Steins;Gate 12

As the episode begins Okabe finds himself in some wierd space with an hourglass where Mayuri tells him that in a sense they’re both originals and that while they may die, their wills will carry on in Akihabara. Following this vague sequence it cuts to Mayuri coming to get him from the rooftop.

I’m usually the sort of person who doesn’t care about spoilers, let alone most of the big reveals so far in this show seem to have already sat in the open for a while now. But regardless, proceed with caution.

While an hourglass empties away in the background Mayuri shows Okabe the cosplay outfit she’s working on and even as the matter of Kurisu cosplaying comes up, Okabe’s usual eccentric behaviour is nowhere to be seen. Not long after this Kurisu finishes the time leap machine and explains that it uses a black hole created by SERN’s LHC to compress the data before sending it back and due to differences in the brain’s states she believes that the maximum time they can send memories back is 48 hours. First however they need a human test subject to make sure that it works and somewhat out of character for him Okabe proposes that they will announce their discovery and pass it on to an organisation that would use it for good.

So in order to celebrate this he and Kurisu go out shopping and no matter how hard he tries to stop her, she keeps putting things in the basket that shouldn’t really work for what she intends, but she considers it an experiment. After this they drink their Dr Peppers and talk how Mayuri must have seen everything and about Kurisu’s parent’s, with him seriously telling her that he considers her a dear companion and pointing holes in her reaction. When they get back they find that Hashida only bought the Pizzas he likes and when Kurisu starts cooking he tells Okabe that he plans to get married and retire once this is all over.

Mayuri also happens to bring Suzuha over and once again she isn’t particularly friendly towards Kurisu, knowing not what she has done but what she will do. Despite this however it appears that the two of them even started to get along a bit when Kurisu gave Suzuha a tip on how to beat Okabe and win the last piece of cake. And because of his defeat Okabe storms off to the rooftop with Mayuri heading up to meet him, and together they talk about how their lab has more members now and they’ll be able to buy more equipment, with Mayuri looking back on how things were before and asking whether it would be all right if she wasn’t his hostage anymore. However this peaceful moment is interrupted by news of some bomb threats shutting down the trains.

Which by learning of how they’ve hacked SERN and completed their time leap machine Suzuha is able to see through as a ploy by SERN, and while she tries to warn them to run she leaves on her own. During this Okabe finds that the hourglass has stopped. Suddenly an armed group bursts through the doors with Moeka right behind them, who tells them that SERN will be taking their equipment and that Okabe, Hashida, and Kurisu will be coming with them. And because Mayuri isn’t needed she points her gun towards her and pulls the trigger.


Well shit, I must say that the way this episode turned out has been something that’s been obvious for a while now and even though I thought I had prepared myself for it all, it still caught me off guard. It’s just something that still shocked me despite how many things had been pointing to it all along.

All those heart to heart moments between Okabe and Mayuri just couldn’t have pointed to anything else, there’s just something far too nice about them and in this episode they were out in force. She simply received far more focus than she usually would have. But despite that I still couldn’t prepare myself for it, being a character voiced by Kana Hanazawa who was somewhat airheaded in a cute way it’s something I don’t think I could do. And as expected Okabe has possibly broke down because of it, what must have been his worst fear had happened before his very eyes. However given that this is a show about time travel to say that this is the last time we’ll see Mayuri isn’t something I’m going to believe, given that he can get away I’m sure that Okabe will try and find a way, or to be more specific, a world line in which she can be saved.

Second to that I also liked how Okabe’s Mad Scientist persona wasn’t quite as prominent as it usually is, it may have been out of fear and shock, and without a doubt it’s one of the things that makes him a fun main character. But at the same time it’s also like it quite often covers up who he really is and what he really thinks most of the time, or at least obscures it a bit. The only character you could really say he was really himself around was Mayuri. So I must say that regardless of what brought it about, it was something good to see, and even allowed him to cement things with Kurisu by telling her that she was important to him and that he intended to carry through with what he had said. Providing one of those once in a while scenes where they’re not arguing and are genuinely getting along. On topic of Kurisu there was also something fun about how she took on cooking like a scientist by experimenting with ingredients which wouldn’t usually, and in some cases shouldn’t go together.

If there was one question that probably needs to be asked about this episode it was how Suzuha knew what was coming up and didn’t make an effort to warn the others about it, is probably quite simple. They wouldn’t have believed her or even have seen the trains being shut down as an attempt to trap them, and in this time Moeka and SERN’s agents would have made their way up and she would have joined Mayuri. So while she did attempt to warn them at first she chose not to risk it and ensure that she was able to safely escape, plus if she had managed to convince them there’s the chance that things may have ended far worse than they did, they would still be outnumbered, outgunned, and outside what bit of security and control being in the lab would have given them. Aside from that SERN acting like this has been something that’s been obvious for a while as well, even before Hashida unintentionally messed up in hacking them they weren’t really as secretive as they should have been. And while I didn’t really like Moeka before and she’s been suspicious since she first appeared, I still didn’t fully suspect that she would be in league with SERN.


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