Tiger & Bunny 12

With his cover blown Origami Cyclone tries to run away but Jake isn’t prepared to let him get away so easily, telling him that a hero shouldn’t run away.

On the other heroes’ side of thing Barnaby volunteers to scout around Ouroboros’ base and when Kotetsu tries to tag along in case he goes berserk again, he tells him just to trust him on this. Unfortunately no records of how Jake was caught by Mr Legend have survived, so no one really knows what to expect, and when Barnaby finally makes it to the base he finds that Jake doesn’t seem to remember killing his parents before he escapes with Kriem. Following this they’re able to get Origami Cyclone to the hospital and Barnaby lashes out at Kotetsu for not being able to trust him on this.

Jake on the other hand breaks into where Chuckman is being kept and gets rid of him before he goes on to appear before the board of directors personally, and the reason he’s done this is to express his disgust towards Hero TV and wants to put on a little show for Hero TV, or rather “Ouroboros TV”. In which he’ll take on each of the remaining heroes one at a time and if one of them can beat him he’ll call off the powered suits, the exosuits on the other hand if they all lose he’ll level the city of Sternbild to the ground. The first one up is Sky High however Kotetsu’s impression of Jake’s powers isn’t right as he doesn’t shoot beams but creates barriers instead, and so even the King of Heroes is crushed as his fans look on in despair. And while Rock Bison is the one drawn next, even his brute strength can’t break through Jake’s barriers.

The next card drawn happens to be Kotetsu’s and as if to make fun of him Jake goes ahead and draws the next card, which happens to be Barnaby’s and while Kotetsu attempts to apologise to his partner, he leaves without responding. Over in the hospital Origami Cyclone wakes up and informs the board of directors that Kriem is the one controlling the exosuits and that they can stop them by jamming the communicator she uses. At this point Kotetsu begins to fight Jake, deciding to beat him with speed, however even this doesn’t work and his Hundred Power soon runs out. And while he should give up at this point, Kotetsu keeps on fighting and manages to land a hit on him, which just pisses Jake off.

Following his defeat Agnes is able to bargain with him for a break, ecstatic at their current ratings and Kotetsu is rushed into the ICU. The next morning Jake kicks things off on Ouroboros TV and Barnaby prepares for his match.

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I think it’s kind of safe to say that this episode lived up to the build up in the last one, Jake may have been kind of over powered but that’s still okay at this point in the series. And it made way for some good somewhat one-sided fights that were needed to build him up as powerful the villain he is in the story, especially if he’s going to hang around for a while.

First things first I’m glad that Origami Cyclone/Ivan was able to get out of things in the state he’s in, the way the last episode ended it was almost as if he could have been killed off at that very point. But in exchange it brought about something that could be even more devastating by putting Kotetsu in the condition he’s in, I don’t want to believe that he could die and in a sense I refuse to believe he even could, but the possibility still could exist at this point. It’s a time where the series could still change rapidly before going into the second half, and we’ve got things like Kotetsu’s brother and an episode that even made the director cry coming up (episode 15). However in the face of this I’m still going to hang onto some hope, I believe that he will recover and hope it’ll be more heartwarming than sad.

Second to that it was also quite sad to see things deteriorate between Kotetsu and Barnaby. They each had their points, Barnaby had finally gotten himself to trust him and it was a point where it truly would have counted, and at the same time Kotetsu has known him to lash out and as his partner should have his back no matter what. It’s another one of those things that asks Barnaby what he will do once he finally beats Jake down, will he really be sufficient with just arresting some guy who’s already been in prison for around 15 years? Either way this divide between them should make for a good story that puts their current relationship as partners and the trust they have in each other as such to the test.

Lastly to say that Jake came across as over powered in this episode would be an understatement, of the eight heroes he wiped the floor with half of them, crushing Rock Bison and even the King of Heroes, Sky High without breaking a sweat along with doing a number on Kotetsu (who was the only one he seriously beat the crap out of). However we’ve still got a long way to go, so perhaps it’s a good thing he’s so strong if he’s going to be around for a while. And then there’s the mystery as to how Mr Legend originally defeated him.

That said while there was something ironic about the statues he chained them to (Sky High to Pegasus and Rock Bison to the Minotaur, kind of like Lunatic with Lady Justice before), what I really loved about this was how the public was cheering the heroes on and were losing hope. It goes without saying that Sky High’s defeat will have an impact on how his fans perceive him, and along with that it gave us the chance to see Kotetsu’s old boss, Ben again. Who even stood up for him and proved he was carrying through with what he said to him as they parted. This sort of situation though, really could turn things in Lunatic’s favour, if Yuri is able to get away and possibly defeat Jake it could easily get the public on his side.


3 Responses to Tiger & Bunny 12

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Another thing that is kind of mysterious with Jake is: why did they keep him naked while locked up? Maybe he just chose to be that way, or something, but it might be another clue to the true nature (or weakness) of his powers.

  2. bonehimer says:

    Second to that it was also quite sad to see things deteriorate between Kotetsu and Barnaby.

    I’d describe it as annoying rather than sad, it throws away a lot of the development they’ve had in the past episodes and reverts them back to square one. Depending on how it plays out it could mean a weak ending, character wise, for season 1 and beginning of S2.

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Could be, he seemed to be under pretty heavy security as well so as odd as it would be it could also have been a precaution. I’m leaning towards it being his personal choice at the moment though, we hardly know anything about his ability aside from it somehow allowing him to read minds or repel things.
    It could be nothing but I’ve also noticed that he’s covered in 12 tattoos, possibly meaning that he’s the 12th of something in Ouroboros, and what’s more have we even seen his right hand yet? It’s almost like they’re hiding it.

    @ bonehimer
    Yeah, and that development could be thought of as a large part of what those episodes are about, it could just be something temporary which they’ll resolve soon but if not it will make those episodes kind of redundant. That said there’s still plenty of time left and the series has turned out to be insanely popular in Japan, so it would depend on how long they want to drag this issue out.

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