Steins;Gate 14

Despite how many times he tried to redo things Okabe was met by the same result no matter what happened, to him it was as if was fighting fate itself.

And I’m ba- HNNNGH

In his most recent time leap he forces Kurisu and Hashida out of the lab and sits as things follow a similar pattern, however this time he decides to confront Moeka. He does this by using a toy gun to get ahold of her real one and then questions her on what she will do, she doesn’t say much but apparently her group Rounder aren’t in the possession of the IBM 5100 and that their intention is to silence them after they not only built a working time machine but intended to announce their discovery. Most of all she tells him that her orders come from someone known as FB, however before he can press further her fellow agents disarm him and there’s nothing he can do as they kill Mayuri once more and intend to go after Kurisu and Hashida next.

However while he’s still able to escape and activate the time leap machine he’s already at his breaking point and almost smashes the machine before running off, spilling the things that he knows are about to happen to Ruka. Eventually Kurisu finds him at his lowest point and recognises what he’s been through, and as he regrets doing everything she takes him aside. Where he repeats what she had once somehow said to him about how “on a fundamental level humans are temporary creatures”, and they try to pick out a way to save Mayuri together. With Kurisu even making a mad scientist introduction of her own to cheer him up. So as the party goes on as it would they attempt to stop the time leap machine from ever being built by having Okabe go back just before it was completed to stop her. The keyword being that she already has a spoon but wants a fork.

Through this he arrives just as he’s helping Mayuri with one of her cosplay outfits and just as they’re about to make the finishing touches Okabe carries through with their plan. But while she had expected her past self to believe him, he’s forced to use the keywords, bringing a smile to her face. After this the two of them proceed to note down all the details and attempt to determine the overarching cause within the cause and effect relationship of Mayuri’s death, refusing to believe that it may just be her time. And as Okabe struggles to believe this, Suzuha appears and confirms what Kurisu had said and that the only way to change the result is to leap over the 1% divergence line and reach the beta worldline.

To explain this she shows them a meter Okabe would one day make that stands as a center point to determine which worldline he’s on, and that the worldlines are nothing more than the tiny threads within a rope as while they never touch they all lead to the same point. However if there’s a great change in the world, such as the Gulf War in 1991, the Y2K problem, or more recently when they built the D-mail it’s possible to leap to one with a different overall result. Eventually leading them to the closed off radio building, revealing herself to be a time traveller from 2036, John Titor and the satellite embedded within to be her time machine.


I’m glad to see that the matter of Mayuri is actually being solved in this episode, no matter what way you look at it seeing Mayuri die over and over again and Okabe continuing to just rush ahead could get rather tiring. So to see it skip to having him reach out for a solution to the matter was a welcome sight, as well as a certain part time warrior’s grand reveal.

Next to that it was also good to see that Okabe was diverting a bit from his usual path, that after seeing and doing the same things over and over again he was starting to bridge out a bit, and most of all the cracks in his resolve were starting to show. That it would only be a matter of time before all the despair that piled up with each loop all came flying back to him and he truly broke down. And as good as this was, it also meant that we got to learn a bit more about Moeka and who she’s unquestionally working for, that she belongs more to a section of SERN that possibly monitors and prevents things that would have a grand impact on their plans from the sidelines. Amongst all of this I’m curious as to who or what FB is, it was brought up a while ago and appears to be the reason for why Moeka is so attached to her phone.

What seemed to overshadow this attempt to diverge a bit however would have had to be how Okabe finally gave in and made some sort of attempt to reach out for help, as either way the root of all these things was placed much earlier than the time he was always going back to. That while he was attempting to prevent the effect, he wasn’t taking much notice of the overarching cause itself. Let alone how he had continually ignored all of Kurisu’s messages already seemed to say that he would need her help, and that if anything it was something he should have asked for much much much more earlier. Of course this also meant that we got some fairly nice scenes between them as she regretted how she wouldn’t remember this and how he used the keywords against her, not to mention the way she acted like a mad scientist herself.

Even though it had been pretty obvious for a while now it was also great to see Suzuha up and reveal herself to be a time traveller, it had been something with a lot of things to point to it but hardly anything to hide it. Like it had already been revealed but for the time being just wasn’t being specifically talked about. As through this we were not only able to see the issue of her being a time traveller brought out into the open, but also those of the mysterious satellite embedded in the radio building that somehow connected with her, her time machine, and that of John Titor as well. All these things may have hardly been new but there’s something nice about them being pulled out of that dimly lit area where things like these are kept in this series. Aside from this it was also great to see the workings of worldlines further detailed a bit and just what this 1% divergence point that Okabe had to leap over was and just what it truly meant. And most of all, just what all those numbers represented whenever they changed worldlines.


2 Responses to Steins;Gate 14

  1. tomphile says:

    Kurisu is so full of HNNNNNGH especially when she smiled. I can’t wait to see what Okabe and the rest of the gang does in order to change the world past he 1% divergence barrier.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I’m curious about that as well, the events that they’ve mentioned that were capable of doing it were on a fairly large scale, enough to physically push the world in a slightly different direction. That said one of them was the creation of a time machine (implied to be theirs), so it could just be going back and preventing that, part of me hopes it isn’t however.

    And yeah, Kurisu is adorable, when this started airing I honestly didn’t expect much but she’s turned out to be great.

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