The World God Only Knows II 09

As the episode begins our twenty-one year old student teacher heroine, Jun Nagase prepares for the day.

Jun is adorable.

It also happens to be her first day as a student teacher, and as part of such she’ll be assisting one of her old upperclassmen, Yuri Nikaido who now teaches at the high school they both used to attend. And among the sparkling students one boy stands out, playing games in the middle of class which no one seems to care about. Due to this she starts to believe that he’s a ghost but after talking to Yuri and some of the other teachers she learns more about him. That his name is Keima Katsuragi and while he isn’t exactly a delinquent they’ve just given up on dealing with him. Causing her impression to get all the more confused.

Because of this she resolves to do something about him but when she approaches him the look in his eyes, one of someone who’s given up on reality scares her away, but remembering her hero, Jumbo Teruma she refuses to give up and not long after gathering her resolve again she’s possessed by a loose soul. Around this time the other boys appear to be quite taken by Jun, however to Keima the teacher archetype is simply a pain, requiring a lot of work with little in return. But just as their next class begins Elsie’s sensor goes off, revealing that Jun is their next target.

Following this they go over her profile where they find that she’s a fan of pro wrestling and basketball, and while Elsie’s fired up at the chance to catch a low level loose soul, Keima refuses to approach her at school. As in doing this she would view him as a student, and in order to make any progress he needs to be on the same level as her, but as a student this can take a lot of time to do. So he must avoid meeting her at all costs, unfortunately however Jun catches him at the gate and attempts to reach out to him by dragging him along to have lunch with her.

So as they eat lunch together she reminisces on how nice it is to eat the same sandwiches she used to eat in high school and tells him about her hero Jumbo Teruma, along with that she loves pro wrestling since it’s the pursuit of “ideal” strength. Catching Keima off guard as he gives a response and attempts to leave as she tells him that it’s her job as a teacher to help him. Meaning that he’s been categorised as a student.


With this episode we head into and meet what must be the final arc and heroine of the series, Jun Nagase who brings in the teacher-heroine archetype into the series. And while this episode seemed to be primarily used to introduce her it was also interesting to see Keima explain what her route would entail.

First off I must admit that I really liked Jun, from the moment the episode started with her and went about showing her make her way to school this time as a teacher, it became apparent that she was going to be a fun character, being nice, caring, and enthusiastic about what she was going to do one day. She was simply adorable. In a fun sort of way she also turned out to be pretty imaginative by rushing to conclusions when the other teachers told her about Keima, allowing us to see him the way they do, as the student who doesn’t pay attention in class but still aces every test as if to spite them. Which due to, Jun’s resolve not to give up was pretty admirable, the others had written him off but she still held some hope. Finally though, she’s voiced by the lovely Aki Toyosaki, who’s soft spoken style suited her character.

It may have been because I missed something, but while we already know quite a bit about Jun, such as how she enjoys pro wrestling, basketball, her hero being a pro wrestler known as Jumbo Teruma, and that she even went to school with one of Keima’s teachers. I still can’t pin point what she’s struggling with that would cause the emptiness in her heart, as with Kusunoki, Chihiro, and even Haqua it was possible to tell from the very start. However from what we’ve seen so far though, perhaps she’s someone like Keima, someone who’s given up on reality except that she’s chosen to submerse herself in ideals instead of the 2D world. Either way, I’m interested to see which direction her arc will take.

Finally given her position as a teacher it was also pretty interesting to see Keima explain some of the details that her route would usually entail, that he wanted to avoid falling into it no matter what as it would require a lot of time for him to get her to see him as something other than a student in her class. However in a fun sort of way, their conflicting goals and actions just wouldn’t let it be and she already sees him as the troubled student. And what’s worse he doesn’t have much time to do this, can Keima conquer Jun within two weeks? Can he even do this within the next three episodes (while still having some leeway for some other stories)?


3 Responses to The World God Only Knows II 09

  1. I read the manga, and still excited to see how the anime’s going. Well, I didn’t know that she’s voiced by Toyosaki Aki. So that’s why her voice sounds familiar to me, haha.

    And yes, Jun’s adorable. Even though my favorite girl in the series still goes to either Ayumi or Haqua (can’t really decide between those two).

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    They may not be my exact personal favourites but I really like Ayumi and Haqua as well, Ayumi’s reappearance had to be one of my favourite things in this season and it’s always a lot of fun when Haqua shows up.

    That’s probably because of how well it’s been adapted, I may have not fully caught up with the manga yet but from what I’ve read and seen Manglobe has really done an amazing job. They know how to make a good adaptation which if anything improves on the source material, I really hope they’re able to keep going. Haha, I picked up on it right off the bat, I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  3. I think that’s a good thing, since the manga has gone so much further than the anime. Besides, how the plot turned out was quite unexpected.

    From the opening and ending of the anime, looks like Jun’s gonna be the last conquest this season. I wonder if they’re planning to make season 3 for TWGOK. Well, I wish they are.

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