C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 07

During the first half of this episode we’re shown a closer look at what we already know of Souichiro’s past, beginning with his father pressing his belief that money is power, the power that makes the world go round.

Following his university days he tidied himself and went to work for his father who trained him with the intention that he would be his heir, what his father did was to use money to build a network where one side would help the other and vice versa. Aside from this he would also visit his sister, Takako and on one such visit she was kind of disappointed that he had left the band he was in. However while she appeared stable her condition gradually grew worse.

It eventually got to the point where she would need to be transported to a hospital in America where she would get the treatment she needed, but unfortunately this coincided with a struggle that his father’s company faced and both in order to save face and composure he sunk everything into it. Meaning that Takako wouldn’t be going to America, and in order to prevent the impression of what a company chairman’s son trying to borrow money would cause, his father had Souichiro restrained. Only being released when Takako’s condition got exponentially worse, where she told him how she has lived fearing that the next moment would be her last, that their may not be a tomorrow for her, and soon after this she fell into a coma. The company recovered after this and Souichiro distanced himself from his father and it was not long after this that he met Masakaki, and went on to found his guild.

In the second half of the episode we view things through Msyu’s eyes starting with the way she sees Kimimaro and the way he acts, also finding how he treats her kind of odd given all the dry sorts of relationships they’ve seen between Entre’s and Assets. Aside from this she doesn’t know just how she’s a representation of his future and has even started to think about the future as well. While in the Financial District the two of them go to what appears to be a soup kitchen where she remembers how Hanabi gave Kimimaro her olives and they meet their first opponent.

The two of them get to talking about how Kimimaro joined the Mukudori/Starling Guild and how his old opponent just thinks he’s lucky, Kimimaro also asks him just what his future would be to result in the giant known as Gig but he doesn’t know. After leaving the soup kitchen Kimimaro is struck by indecisiveness and runs back to hit an Entre who was trying to force his Asset to eat. While he got the crap beaten out of him he goes on to tell Msyu that he didn’t know what would of happened if he had snapped and that he didn’t want to make a mistake.

Back in the real world Msyu spots a kiss scene on the television and wants to try it out with Kimimaro and while he hadn’t done it himself, he tells her that she would need to like someone a lot more to do it. On his next trip to the Financial District Kimimaro begins to notice his surroundings have changed ever so slightly with there only being three buildings in the distance instead of the five before.


Another great episode, something I’m sort of surprised about as while it started off fairly average for what it was, as it’s progressed it just seems to get better and better with each episode. I’m really going to be quite sad when it ends, it’s just the kind of series that leaves you wanting more and more.

First off it was great to see some development thrown in for Souichiro’s character, we may have already heard his story before and from it we could get an idea of how his father coldly chose his company over his daughter. And in a sense it may have been a bit like a recap episode because of that, but seeing his story through his eyes with a lot more detail was something that I thought did a lot for his character. Showing the way he had lived and even that he was forced to tidy up back then and going about introducing his sister, Takako, who also seemed to be the one who gave him his ideals through how she didn’t have the luxury of living knowing that there was still a future ahead of her. Making the way that Souichiro had talked about living day by day in the present in the last episode a whole lot more personal.

Speaking about this seeing the origins Q’s origins also turned out to be pretty interesting, putting the random almost demon-like features aside she looks exactly like Takako, their facial structure, hairstyle, and even eye colour are pretty much identical. Making it perfectly clear why Souichiro would have shielded her in their first deal, she would have just reminded him too much of her at first. It’s also because of this that I don’t really think that their relationship has a romantic light to it, like what Q’s comment that they were on a date in the last episode suggested. It’s more like he’s trying to spend time with his sister that’s always sleeping, and by spending time with Q it’s almost like he’s with Takako. On the topic of Q though I’m also starting to wonder just what her berserker mode is, without a doubt it’s going to be insanely strong from how Souichiro was racing against time when he called in, but how it’s been cut short each time still has me wondering.

Secondly it was also pretty nice to have half or so of the episode from Msyu’s viewpoint, allowing us to get a few more of those cute sort of moments from the new way she interacts with Kimimaro, and even what she thinks of him and how she views him. It was all kind of sweet for what it was and more than anything it showed that she was still learning about things, with even the smallest things being lost on her as she picked things up whenever she could. Next to that it was also nice to see the new cordial sort of relationship that Kimimaro and Msyu had in the last episode continued and elaborated on, showing that while she was puzzled with him, she still liked being with him.

Lastly this episode also gave us the fuel to speculate as to what the Assets could be, which to me they really seem like the accumulation of the Entre’s “lost” future, one that could have happened but for one reason or another had been taken away from them. The things that lead me to suspect this are not only the similarities between Takako and Q, but also to a slightly lesser degree the same sort of similarities between Hanabi and Msyu. With the former representing the possible future with his sister that Souichiro lost and the latter the one Kimimaro could have had with Hanabi. In all this theory isn’t only interesting because of that, but also since it would mean that the Entre’s are exchanging the “futures” they have for credit in the ones they’ve lost when they become an Entre.

I may have started the previous paragraph with “lastly” but there’s just one more thing I want to add, the slight fluctuations that Souichiro saw in the Financial District and the changes that Kimimaro noticed in the real world at the end of the episode. The latter may have been cut off at the very end but without a doubt they have to be connected somehow, possibly from the Mukudori Guild/Souichiro’s attempts to “control” the Financial District. And if so, what would be interesting about this is that it would mean that the Financial District can’t be controlled or in Jennifer’s case, dismantled without drastic effects in the real world.


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