The World God Only Knows II 11, Jun Arc End

Jun remains troubled by what the students said to her and is surprised by how late it is before she makes her way to the wrestling match she was going to see.

When she gets there however she finds noneother than Keima in her seat, with a ticket with the same seat number as hers and with the match starting soon he quickly pulls her onto one side of it, reasoning that they can share it. Because of this she’s worried about what people would think if they spotted the student and teacher together like this, but as the match starts she enthusiastically explains some things to him and finds herself enjoying it all. And through all of this Keima is able to see why she loves pro wrestling, the wrestlers give ith their all and the crowd responds in kind, and she goes on to explain that it brings everyone involved together.

Leading to her asking him why he doesn’t respond to her efforts in the classroom to help him, leading to him asking if the basketball team disbanded after being crushed by her efforts, and while this appears to be true she lashes out at him and storms off. And finally Keima can see the ending. The next morning Elsie meets up with Chihiro and Ayumi, the former still going along with her plan to form a band, and at the same time the other students can be heard complaining about Jun. Who just so happens to arrive with some application forms for a marathon, however their response reminds her of what happened to her basketball team and she leaves calling them selfish. And at this point Keima takes her side and calls them a bunch of idiots.

Jun makes her way to the old locker room where she meets Keima as she reflects on how they’re not responding to her efforts, and while she claims to have grown up he tells her she hasn’t changed one bit. She then makes her way to the court with Keima right behind her and breaks down in tears, asking him why things aren’t working out when she’s already doing her best, and to him she must overcome the limits of reality and keep going simply because she’s a teacher. However before things can progress further the rest of the class arrives and he disappears without a word, with how he had Elsie assist him this time around shown and that because the real world lacks ideals, he feels that it requires a push every now and then to bring about an ideal ending.

During the epilogue Jun bids farewell to the class and thanks the teachers for helping her, and just as she’s about to head out the gate she meets Keima again, and after some parting words about how she was wrong and him telling her that she better come back and just before she leaves she kisses him. Releasing the loose soul and reminding Elsie that she had one.


So we reach the end of the last arc of the season and in the end I’ll admit that I ended up liking Jun quite a lot, she started off as a slightly airheaded yet passionate heroine and was built into a teacher who just wanted to help her students but was troubled with how they weren’t responding to her best efforts. Standing as a struggle between her ideals and reality.

First off I liked the way that the episode kicked off not only did it allow us to see Keima take the initiative and attempt to close the distance between him and Jun by interacting with her outside of school. It also showed how the way that everyone giving it their all in pro wrestling and bringing everyone together had influenced Jun’s teaching style, that if she gave it her all in the classroom it should bring about a similar result. Next to that it was just nice to see the two of them having fun together and Jun became even more adorable as this went on, reenacting things and seeming to forget that they were teacher and student for a while.

At the same time however it also worked to expose just what was wrong with Jun’s way of doing things while fitting in with what happened to her basketball team, something I had been interested in learning about. And while I was slightly disappointed that what we saw of it was limited to short flashes of her teammates walking out and her being alone on the court, I was still content with it. It was still enough to show that in the end it had been crushed by her ideals, and even confront her on it to push her in the right direction. Along with this I also kind of liked Keima’s solution to it all, something else I had been interested in seeing, that in order to overcome reality she simply had to try harder, it was somewhat simple but managed to embody a “don’t give up” sort of message. That when faced with the limits of reality she just has to keep going. It was kind of nice for what it was.

Other than that I also liked the epilogue for this episode and with it Jun’s arc, where aside from showing how Keima had set things up it even had the effect that playing into the opening or ending theme always seems to give. Providing a far more exciting and cinematic sort of end. Not to mention that the message Keima had during it was also a good one, it seemed to say that since the world doesn’t give you ideal endings you sometimes have to make them yourself. After that I’d also admit that I almost forgot that Jun had a loose soul, it was almost as if the whole issue had been put aside during most of her arc, so not only did the way it ended manage to be nice in its own right but it also took me by surprise a bit as well. Probably due to how the usual sort of ending moment didn’t really happen until the last few moments, that said it gave it a much more final feel.

Overall I liked how this arc turned out, the impression that Keima gave us about teacher heroines was that their routes tend to be long and tedious, and while in a sense this was still kind of true for him. By being three episodes long it felt kind of quick instead and passed by quite nicely, and along with that he managed to close the distance in only two weeks. I’ll also admit that I ended up liking Jun, she was adorable from start until finish and in the end she was just a teacher who wanted to teach her students, giving it her all along the way and managed to find her resolve to do so without being held back by her past by the end of it. Finally it also seemed to embody that message that no matter what happens you have to keep trying and that in life you sometimes have to make your own happy ending.

With the end of this arc I’m also interested to see what Manglobe will use to end the season on, this arc may have ended rather conclusively but there’s still one more episode left and a few things that they’ve passed by in the manga. Either way I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next episode to find out.


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