Tiger & Bunny 11

The board of directors attempt to find a way to evacuate the people of Stern City but find their hands tied, despite this they’re still uneasy with giving in to the terrorist’s demands.

Why is Scarf-tan so unfortunate?

On the heroes’ side of things all they can do is wait and Barnaby is particularly irritable, the reasons for which Kotetsu tries to cover up. However Ouroboros doesn’t intent to sit around forever and starts to destroy the support pillars, randomly attack one every hour, due to this Kotetsu and Barnaby can’t sit back and watch. So they go to the board of directors to make them see that saving people takes top priority, and that they have friends, family, and loved ones in the city. Growing impatient however Ouroboros has sent Hans Chuckman as a “negotiator” and following this they give into their demands.

Jake Martinez is released and uses his NEXT ability to incapacitate one of the inmates on his way out and meets the woman from before, Kriem as they take off in a helicopter piloted by Chuckman. Or at least so they think, as during his job as a negotiator the heroes managed to capture the real Chuckman and Ivan/Origami Cyclone insisted on using his ability to impersonate him, risking his own life as he saw it as something only he could do. During their flight we’re also able to learn what Ouroboros’ intentions are, to create a utopia ruled by NEXTs, seeing them as God’s chosen ones.

After he went too far in interrogating Chuckman, Kotetsu meets Barnaby up on the rooftop but just as he manages to tell him to rely on others they learn of Jake’s intention not to free the hostages. Even in this situation however Maverick has a plan, a press conference will be held where he will inform the public of Barnaby’s past and why he fights using the name he has, his father’s name. And in doing this Maverick hopes the citizens of Stern City will be inspired by his will and reason to defeat Ouroboros. Soon after this Origami Cyclone but he’s cut off when Jake himself shows up, talking about how different things are after Mr Legend died and how there’s an ability that could be pretty useful as he looks through a magazine, and on this page is Origami Cyclone.

Next Episode:


Another all right episode, the last one may have had quite a few coincidences but I still think I enjoyed it more, it wasn’t that bad but not as much seemed to happen. That said it still had it’s moments, there was a great feeling of tension up to the board of directors made a decision and we were able to learn a bit about what Ouroboros’ goals are.

Most of all though, from the moment I saw the preview for it I was worried about Ivan or Origami Cyclone, this sort of thing simply seemed to throw a death flag up for him and we’re almost into the second half of the series. Where you would expect that things would get a lot more serious. And with what’s happened I still am, the time finally comes where his ability comes in handy and he uses it to sneak into the enemy’s base, where one wrong move like a gesture or style of speech that would expose him as an imposter could get him killed (and most likely could given that Jake managed to completely see through him). On the other side he still chose to do this of his own accord, it’s kind of admirable.

Next to that we were able to get an idea of Jake’s character and of what Ouroboros’ goals are, the latter being particularly cliche coming from a group of super powered NEXTs while the former was kind of your typical sadistic Keiji Fujiwara voiced villain (see Ladd Russo, Ali Al-Saachez, and Kihara Amata to name a few). The type of characters who enjoy what they do and enjoy being bad, the sort of character you could say the guy excels at, and should make for a fun villain in the series. Aside from him I’m interested to see more members of Ouroboros they’ll throw at us, so far the only we really only have Kriem voiced by Michiko Neya, and maybe still Chuckman. We may already have Lunatic to a lesser extent, but it isn’t really much for the villains of the series. So I’m interested to see how many more they’ll introduce.

Finally it was also good to see Barnaby’s reaction to everything that was going on, from the last episode we could easily assume that he would be pissed after having the one lead he had torn away, and this episode pretty much confirmed that. However unlike the last few times he’s done this he had Kotetsu to point him in the right direction and stop him from going too far, even acknowledging it and thanking him for it. Most of all though he stepped right out into the open, he may have already been doing this in a sense by fighting with his real name, but exposing the past he had hidden seemed to embody this much more. It was like there was now truly nothing he was hiding. Other than that I’m interested to know just what he’ll do when he comes face to face with Jake, will he lash out in rage or will he simply demand to know why his parent’s were killed.


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