C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 10

As the wave caused by C makes it’s way around the world it hits the North American Financial District and is repelled by an intervention by the FED like it has done before, flinging it right back at Japan. And with C approaching once more Souichiro doesn’t hesitate to activate the Rotary Press a second time.

However there’s still hope, as Jennifer explains that there’s a period of time before the effect of Settlement comes into effect, and because Souichiro is the only holder of a Darkness card in the Far Eastern Financial District they have to use this time to initiate a Deal and bankrupt him. For this they will be taking advantage of one weakness, he has a lot of money and therefore with Taketazaki’s help they must destroy the trust that lies in the Yen. To do this they have to over inflate it to the point where it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. So they begin this plan by having Isurugi transfer the funds and take on Shindo, following this Jennifer and Kimimaro pick their opponents, and Taketazaki makes sure that the money is given to pretty much everyone in the country. Ensuring that the Yen drops.

Just after having activated the Rotary Press Souichiro is forced to meet Jennifer’s challenge and his will to “save” Japan is nothing more than mere arrogance, at the same time Kimimaro takes on Horii. With Msyu still in pain from having Kimimaro’s future siphoned by the Rotary Press, Kimimaro resolves to fight alone and is utterly torn apart by Horii’s Insider. He then goes on to tell her that he’s glad he met her and that the future he wants to protect is in a sense, her and as Horii strikes back Msyu appears and blocks it, telling him that she feels safe around him for some reason. And as Horii goes in for a Direct attack they use Msyu’s Macroflation, Overheated Economy which obliterates him while at the same time weakening Msyu.

While Taketazaki urges the situation in the real world on, Jennifer takes on Souichiro without holding back, using the Georges’ Macroflation to seize Kakazuzu. However Souichiro strikes back with Aurora and so with Q looming in the distance, Jennifer pushes Georges to use his Macroflation again and takes on Souichiro at close range. But things only get worse as Q goes berserk and takes a chunk out of Kakazuzu, and before she can get to Jennifer, Souichiro acknowledges the blood on his hands and brings down his Direct attack.

And in her last moments she transfers Georges to Kimimaro, entrusting him with her future as she’s bankrupted. In the epilogue Kimimaro confronts Souichiro on how not only his coworker but also children have been disappearing from his actions, and how under no circumstances can he agree with his way of thinking. Upon learning the situation in the real world from Shindo however, Souichiro prepares to use the Rotary Press a third time even if it will cost him the last of the future he has left, also being reminded of himself by Kimimaro’s protests. However Masakaki has one more trick up his sleeve, giving Kimimaro his own Darkness card, and so the Deal to either use or reverse the Rotary Press begins.


Personally I think this episode dropped the ball a bit as we head towards the end but it didn’t stop this episode being a good one, somethings may not have felt right but just seeing things like the Macroflations simply made it worth it. And it already feels as if we’ve reached the climax as Kimimaro and Souichiro’s Deal begins.

Honestly I’d also be lying if I say that I didn’t laugh at the approach to crippling Souichiro on Taketazaki’s side of things, it essentially consisted of taking a whole heap of money and throwing it around and slightly influencing the people by telling their current currency was worthless. Taking down the Yen by attacking the very thing that he said gave it value, the trust that people had in it, as it goes without saying that by making so much of it available to the public it would lose that just like anything would. All that said in a way they’re probably taking this whole thing a bit too far, I don’t know if it was just me, but it really came across as if they were torching the very thing they were intending to save while insuring that it could be fixed later. It’s a whole lot more riskier than Souichiro’s methods but the end result does come across better, and it’s something that’s happened countless times before as well.

What probably hit me the hardest in this episode had to be what happened to Jennifer, she started off as a fairly cool character and became a total bro in helping Kimimaro out towards the end, but she was ultimately crushed by Souichiro. There really was no chance for her to win the Deal, she may have shown herself to be pretty strong in using Georges’ Macroflation to seize Kakazuzu but Souichiro had her on the ropes the entire time. And the worst thing about her now being bankrupt is that she may have been pregnant, I’m not sure if this was what the staff were really implying but there has to have been a reason for why Q would sniff her abdomen and say that it “smells delicious”, it was truly sad and heartbreaking to see. Yet given how she still held a bit of hope as she transferred Georges to Kimimaro, I really hope she can be saved.

Additionally Q also turned from being somewhat cute to the thing of nightmares in a matter of seconds, with her berserker mode being revealed to be when she just doesn’t hold back her hunger and takes a chunk out of the Entre or Asset. As when you think about it, due to the Asset being an embodiment of the Entre’s future being stepped up, she is pretty much devouring their future in order to benefit Souichiro’s. It also made how she’s been constantly eating Midas money throughout the series make sense now, she has an insatiable hunger that can’t really be filled, and other than that it fits in with how Souichiro and his actions have destroyed the futures of countless people. That said Souichiro stepped up a bit as the villain in the series as well, there was just something evil yet definitive of how he acknowledged the blood on his hands and come to think of it he’s bankrupted quite a few people so far and most likely countless others off screen to get to where he is. However while his resolve remains unwavering, it looks as if the cracks have started to slowly open up.

This late into the series it should have been expected but I was also kind of surprised that they were throwing Macroflations around, or just how many times they were used. And while they make the Mezzoflations seem a whole lot less like an “I win” button, where Georges could seize the opponents Asset and how Msyu had an attack stronger than her already overpowered instant kill attack. It was simply awe inspiring to see her drop a pillar of impenetrable flames down. All that said though, given their power it’s good to see that they’re something of a double edged sword, offering an almost guaranteed way to win in most circumstances while damaging the Asset at the same time, ensuring that if you mess up the first time chances are you’re going to lose.

On Kimimaro’s side of things it was also nice to see that his resolve to defeat Souichiro remained strong and if anything he had a pretty nice moment with Msyu during his Deal with Horii. Returning the favour by taking blow after blow himself and getting her to see that she is in a sense part of the future that he’s been going on about protecting recently. Managing to be the thing that stepped up how the Assets aren’t just embodiments but could be considered to be the “future” itself, that said it’s kind of weird how these heart to heart moments always tend to happen when one is covered in blood/money. Lastly with Masakaki being the troll he is I’m wondering just what he or to be more specific the upper echelons, have in mind by giving Kimimaro a Darkness card, did they plan it all  or did he reach some sort of condition and I’m honestly wondering what sort of future Kimimaro himself will face at the end of all this.


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