The World God Only Knows II 08

Following Chihiro’s capture Keima finds out about a limited first edition of a galge he likes, and because he must have it he and Elsie head off to the video game store that has it.

Unfortunately they arrive at 5 a.m. an entire eight hours before the store opens so they burn time by going to another store where he notices a sign for a retro game fair at the same time the other store opens. Unable to do both at the same time he decides to have Elsie pick up the limited first edition while he attends the fair, and for this he must teach her about the world of gaming. He starts this off with a tale of the war between 3D and 2D which only ended when the 2D characters broke free from the chains of the real world. Using Dreams in place of the missing D. After this he goes on to explain the importance of limited editions, you’ll want them later but they raise in price over time. Seeing this she wonders what would happen if she accepted things the way he does and heads off to the other store.

Unfortunately there happens to be three different limited editions which she can’t tell the difference between and is afraid of picking the wrong one, but remembers Keima’s advice to always pick the most expensive one, and back at the fair Keima has a fateful encounter. However just as Elsie makes it to the register she spots a disk behind the counter that happens to be more expensive, which unfortunately turns out to be from anime adaptation. Luckily though, Keima managed to pick up a copy at the fair and this part of the episode ends with him commenting on how it’s anime adaptation is crappy.

In the second half of the episode he finds himself with a free day to start going through his backlog which unfortunately ends with the re-arrival of Haqua, who as soon as she shows up jokingly pulls the same trick Elsie used by telling Keima’s mother that she’s her husband’s illegitimate child. Which of course sends her out in rage. The reason Haqua is back is because she needs their help to fill in the gaps in her report. For this they use a microphone to command the dolls inside the miniature of the school, and while Keima successfully fills in the gaps, he and Haqua have a disagreement about who was clinging to who which doesn’t end well.

In the end though they’re able to finish the report and Keima loses his day of gaming, parting ways with Haqua who offers him the right to shake her hand but takes it back when he tells her to write her own reports next time. Leaving Elsie to suspect just why she really came, and quite some distance away Keima’s mother is on the phone with his father demanding to know how many illegitimate children he’s fathered.


We may not exactly be in an arc at the moment, but this episode was a nice break from it before Keima is forced to go after the student teacher, by giving us a fairly fun sort of story that didn’t exactly revolve around the capturing of Loose Souls. But most of all this episode gave us a chance to see Haqua again, which is always good.

It’s not that I don’t like them but every so often every now and then it’s nice to see Keima and Elsie get up to something that doesn’t exactly involve the capturing of loose souls, we got a few of them like it in the first season  and while the two episode arc that introduced Haqua could vaguely be thought of as one. It’s just nice to get something different once in a while, it’s refreshing in its own way. So to see Keima do something mainly video game related again and in a sense take Elsie under his wing turned out to be pretty fun. However if there was something that I didn’t like about this episode it was that what he was thinking about in the last episode was swept under the rug, it felt like something pretty important for his character.

That said it was kind of countered by what we exactly got out of it, starting with Keima bestowing some of his knowledge on the 2D/3D struggle and going about explaining how video games should be bought (when in doubt go for the most expensive one, always buy limited editions, and you can never have too many copies if it’s good). All seeming kind of valid but not really efficient, not everyone can exactly afford to buy video games like that. Other than that it was also fun to see Elsie be her adorable self by following his instructions and being so naive at the same time. And if that wasn’t enough it even threw in a fateful encounter between Keima and Yokkyun, something that wasn’t in the manga.

Lastly it was great to see Haqua again, not getting this story as soon as her introductory arc may have worried me but getting it now really seems better. It sort of manages to pace her appearances out and getting these sorts of stories in the order that the anime presents them in isn’t so bad. If anything it helps make it a good adaptation of it’s source material. But anyway, it’s always nice to see Haqua again and once again the way she interacted with Keima again made her reappearance a lot of fun to watch. And without a doubt there were some serious signs that she really has started to like him after everything. Finally though it was kind of disheartening to find out that the others after Loose Souls are just as incompetent as she and Elsie were (if not more), being chosen as a buddy seems a lot like a death sentence.


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