Tiger & Bunny 13

While Kotetsu recovers in the hospital with the other defeated heroes, Barnaby procedes to take on Jake as he remembers events from his past. Refusing to use his Hundred Power until he’s able to break through his barrier. At the same time the preparations are made for the remaining heroes to disable the exosuits threatening the support pillars around the city.

Despite his condition Kotetsu also insists on going but his injurys prevent him from getting far as Karina scolds him on being reckless, and back in the stadium Barnaby launches attack after attack but Jake knows every move he’s going to use before he uses it. At this point Nathan/Fire Emblem, Karina/Blue Rose, and Pao-Lin/Dragon Kid move into their positions but even with their signals jammed, the exosuits defend themselves accordingly.

At the hospital Kotetsu, Antonio/Rock Bison, Keith/Sky High, and Ivan hear Jake’s declaration that he has two NEXT powers and with the matter of how Kotetsu hit him before, he deduces that Jake’s secondary ability is telepathy, and in order to fix things with Barnaby he resolves to tell him this himself, using Hundred Power to accelerate his regenerative abilities. However the effects of this only appear to be on the outside. At the same time Barnaby, growing frustrated with the unchanging situation finally uses his Hundred Power but is sent flying. And at the studio Maverick stresses that if Barnaby fails Ouroboros will retaliate for attacking the exosuits, meaning he’s their last hope.

Barnaby crashes onto the rooftop and faced with how he’s lived for this day for so long only to face imminent defeat, he starts to break down, however Kotetsu arrives with the way to beat him. Explaining that Jake’s second power is related to hearing and giving him a grenade to create an opening, however while he doesn’t trust him at first upon seeing the risk Kotetsu took to get there he changes his mind. And while Jake’s second ability wasn’t exactly super hearing it creates an opening all the same, and with his parent’s killer before him Barnaby looks as if he’s about to lash out but stops himself.

With Jake now defeated Kotetsu explains how Jake’s real secondary ability was telepathy and how he knew it, along with how he was trusting him to trust him. However at the last minute Kriem attempts to rescue Jake, only to find that Karina, Nathan, and Pao-Lin had succeeded and to have her helicopter shot down when Jake tries to break free from Kotetsu’s wire, ultimately crashing on Jake himself. Following this Barnaby is praised as the hero who in the end saved the city and as the episode ends he gets lumped in with Kotetsu as the idiot combo, also he calling him by his name instead of “Old man”.

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Well I guess that wraps Barnaby’s character up, to be honest I didn’t really expect for Jake to be dealt with so quickly, sure he got three episodes but I thought he was in it for the long haul, that Barnaby’s search for vengence would last a little longer. However despite that it isn’t like that point in the story is absolutely closed, the question of why Barnaby’s parents were killed and who ordered it still remains completely open.

Which in itself really opens up the conspiracy idea behind Ouroboros and possibly the board of directors, Jake’s appearance may have come across as a big step forth in Barnaby’s story but at the end of the day I just don’t think his character held a definite leadership position. He was simply too chaotic and comes across as the type of guy who would be sent in to deal with any obstacles, and what’s more he was taken out relatively easily in the end (by his own hand). So despite how Barnaby’s story may seem to have concluded I still think it could go on a bit longer, he may have grown a bit over the past episodes but Jake didn’t really give him the answers he needed. However if his story really has been wrapped up I’ll be interested to see whether the story will focus on Kotetsu’s character a bit more, he may come across as being fairly lighthearted but there seems to be some definite issues there regarding his late wife and his daughter Kaede. Either way I’m just interested to see what direction the story will take in the second half now that this part has been dealt with.

If there was something interesting in this episode it would of had to have been how as a NEXT Jake had two abilities, at first I hadn’t really suspected this but it really made the orange glow he has make sense. I either thought that he had a single ability that allowed him to read minds as well as create barriers, as if they were both extensions of a single ability, or perhaps Kriem had been assisting him somehow (even if her ability looks to have been limited to remotely controlling the Mad Bears). So I was actually kind of surprised to learn that it was possible for someone to have two Next powers, perhaps it means that we’ll be taking a look into just how these powers manifest in the first place, as all we really know is that they started to appear around 45 years prior to the series. We don’t know whether they could be hereditary or caused by something else entirely, let alone how a second one could manifest. So with this I’m wondering whether we’ll be able to learn more details about them down the track.

Most of all however I thought that this episode was a signifigant step forth for Barnaby’s character, working to bring all the development he received and all the build up over the past twelve episodes to a climax. For which the trust that he and Kotetsu needed to have in each other as partners was easily the strong point of it all, it had been shattered in the last episode but rebuilt in this one with how Kotetsu had left his hospital bed to help him. And with that Barnaby also seems to have grown a lot as a character as well, when he had finally beaten Jake it felt as if he was going to lash out in revenge but he was able to stop himself thanks to Kotetsu being there. It really looks as if their relationship as partners is now heading towards the rookie/veteran direction. Aside from that it also feels as if you can’t say he’s alone anymore, he started off as a self-induced loner but he’s opened himself up not only to Kotetsu but to the other heroes as well. In the end all these things have just worked together to nicely develop his character.


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