Steins;Gate 17

Just when Okabe thought he had saved Mayuri by negating the effects of one of the Dmails he’d sent,  her watch still stops and Moeka still arrives with Rounder a day later.

It’s near impossible not to be a fan of Feyris after this episode.

Once again he also reaches out to Kurisu for help and after hearing what he has to say she’s convinced that he could save Mayuri if he negates the messages that have already been sent. Also going dere once more on him about how she won’t remember him calling her by name when he goes off to negate the Dmail that Feyris met. So he sets about finding her only to have her take his hand and run, explaining to him that she’s being chased by a group who didn’t exactly like losing before. As they attempt to escape her attackers Okabe also finds out that she doesn’t remember sending a Dmail however he convinces her that he’s telling the truth by telling her about the Akihabara he knows and the maid cafe she once owned, through which images start to come back to her.

He also goes into some detail by showing her where it would be and how it was where they met, giving her the memories she would have had and even when told that Mayuri’s life is at stake, she has some hesitations about telling him what she sent. The reason being that she had used it to save her father’s life. However before she can tell him more, their attackers find them and beat the crap out of him when he tries to protect Feyris. Luckily before they can go another step further, her father arrives and scares them off, just glad that he arrived in time and truly thankful to Okabe. Once again Okabe asks him about the IBM 5100 and with what he now knows he finds that Suzuha had succeeded, passed it onto him, and he had passed it onto the shrine. However in this worldline he received a message telling him that his daughter Rumiho had been kidnapped, and was forced to sell it to come up with the funds.

It’s because of this that Okabe now feels conflicted, he needs to negate the message to save Mayuri but in doing so he’ll be trading Feyris’ father’s life for hers and negating the ten years she was able to spend with him. At this point though, Feyris appears before him and confesses that he’s her prince and with Mayuri’s life at stake she confesses that she had used the Dmail to send a false message telling her father that she had been kidnapped, where the last thing she had told him was that she wanted him to die. Having seen the ‘truth’ she’s also seen the past ten years as being a dream which she needs to wake up from and feels that saving her friend is more important. Simply asking if she can cry and Okabe sure that she’ll remember it all as she sends the message.

Following this he finds himself in the lab with Feyris’ phone in his hands and she finds it odd that he doesn’t react in his usual way, also telling Kurisu that they just fought a great darkness. However even with this message sent the IBM 5100 still wasn’t at the shrine.


Once again it was nice to see another Feyris centric episode, as a heroine in the story she may not carry the same amount of importance that Mayuri or Kurisu do but she still feels to carry a decent amount, on par with Moeka and Rukako but a step below Suzuha. Yet she still hasn’t had many episodes based around her, or even appeared in one in a while.

That said I can’t really say that there was a lot to her story, it may have had a great impact in what it forced Okarin to realise (and the way it played into the ending still remains a highlight for me), but in the end it would simply come down to finding out about the message she sent and reversing it, it could and was all settled in around two episodes. But despite that it was still kind of nice for what it was and Feyris turned out to be adorable and loving towards Okarin, and through a naive wish she had saved her father and in the end you couldn’t say that she didn’t genuinely love Okarin. And with it our protagonist was also forced to weigh a few things up, sure he wanted to save Mayuri no matter what but would it really be worth sacrificing the ten years of happiness that Feyris had? What’s there really to say that his wish to save his childhood friend was more important than her naive and somewhat pure wish to save her father?

With this story it was also interesting to see that she may be developing a Reading Steiner of her own or even perhaps that Okarin had the ability to allow other people to obtain their memories from worldlines he had been in. Either possibility is interesting no matter how you look at it, if we’re to accept the former it would place her on a similar level to Okarin as someone who remains the still stone in the raging sea, one who remains in place as the world shifts and changes around them. But if we’re to accept the latter it would mean that Okarin’s Reading Steiner is growing, that either its continued use now allows him to pass on someone’s memories from another worldline or even that he’s finally starting to figure it out the other ways it can be used. As now that you think about it, it’s really only something he’s acknowledged recently. Either way all these possibilities are interesting in their own way.

Finally it was also great to see the direction in which the story will be heading for the next few episodes, that while they all messed around with the Dmail at the start of the series, at this point they’d have to clean up the mess they left behind. Slowly untying the knot by negating all the major, if not all, the changes they had made on a whim until they were back at the start. With this current direction it’s also quite easy to grasp the message that it’s supposedly trying to pass onto us, that it’s not right to mess with the past and that in the end it’s best to allow things to run their course. It’s something that quite a few characters have been shown to believe but hardly something Okarin has taken in, only Mayuri’s fate has forced him to start to fix things. However with it, it’s also quite possible that he’ll have to end up making a difficult choice at some point, that he may have unknowingly crossed a divergence point to save someone at the very start.


7 Responses to Steins;Gate 17

  1. へけもこ says:

    I enjoyed this episode. The thugs’ attack was hilarious.
    But plot wise, it gave me somewhat forced feeling.
    Feyris suddenly develops reading Steiner is convenient.
    And her choice between Mayuri and her father seems so unnatural.
    Her father’s life changes instantly by a D mail is strange. For, no matter how Okarin has been striving to avoid Mayuri’s death, he’s never succeeded. This fact weaken’s urgent situation Okarin is facing.

    Again I remember this anime is the adaptation of VN. So this episode is “Feyris route”. The out-of-place feeling may stem from this. There is even a scene that indicates possible making love between two. It’s subtle, but her blushing is the outright symbol in Japanese subculture.

    And next episode will be “Ruka route”.
    My body is ready.

  2. tomphile says:

    Feyris nyan, please come again!

  3. Ginnodangan says:


    I loved it as well, it was a cheesy excuse to get Okabe to stand up for the heroine and take a few punches but it was still a lot of fun to watch, and Feyris was great. At this point however I’m not sure what to make of how that worked, at the moment I’m leaning towards Okabe being able to pass on memories but odds are it was just a plot device to shift things forward. I guess we’ll have to see if it happens again in Ruka’s route to be sure.

    I thought she decided upon it too easily as well, she should have been more conflicted on it, sure Mayuri’s life is at stake but she and her father were close. And I found it odd how easily he was saved as well, there’s been a big deal made before about events happening anyway but it looks like they came up with it afterward.

    When you think about it, it kind of did imply that. It wouldn’t have been one of those cheesy attempts to cover it up but something that was just suggested instead, it would make for a nice way to wrap up her arc as well.

  4. im confused now with all the time leaps and dmails lol.
    so regardless what happens, suzu goes back to secure an IBN5100, but why did she give it to Feyris’s father of all people? she couldn’t have known Okabe would acquire it at the shrine if the Okarin from her time never got it in the first place. she should have just given it to Mr. Braun… He should have also realized his part timer had the same name…

    and also, doesn’t undoing all the dmails cause the divergence number thing to lower again? even if they stop sern’s attack, Mayuri is destined to die around the same time. =(

    im so mixed up that i dont even remember what i am confused about…i was gonna say more, i’ve thought so hard that i don’t rememer what i was thinking of anymore =P

    but anyway, i think this Feyris arc was kind of forced too, but it was fun to watch. there could have been a way to keep her father alive and get the IBN if they worded the message properly… i hope she really remembers what happened though.

    this is kind of random, but i was skimming through ep1 in hopes of clearing stuff up. i think what happened is that suzu went back in time, and ran into kurisu so she kills kurisu. then okarin sends that dmail to daru saying she got stabbed. somehow that causes suzu to enter the wrong co-ordinates and crash at a different time instead, avoiding her encounter with kurisu.
    i think there are only2 mysteries left in ep 1. first is that when kurisu and okarin first meet, she tells him that he tried to talk to her 15mins prior. the other mystery is the text with an attachment that he recieves during the time between first meeting kurisu and when he sees her dead. he doesnt get to read it because his phone goes weird probably because suzu’s time machine appears (without crashing).
    this doesn’t solve the plot holes or confusion i have, but it clears up some of the mystery at the beginning of the show that i had completely forgotten about lol

  5. へけもこ says:

    In fact, when it comes to time travel story, numerous plot holes are, in a sense, inevitable. Time travellers are kind of God who can do anything. And the obvious killing-one’s father-paradox has basically no answer. So usually writers put some restrictions. In Steins Gate, D-mail, Time leap, and Time machine have their own respective limit.
    So they are aware of their plot holes anyway.

    Talking of a plot hole, I want to cry out like “if you want that IBN PC so badly, why don’t you just search it through ebay or something!”

  6. Ginnodangan says:

    Funnily enough there actually is one sitting on ebay. Though if they found one in the show like this it could be kind of hard to trust.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    I think so, at one point or another she would have gone back anyway, the time she left doesn’t matter but the time she arrived in does. And I’m starting to wonder that as well, Feyris’ father could have been a friend of hers and she knew it would find its way into Okarin’s hands eventually, or there was a reason for why she didn’t (also she changed her name when she went back).

    In doing that I think they’re trying to avoid that, they need to lower the divergence number to get their hands on the IBM 5100 so they can hack into SERN and erase the evidence, thus saving Mayuri. That said if they go far enough to actually accomplish that goal they’ll end up in the world line that the series started on (where Kurisu was stabbed). And now that you mention it I really wonder what Suzuha was up to when Okarin saw her then.

    It’s because of that that I’m starting to suspect that things will go full circle, that the worldline they started on could be taken as the one in which SERN would have been stopped and Mayuri was saved. And if so I wouldn’t really be surprised to see those two things resolved when it gets there.

  7. Wow, this piece of writing is pleasant, my sister is analyzing such things, thus I am going to let know her.

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