Dantalian no Shoka 02

The episode opens with another scene from Huey’s youth before heading back into the present where he and Dalian have responded to a job request from Estella Lilburn to value her late grandfather, Colonel Lilburn’s collection. During which Dalian appears to be hardly amused with how friendly Huey and Estella are together.

Opening Theme:

“Cras numquam scire” by Yucca feat. Hugh Anthony Disward

So she leads them to the library where they hear a series of bells ring in the distance, which Estella explains are a way in which her grandfather incorporated his work with music boxes into the clocktower. And after some more signs that Dalian is jealous of the attention Huey is giving Estella we’re introduced to Martin Geese, who helps manage the Lilburn estate and explains how there have been a series of murders here, ranging from sutors to servants who in some way tried to make Estella leave. Leading him to believe that Estella is possessed by a phantom book.

Following this Huey goes through the records Colonel Lilburn has on the murders, learning that they began around fifty years ago before they stopped only to later begin around this point, and to this Dalian considers the idea of a phantom book that brings misfortune to its holder to be retarded. Outside the window they also spot Estella and Martin together, leading Dalian to come up with a theory about how they plan to run off, but suddenly they hear a scream and soon find Martin dead in a golem’s arms and Estella covered in blood. Who upon meeting them doesn’t appear to be herself. The next morning Dalian explains that the golem was created by a phantom book, meaning someone commanded it to kill Martin.

And in their search Dalian learns of the Lilburns dark past but before she can delve further, Estella appears with some lunch for them and attempts to move in closer to Huey, and as the clocktower rings once more he finds a blade to his gut. Allowing Dalian to come to the conclusion that the Lilburn family itself is cursed, where the female members are compelled to kill, and so knowing this Colonel Lilburn had the golem in order to cover the murders up. And so as this golem steps forth, Huey draws two grimoires one of which provides an unpenetrable shield originating from the Book of Styx and the other divine lightning from Ba’alzebub. However the golem doesn’t fall and using two grimoires has taken a heavy toll on Huey.

At this point though he deduces that the phantom book binding the golem must be none other than the tune that plays in the clocktower, and so he casts more divine lightning to bring it crashing to the ground. Unfortunately towards them, and as Huey and Dalian flee Estella chooses to keep her promise and remain behind as the tower falls. At the end of this they review the aftermath of all this and Huey notices that Dalian has tied her hair up.


Honestly compared to the last one I found this episode to be kind of a let down, the story that it told almost felt as if it was trying to be a mystery but ultimately all the pieces are there and the verdict is clear from the start, it all came down to how it was told which came down to Huey pulling a book out of Dalian. Let alone I was expecting to see some new additions to the cast, as so far there’s really only Huey and Dalian.

So in a way I was kind of disappointed that Estella turned out to be a one off sort of character, or at least fr0m how the episode ended, it’s still quite possible that she could have lived but it was definitely implied that she died in the rubble from the collapsing clocktower. As if she was almost attempting to atone for what she had done after coming face to face with it, as from the way that she reacted to Martin’s death it appeared that her memories of the murders disappeared shortly afterward. So if this really was the last we’ll see of her she had a nice end, through what we learned of her family and past she became someone we could feel sorry for. Aside from that she even brought Ayako Kawasumi into the voice cast.

Next to that it was also fun to see that Dalian was growing jealous to how friendly Huey and Estella were with each other along with the advances she made on him, becoming slightly more irritated and flustered about the whole thing and barely even saying a word to her. And even more noticeably how she would blush and the way she tied her hair up at the end of the episode as if to imitate her hairstyle. It’s so soon into the series but I think it’s pretty safe to say that she’s already infatuated with him, and in a way I’m wondering just how she and the white-haired girl inside the Bibliotheca are truly related, it could mean that she’s had these feelings for a long time. And on a side note it was also fun to hair Sawashiro list desserts in English during the preview.

Finally while the ending theme may have creeped me out a lot I really liked the opening, a fair number of the background shots in the show may be based off photographs, but the watercolor ones we see during the opening are beautiful. Helping to establish the setting with the help with of the song that plays, “Cras numquam scire” by Yucca, which may not be all that exciting at all but it really sets a nice calm atmosphere to it all. And with it we also got a few glances at some other characters aside from Huey and Dalian, some of which suggest that the two of them will have some competition in sealing away phantom books. So I’m wondering when they’ll show up.


One Response to Dantalian no Shoka 02

  1. tomphile says:

    I think that white-haired girl is just a part of Dalian, nothing too complicated. 😀

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