The World God Only Knows II 10

As Jun prepares for another day she resolves to give it her all as she takes up a PFP.

See last episode’s post.

At the school Keima knows that things will take too long if he does things normally and so needs to use some convertible triggers to hasten the process, basically doing things the same way he did with Chihiro but initially aiming for negative feelings. So he just needs to piss her off, however due to their conflicting intentions this doesn’t exactly work out and their relationship advances positively instead.

Following this he contemplates on how his own parameters are getting in the way and Jun brings out a PFP after class, but she even has trouble turning it on or holding it right. After playing a round she goes on to tell him that he shouldn’t hide from reality in games only to have him confront her on whether she has the right to judge other people. Leaving her feeling down and forcing Keima to accept the current route, however he’ll be taking a shortcut through his teacher Yuri Nikaido. There’s just one problem with this, she doesn’t like him and sadistically takes advantage of his attempts to suck up, with him eventually snapping and asking about what it would take for her to tell him about Jun.

On Jun’s side of things she tries to help a student out who was called a failure but he turns the offer down, the reason being she’s too passionate. And when the other students bring up how things work in the real world she snaps and lashes out, being further reminded of what happened in the past. After a day of slaving away for Nikaido, Keima spots Jun and learns about what happened from Elsie, so he goes back to Nikaido and gets her to tell him what happened in her past. Learning that the school had once had a basketball team and finding Jun’s old locker.


Now with only two episodes left it was good to see things advance the way they have, things are still progressing nicely but it’s still like this arc could nicely wrap itself by the next episode without any problems, allowing one more “unrelated” sort of episode before this season ends. But on the episode itself it was great to learn what Jun was really dealing with, she’s too passionate.

Something that I didn’t really see a problem with at first, there really isn’t anything wrong with being a little passionate about something or being enthusiastic about what you’re doing, if anything it can turn out to be a good thing. However when it goes a little too far I can see how it can be a problem, it can come across as overbearing and can make people feel uncomfortable by being too close. Both being things that her students seem to think about her after having her as a teacher for a week or so. So given this I’m interested to see just how it messed things up for her basketball team and just what Keima will do to help her overcome it.

If there was one thing that was fun about this episode, it was Keima’s attempts to get on Jun’s bad side, and how they just didn’t work out well, often backfiring or putting him further on her good side instead. And it was something that seemed to benefit on how their current goals are the complete opposites to the other, as while he was aiming to piss her off she was trying to reach the troubled student. Feeling as if it’s her goal as a teacher, and her overly passionate nature even seemed to play a role in this. In all though the interactions between Keima and the current heroine, Jun are kind of fun in part because of this, and these sorts of actions while simple were a lot of fun.

Other than that I liked the focus on Nikaido, Keima’s teacher who’s something of a sadist and has disliked him ever since he told her that his games were a lot more fun than any of her classes, that if anything there are 5012 that are. Which considering how many he’s played may not have been as bad as it seemed, but it was still enough to push their relationship into that sort of zone where two people don’t like each other but not enough for them to do anything about it. Almost being a state of indifference. And so to see her take advantage of his attempts to suck up as a chance to torture him a bit turned out to be pretty fun. And if that wasn’t enough she happens to be voiced by Atsuko Tanaka, see Motoko Kusanagi or Caster (FSN).


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