Gintama 215

Despite her saying that she was affiliated with them, it instead turns out that Kada had been running from the Harusame however having lost any sanity she once had she’s been easily captured, and is reduced to madly playing games of dice in her cell based on whether the result will be even or odd. During one such game Kamui approaches her and makes a guess only to lose.

His subordinate Abuto also turns out to have been interested in her back in the day but their conversation soon turns to gaming consoles, and as they walk through the halls they pass a certain man, Takasugi. Admiral Abo (nicknamed Aho behind his back) goes on to explain why he’s here, but only now does he realise that they’re being used by Takasugi’s Kiheitai at the cost of using them themselves. Soon after this they meet one of the other captains who despite fitting the exact image feels he’s not suited to be a captain, and he offers his backing to Kamui if intends to usurp Abo. However with the chance to go against another Samurai, he wants no one getting in his way.

Aside from Bansai, Matako and Takechi had also survived the events of the Benizakura arc and are now drifting through space with the latter impersonating Takasugi but still being in line with his “feminist” ideals. After shooting him a few times Matako then turns to Bansai to talk about how uneasy she is with being used by the Harusame, and as it just so happens the Harusame have decided to cast them away with Takasugi now standing face to face with Kamui. However this turns out to be a trap by Abo to eliminate Kamui. And at the same time Abuto’s forces find themselves under attack by Abo’s fleet. In the lead up to Kamui’s execution Abo offers Takasugi the chance to fill the void that will be left but he’s more amazed at how much it took to restrain the Yato captain and would rather be the head than the tail.

He heads to the prison cells after this and also loses a game with Kada before taking the chance to talk with Kamui, and tells him how they’re alike and that his fangs will only rot in the Harusame’s hands with their current way of doing things. And when the time finally comes for the execution Takasugi offers his blade in place of the executioners but instead cuts him free. The two of them then proceed to eliminate Abo’s forces as not only the Kiheitai but Abuto’s forces also arrive. During all of this Abo attempts to flee only to have Kamui send a kick through the bridge of his ship, and in the aftermath of all this he tells Takasugi how it will be fun to tour around hell with him. Suggesting Earth as their next stop.

New Ending Theme:

“Balance Doll” by Prague.

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After what has to have been an incredibly long time it was great to finally see Takasugi and Kamui again, who despite both being the main overarching antagonists in the series pretty much dropped out of the series after they made their presence as such known. Barely even appearing for what has to have been nearly a hundred episodes.

Next to that it also felt as if we were being eased back into the comedic style of the series, almost like the first episode of one of the serious arcs which attempt to do the opposite. As while there was a pretty serious atmosphere to the episode thanks to the focus on Takasugi and Kamui, there were still quite a few jokes thrown around. Whether it be everyone accidentally calling Admiral Abo Aho, pretty much calling him stupid, or Takechi constantly taking advantage of what comes with impersonating Takasugi in an attempt to gain support against the dreaded Youth Ordinance Bill. In all I kind of liked these things for how they intended to ease us back into the comedic side of things, which it looks like we’ll be going back to in the next episode.

Aside from that it was also nice to see that Matako and Takechi had survived the events of the Benizakura arc, after which their fates had remained largely unknown. We knew that Nizou had died following his clash with Gintoki, and that even if he had survived the strain that came with using Benizakura would have killed him anyway,  but Matako and Takechi didn’t really get such a conclusive end. We saw them both being knocked aside but their fates were still up in the air after that. So I thought it was good that we were finally able to get some closure on this matter, let alone that in the end they had been rescued and were still obediently following Takasugi. Other than that they’re still fun characters.

However without a doubt the most prominent thing in this episode was the reappearance of both Takasugi and Kamui, along with the alliance that they’ve seemed to forge. It kind of makes sense as well, Takasugi just wants to destroy and Kamui wants to go along for the ride, and when it comes down to it while they’re different in their reasons, Takasugi being bitter and jaded while it’s an endless pursuit for Kamui, they’re actually both quite similar. And if that wasn’t enough Takasugi’s Kiheitai lacks the muscle it used to have, the void left by Nizou was pretty much waiting for Kamui from the point he was introduced. However with this move it also feels as if the story may be reaching its end soon, that the next appearance they make will be for the finale of the series where Gintoki and either Katsura or Kagura will face down with the two of them for the last time.


2 Responses to Gintama 215

  1. Lehq says:

    Normally, I don’t root for villains, but man, this is just crazy awesome. Also, although it’s only 1 episode, I miss Gintoki and co.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    They did make for some pretty cool villains so I can understand that, we’ve probably only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as their characters go but they just have a certain way of doing things.

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