C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 08

As the situation worsens in the Southeast Asian Financial District, Souichiro warns his fellow guild members to make preparations for “C”, with Shindo Tomo explaining that before the Lehman Shock there was land in the Caribbean Sea known as the Caribbean Republic, however with the collapse of the South American Financial District it vanished from existence.

On the streets of Japan, Jennifer notices that the streets have died down a lot as she buys some information from Taketazaki who mentions some suspicions he has about Msyu. Meanwhile Kimimaro goes about his daily life but people are starting to disappear and those that remain stare blankly into space, for Souichiro and Shindo this means they’ve entered the next stage. Following this Kimimaro spots his former teacher, Ebara on a rooftop and stops him from jumping as he explains that he’s tried time and time again to trade the things he has left for his kids, seeing only one last thing to do and feeling as if nothing waits ahead of him.

Because of this Kimimaro seeks a solution in the Financial District and calls out to Masakaki, who appears right behind him and explains that returning the future taken no matter for how much is out of his hands. With this option failing him he goes on to see Taketazaki who brings up the idea of making reparations. Following this Jennifer meets up with another one of the guild members, Isurugi Kirihito to exchange information, and due to this he arrives back slightly late. And with the situation in the Southeast Asian Financial District continually worsening, Souichiro gives the order to retrieve as many funds as possible from their opponents who aren’t in the guild.

After this Kimimaro looks for Ebara only to find out that he died after being hit by a drunk driver. And on Hanabi’s side of things she cuts up the letters from the students she briefly taught while Kimimaro remembers what Ebara had said to him as he sees someone disappear before his very eyes. Having made his decision he makes his way to the Financial District and on the way he bumps into Taketazaki who explains that money is gained by trust, the very thing that gets people to buy his information as he asks him whether he trusts money or the future.

As he continues he has a vision about a baby girl who he calls Mashu and upon arriving in the Financial District he piles his Midas Money up and burns it,  with Mysu being surprised by his decision as he talks about how when it comes down to it, it’s only paper and not worth the futures of anyone. At this point he meets Jennifer who tells him that even doing that won’t burn the trust that people have in it and warns him that time is running out. So he goes on to meet Souichiro to tell him that Sennouza’s way was the right one however he maintains his stance, and with the situation in the Southeast Asian Financial District reaching “C”, he tells him to be quiet and watch as Singapore is erased.


Things are only seeming to get better for this series, as he head towards the finale it’s getting a lot more darker and the situation a lot more dire as what is only known as “C” starts to come into action. This late in it’s also starting to ask some serious questions, like what gives money the value that it has.

As sure with coins and such, they used to and sometimes still do have set percentage of gold or silver in them, but even then what gives these metals their value. What sets the money in your wallet apart from the paper you scribble menial things on, reminding yourself of something, for work, or even for something else, apart from the fancy inscriptions on it. It’s all essentially paper. And even now to a certain degree money is intangible. For this the answer that this series gave was something that I liked, if I were asked I would have said something like “love”, in loving something it gets a value, but it went about it in a different direction with Taketazaki‘s answer. Trust, in that we trust the money we use and at the same time unconditionally trust it for a future, and it’s this trust that determines it’s value. Fitting in with the very themes of the story and still managing to be quite interesting in it’s own right.

The phenomena known as “C” (which the creators cite as being an acronym to stand for words like calamity, chaos, clash, collapse, and so on) also turned out to be a somewhat strange yet interesting thing, at first I just didn’t have any idea as to just what was happening. But upon thinking about it later it kind of made sense, it happens when the country that the Financial District is in “loses” it’s future, as in Midas money can no longer be brought into it. What was interesting about it was what it entails, the nation itself is effectively wiped from existence and while they used the “Caribbean Republic” as an example, it really comes into it’s own when you think about just how many cities/countries, fictional or otherwise have quite literally disappeared without a trace in the past.

As something on the side there was also something about Hanabi in this episode, as while it could have been placed to the incoming effects of “C” slowly reaching toward the Financial District that precedes over Japan, there was just something about how she was cutting those letters up that seemed to say that she still remembered what it was like before. As if she was trying to forget what had happened. It just brings up the possibility, could Hanabi have also been an Entre all along? Aside from that it would also be interesting if the woman in Kimimaro’s vision was an older version of her, as it would mean that Mysu is an embodiment of his would be daughter, the possible future he could have had with Hanabi and Mashu.

Finally though the most promising thing about this episode was that we finally saw Kimimaro make a decision as to what he would do, and it goes without saying that going along with what Sennouza had said to a degree places him at odds with Souichiro. Who’s way of doing things now seems slightly hypocritical, despite being all about preserving the present at the cost of the future it’s still like he’s holding onto a glimmer of hope that Takako will wake up, like there’s still part of him that believes the opposite. All that said this was all great to see not only because it could place them against each other, but after eight episodes of wavering and indecisiveness, Kimimaro has finally determined what he has to do.


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