Steins;Gate 09

Over at the maid cafe Okabe and Hashida talk about the D-mail when Ferris overhears the mention of a time machine and uses her charms on Hashida, causing him to spill everything.

Okabe is of course not too happy with this when he arrives back and finds Kurisu talking on the phone with tears in her eyes, and while she takes the time to tell him she wasn’t crying he can easily tell that she was and as she uses Mayuri’s Oopa cushion. He tells her that she’s important to him before pulling the act with the cellphone again. At her work Mayuri is asked about the time machine by Ferris and tells her that she feels like it’s pulling Okabe away from her.

At their next Round Table, Mayuri comes in her school uniform and everyone pretty much ignores Okabe when he brings up physical time travel, with Kurisu telling him that they don’t even know how they’re able to send the data and messages back in the first place. Providing her theory for it and unintentionally revealing that she’s a 2channer by accidentally spouting a meme. As she tries to deny this, Okabe also finds out from Hashida that in this world-line they’re not in possession of the IBM 5100. And only now does he realise the possible effects of the Butterfly Effect as Kurisu explains how slight changes can result in major ones later.

So upon finding out that the IBM 5100 isn’t at the shrine Okabe calls Ferris about it, who at the time was being asked what she would do if she had the chance to redo something and explains to them that her father used to collect old computers. She also invites him around to her place with Mayuri and Hashida leaping at the chance, and on their way they spot Moeka, and by chasing after her Okabe finds that in this world-line she came to the lab and is still looking for the IBM 5100.

They eventually reach Ferris’ apartment at the top of a high-rise building where they’re greeted by a butler and while Hashida is overcome by her in casual clothes and the idea of hearing her real name, Ferris introduces herself as Akiha Rumiho who’s family owns all of Akihabara and is responsible for making it what it is today. Before she gives them information 0n the IBM 5100 she first asks to be able to use the D-mail. And while Okabe is worried about further changes both Hashida and Mayuri pressure him to make her lab member 007. She refuses to divulge the contents but tells them that the mail is to be sent back ten years, leading to an fun segment where Kurisu forces Okabe to politely ask her to set the D-mail.

Ferris starts to have second thoughts but sends the message and following the world-line change Okabe finds himself before Ferris’ father who tells him that he used to have an IBM 5100 but not what he did with it. After leaving Okabe ponders the consequences of changing the past and whether they’ve already screwed up the world beyond repair, soon realising that the scenes of Akihabara have completely changed around him.


Simply an amazing episode, while you could say that it that it was primarily a Ferris based episode it still had the fun sort of interactions between Okabe and Kurisu while tackling what was probably the most important thing of all about time travel. The Butterfly Effect.

The very can of worms I referred to in one of my past posts and something I’m actually surprised Okabe didn’t take into account, even if he’s a mad scientist who desires chaos and destruction. It’s probably the thing you have to take into account the most when you think about time travel, if something is changed no matter how minor, it also changes the things that it would in turn effect, all building up into an unthinkable collection of changes that could change the world as we know it.  And without a doubt there have been countless times where history itself has been determined by such changes, where things left to chance or sudden unexpected changes determined the outcome, no the world that we’re so familiar with today.

Which in itself was probably what made the ending of this episode so powerful, only now was he beginning to realise this and became a lot more hesitant about using the D-mail only to have the next message sent be one that inadvertently changed the world he knew. Ridding Akihabara of the culture that it’s renowned for as the maid cafes, and anime, and otaku good stores had completely disappeared, things that had started to rise up around the time that Ferris had sent her message to. It was as if he was still coming to terms with what he had done, even if the messages didn’t effect him they surely would have effected someone else.

All that said I’ll also say that it was great to finally learn more about the mysterious maid who somehow embodies 2D while being in 3D form (which doesn’t exactly make sense considering that this is anime, every character is 2D), Ferris Nyan Nyan or Akiha Rumiho. Who was one of the characters I was interested to learn about the most, she’s just featured so prominently in the opening theme that I was beginning to suspect that she could be the villain in the story, someone not to be trusted. Even among Suzuha and Moeka she was just so suspicious. But what we got instead was something far better as she served as the catalyst for a major change, as by sending a single message (possible warning her father if he’s believed to be dead in the previous world-line), the world that the characters knew was turned on it’s head.

Finally there were also some fairly nice, fairly fun sorts of interactions between Okabe and Kurisu, again, this time starting with him even appearing to offer her his shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to when she was apparently having trouble with something. Which is something that I’d like to find out about, it was enough to leave her in tears and it seemed to be pretty personal to her and important for her, the sort of thing you can’t exactly pass off. Of course though I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I loved how these two characters interacted towards the end of the episode, where she effectively had Okabe at her mercy as he was forced to adopt a much more nicer and politer way of speaking to get her stay on the line for longer than five seconds.


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