C: the Money of Soul and Possibility Control 11 (END)

The yen continues to plummet as Kimimaro and Souichiro’s Deal begins with only one hour left until the second round of Settlement.

It may not have lasted long but I’m going to miss this show.

Souichiro starts off with Aurora and a series of Direct attacks which Kimimaro counters with Msyu, and when that doesn’t work he switches to Georges and uses his Mezzoflation, however Souichiro is still able to counter this with ease and brings in Q, who takes a chunk out of Aurora as she makes her entrance. Before they go any further he also tells Kimimaro that he had hoped he would succeed him and thought that they were similar, and so he uses Q’s Macroflation, Economic Blockade. Which freezes Kimimaro and Msyu just as they’re about to use her Macroflation.

In the real world riots begin to break out on the streets and the Midas Money starts to reveal itself, and after being confronted on how his sister wouldn’t have wanted him to do what he’s doing, Souichiro strikes with a Direct attack to finish him however due to the plummeting yen it shatters before it hits him. Following this Msyu confronts Q and Kimimaro and Souichiro take their battle to the Rotary Press with a flurry of Direct attacks. Both wanting to protect the ones around them. On Msyu’s side of things she continues to confront Q on how she’s an embodiment of Souichiro’s sister only to have her lash out at her when she asks whether he’s really fighting for her.

Back on Kimimaro’s side of things Souichiro tells him how he’s always lived as today was the last and in response to this he asks him what he would do if the next day was worser than the previous one. He then tries to use Q to attack him only to be taken off guard by her now black hair, and back in the real world, Taketazaki escapes from the Financial District at the last-minute and the Midas Money starts to disappear. At this exact point Kimimaro lands the finishing punch against Souichiro and sends him to a place where he’s happily with Takako in the hospital, however she disappears before his very eyes. And as C completely passes by Japan, Jennifer cries a tear of relief. Masakaki then arrives to explain that due to the yen now being useless the Far Eastern Financial District will now disappear, and with Souichiro’s defeat Kimimaro buys back the future by reversing the Rotary Press.

With this the Finacial District begins to revert to its base materials, the future it took as collateral and the Assets start to disappear with Souichiro farewelling Q as if she were Takako and Msyu kissing Kimimaro goodbye, telling him she loves him forty times as much instead of the thirty times he said she would need to love someone. Along with this in order to remain in the present, Souichiro decides to stay behind as Japan changes and disappears, and Taketazaki himself disappears as well. During his last moments in the Financial District, Kimimaro finds himself face to face with the upper echelon of the Financial Districts, who explains that what he brings about is competition and struggle, therefore benefitting humanity as a whole as they have to earn what they get.

In the epilogue Kimimaro wakes up in a Japan with a much more brighter future that now uses the American dollar, and while he spots Hanabi working as a kindergarten teacher he can’t bring himself to call out to her. At this point Masakaki appears right next to him who tells him that futures are simply something to be taken as collateral and that the Far Eastern Financial District has essentially been reset, telling him that he’s always welcome back. And as the episode ends, Kimimaro looks at a photograph of himself, Msyu, Souichiro, and Q and regrets that he didn’t smile.


Honestly I’m not really sure how I feel about this last episode, at first the Deal between Kimimaro and Souichiro lived up to all the expectations I had for it, but in someway after that I found the ending itself to be kind of lackluster, it was just kind of sad when you think about it. And while I may say this for a lot of shows, I truly do mean it this time around, I’d love to see this continued.

First off the Deal between Kimimaro and Souichiro easily lived up to the expectations that I had for it, reaching the climax of all the build up toward it and not just standing as a physical conflict, but one of ideals as well. As while it was easy to be taken away by the continued fast paced use of Macroflations, which revealed Q’s “Economic Blockade“. There was also a fair amount of conflict between them based on their ideals where they pointed out the flaws in them. Other than that, the animation was amazing, the action sequences were not only fast paced but they were also fluid as well, and it was also great to see classic black and white final punch. Other than that it was also nice to see that Kimimaro didn’t really stand a chance against Souichiro, he may have been pulling off attack after attack, but ultimately he was on the defence the entire time and only really got through it thanks to the plummeting yen effecting Souichiro’s Direct attacks. He wasn’t fighting a Mikuni Souichiro in his prime.

After that I also liked that while he could be considered the antagonist at this point, Souichiro hadn’t really been villainised. That in the end he was still a pretty good guy with good intentions but just so happened to have some flaws in his ideals and way of doing things, which in the end can really be said about any ideal. Because of this I also thought that it was kind of sad how things ended up for him, being defeated may have not had much of an impact on him if anything he accepted his loss, but he had Takako taken away from him in a pretty sad way. Being presented with what appears to be a future where she’s woken up only to have it, and subsequently her yanked away from him. Finally the end he chose was also kind of admirable, in a sense his “future” was the present and in the end he still chose to cling to his ideals. As at the same time you couldn’t really say he had a “future”, in order to be with Takako it was something he had given up.

Next to that it was also great to get a look at just who the higher-ups in the Financial District were, and that while Masakaki appeared kind of sinister in how he was taking futures, the higher-up or Midas (?) and Masakaki still had good intentions. What they presented was competition and struggle which meant that humanity had to earn things instead of getting them given to them, and while the future may be taken away from them it just meant they had to work for it back. So in a way they were actually more good than evil. The message that Midas presented was also pretty nice in the end, fitting in with how Souichiro was portrayed by explaining that while people may use different conflicting methods to help people, in the end neither of them were really wrong. It was just something I thought was pretty nice that was thrown in towards the end.

Finally however the epilogue was probably the part which let me down, it started off fairly happy and positive by showing the future that Kimimaro had brought back, showing that he had managed to save Japan from the effects that the Financial District had on it. But in the end, at what cost? In exchange had he given up everything he had in the present in order to have a chance at getting it brighter future? Losing all those around them and everything he had? It was just kind of vague for what it was, not only was he sleeping in the park but no one, not even Hanabi seemed to recognise or react to him. After that there was also Masakaki’s appearance, I didn’t expect the Financial District to be completely dismantled but his reappearance seemed to say that it could all happen again, on a ligher note however it also showed that he was taking futures so they could be earned back. Despite this though the message it had in the end was a good one, accept the past, enjoy the present, and hope for the future.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I’ve loved watching this series and it truly has been a pleasure watching it with all of you, at only 11 episodes long like most of the series in the Noitamina time slot tend to be, it may have been pretty short but that didn’t really detract much from how good it turned out to be. Managing to give me that bittersweet yet content feeling of emptiness that finishing a great series always seems to give.

And while I did love it, if there was one thing I thought was a problem it would have had to be part of the way that Kimimaro as the protagonist acted, don’t get me wrong in a sense he provides a clear outlook of what’s happening around him and his struggle to find the path he should take make him a good one. Not to mention he’s not a generic high schooler. But I think he could have been a little more assertive at times, we get the idea that he likes Hanabi and while he did check on her each time the world changed, he didn’t really do much to get closer to her. Secondly I also thought that Souichiro overshadowed him quite a bit, in contrast to him he had a clear motive, a past to justify it, and a way of going about it. He just seemed like a far more stronger character.

The story it had was fairly good in a way as well, using economics as a backdrop it went about asking what it means to have a future and just what sort of role money plays in society, and as the series progressed it presented Kimimaro with different outlooks and ways or doing things. And because of this we also got quite a few solid characters as well, like Sennouza Kou who despite only appearing in one episode held an opposite belief to Souichiro, that the present was worthless without a future, and Jennifer Satou who turned out to be a pretty cool bro in the end and presented the flaws in Souichiro’s methods to Kimimaro. And if that wasn’t enough we even had some trolls like Taketazaki and Masakaki thrown in on the side, and in the end they all worked together to make an interesting story where no one is really right or wrong.

Another thing that I’d also say that I loved about this show was the soundtrack, not only did we have an opening theme by NICO Touches the Walls and an amazing ending theme by School Food Punishment, but the tracks that played during the episodes themselves were great. They set a strange yet exciting atmosphere for the show that conveyed a rapid fast paced sort of feeling for the Deals, and after that there was also the use of English to commentate them and pronounce the terms. Like whenever the deal itself began and ended, and even when an Asset used a flation. As a whole it was all just a lot of fun to listen to.

So in the end I loved watching this series, there were a few flaws on what note it ended on but I didn’t really think they were all that much of a problem, the show itself still remains solid overall. If anything I’d also love to see it continued and from the way it ended it still feels as if the window is still open for some sort of possible second season if things go well, and even then it wouldn’t really have to be another season. A game of some sort could be great as well. The creators just built such a fun world with so much potential that eleven episodes didn’t seem to suffice. And if it doesn’t get some sort of continuation I hope that Kenji Nakamura and his team get the chance to make more shows.


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