Tiger & Bunny 16

The episode opens with a look back into Yuri’s past, showing how his father beat his mother and how he killed him when his NEXT powers awakened, and in the present Barnaby’s record has almost beaten that of Mr Legend. Making him decide to take action.

And so as Barnaby and Kotetsu chase after a criminal on Hero TV he makes his entrance only to have his attack thwarted by Kotetsu, whose Hundred Power runs out even earlier than before, having been reduced to around 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Because of this he keeps to himself at the dinner to celebrate Barnaby’s new record where Maverick gives him a congratulatory speech, however it still doesn’t seem like he’s told him about the decline in his powers when they get the chance to talk alone. Instead Barnaby telling him how Maverick was a close friend to his parents and that he now considers him to be a second father, and because of this he wants to do everything he can to make Hero TV a bigger success and when asked what his dream is, Kotetsu tells him he wants Kaede to tell him he’s cool for once.

Following this the Justice Bureau finds out about a criminal who only attacks women known as the Lady Killer and resolves to have the heroes deal with him before Lunatic does, unknown to them however Yuri knows as well and as we’re shown the same look back into his past. More details are shown, that his father was none other than Mr Legend who had taken to drinking at that his sense of justice comes from this action and what his father had told him when he was younger. As well as this his mother now curses him and he’s haunted by his father’s ghost. At this point Kotetsu also goes to meet Ben at the bar that’s always shown promoting Hero TV, who tells him that Mr Legend also suffered from a decline in his powers and that a lot of his arrests and rescues were staged because of this or had their records erased. At the same time he also suggests that he should start thinking about what he should do after Hero TV, but Kotetsu takes it as him telling him to stop being a hero, remembering what Mr Legend had told him.

Sometime after this Kotetsu runs into Lady Killer just as he’s found his next victim, activating his Hundred Power and ignoring the call made by Agnes to save the girl before going after Lady Killer. However while he fights him with ease on top of the cable cars, his Hundred Power runs out earlier than expected and he’s sent falling into a dumpster below. Leaving Lady Killer to be found by Lunatic at his usual hangout who shows him his justice.

Next Episode:


Finally an episode about Lunatic, Rock Bison may still not have his episode yet but it was great to learn a bit about what was driving Yuri and just what sort of background he had. And if that wasn’t enough Kotetsu’s plot continued well enough, and we got a hint that NEXT powers could be hereditary after all.

Aside from that it was also good to learn a bit more about Maverick and a few more details about how he took Barnaby in after the deaths of his parents, as before this point he really came across as being more creepy than he probably should have. He may have been the one to raise him since he was around four years old but all those moments like when he said “goodnight Barnaby” and his memories were starting to become distorted didn’t really help him. So while it also may have built him up a bit as a potential villain, it was great to see that he was the guy who looked after Barnaby when his parents were busy with work, it may not have been much but it managed to show a few more details of Barnaby’s past and to us, shift him away from being his creepy uncle and more towards his second father. At the same time however this closeness to his parents and how he dropped him off before their deaths doesn’t exactly do much to remove much of the doubt that surrounds him.

More prominently however it goes without saying that this was really Yuri’s episode, it’s been a while since he’s appeared last and he always has a way of stealing the show when he does, how the moon always turns red is still a mystery. But aside from his views on justice, his job as a judge, and seat on the Justice Bureau we barely knew anything about him, hardly befitting of the guy being built up as the main villain in the opening theme. So while I thought that his judge-jury-executioner methods were interestingly enough, it was great to learn where this sense of justice came from as well as the ghosts from his past he was dealing with because of it. Surprisingly being none other than Mr Legend, his own father, really just what had happened to Mr Legend had been a mystery up until this point, and in itself it was a great addition to the episode. Showing that he was far from the ideal hero that Kotetsu still idolises, and that underneath the facade built by the other heroes, his sponsors, and the media he was a drunk who took out the frustration from losing his powers on his family.

And with that it also managed to tie into Kotetsu’s current plot, he may not and I don’t think he’ll get that bad, but with his powers steadily declining he’s facing the same predicament. Being a hero may not be a choice for him anymore and that the time will soon come where he’ll have to hang up his suit and retire. With the matter being made clear by how things always took a turn for the worst when his Hundred Power unexpectedly ran out. Finally with this issue I think there’s two sides to it for him, at first he’d be letting down his hero and breaking the oath he made when he was kid, but then you have to remember that he’s been acting as a hero for over ten years now, he’s had his time in the sun and has fulfilled the promise he made. Sacrificing enough because of it as well and by retiring he may just be able to make up for some of that lost time with his daughter Kaede, being not only the father he wants to be but the one she wants and that he should be as well. And it’s because of this I’m wondering how the next episode will carry out, he’s visiting home and it looks as if a flashback about his wife is guranteed (here’s hoping to Tomoe going on to be Mrs Kaburagi being confirmed).


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