnaby might start to take some advice from the veteran. And while it may have been kind of cliche, it was marked by Kotetsu throwing himself in front of him to shield him and later stopping him from losing his cool and doing something he would regret. Ultimately making for a nice scene towards the end of the episode.


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