Tiger & Bunny 19

When Kotetsu drops in to check on Barnaby he finds that his memories have degenerated further, so in order to find the truth he suggests that they go through what he did on the night his parents were killed.

So this is where this finally comes in.

This leads the duo to a skating rink that Barnaby remembers going to with Mr Maverick, and just as he bought him a hat Kotetsu buys him a badge but he doesn’t want to wear it, sure that they’ll be able to make as many memories together as they want afterward. Following this he starts to break down once more but Kotetsu tells him that since he’s his partner he’ll stick with him until they find out the truth.

However while Barnaby is out Kotetsu gets a call from his mother updating him on Kaede and annoyed that he hasn’t quit yet, with Kaede even snatching the phone and telling him he may as well not come back at all, unfortunately Barnaby had woken up at this point and overhears him talking about quitting his job as a hero. But when confronted about it he tells him that it’s about changing his lifestyle, causing him to be lose the trust he had in him by believing that he only stopped him from quitting so he could run away. And as Barnaby continues belittling him, Kotetsu snaps and slaps him.Following this Barnaby goes to Mr Maverick and tells him that he knows Jake didn’t kill his parents and so must be someone else from Ouroboros along with how his memories have fallen apart. And as it would just so happen Barnaby receives a call from Samantha who after looking through some old photos knows the truth, that it was her not Mr Maverick that took him to the skating rink.

At this point Kotetsu happens to be at one of his usual bars when he hears an interview with Barnaby in which he implies that he’s the hero that he looks up to and aspires to be worthy of his trust. On Barnaby’s side of things what Samantha has told him has made everything clear, leading to Mr Maverick confessing that he was the one to kill his parents, of how they helped him out when Hero TV was starting up and how he teamed up with Ouroboros to spice the ratings up. However when they found out about this they wanted to reveal it to the public. Of course the memories that Barnaby has were different, but this is because of Maverick’s own NEXT ability that allows him to plant memories. With the episode drawing to a close as he uses this ability on him once more, saying “Goodnight, Barnaby”.

Next Episode:

I can’t say I didn’t really see all of this happening but it still all came as a bit of a shock, it was all just so sudden, we still have at least five to six or so episodes left and already Maverick has been outed as the main villain with the truth about Barnaby’s memories now out in the open. But at the same time I’ll also admit that I was a little irritated with how Kotetsu still tries to hide things.

It may be a large part of his character but you have to admit that a lot of the problems he runs into mainly come down to him not taking the time to bring things out into the open, Kaede being pissed off at him and now more recently the new breach of trust between him and Barnaby. They all seem to come down to this one thing and if he would actually take the time to do this and stop keeping things to himself at least a few times, the situation he’s in would be far better. Kaede would at least have some understanding of why he’s never around and she at least deserves to know at this point, and for someone who he always goes on about trust to, Barnaby deserves the same. His reason for quitting that he gave really just would have made him look like he just wanted to throw everything away and run.

Despite that however it was still quite a surprise to learn the exact truth of Barnaby’s memories, Maverick’s place in them being fake had always been a possibility but given how they and his relationship with Barnaby had been built up until now, it still managed to shock me a bit (so much for Maverick being Barnaby’s kind foster father). There had always been holes in his memories but when the truth came out that he had replaced Samantha with himself on that night it brought it all tumbling down. However given how easy this hole would have been to find I’m starting to wonder why exactly Maverick didn’t just remove himself from that night entirely. It really just took one photo to contradict it all.

Along with that Maverick’s position as the villain was hardly something not to be expected, heck he was probably the most likely candidate from the start. But for him and with it to a lesser degree, Hero TV to be exposed as such in this episode also came as something of a surprise in a kind of expected way. Also confirming some of the suspicions I had earlier about some of the crimes and rescues sometimes being staged, it’s what they did back then so doesn’t take much to expect that they would still do it now. With all of this it was also interesting to learn that Maverick had a NEXT ability of his own, confirming the link he had regarding Barnaby’s memories changing and also showing that he had pretty much groomed him to be a hero on his show. It’s kind of creepy when you think about it, especially those “Goodnight, Barnaby” moments.


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