Steins;Gate 19

While the course of events at the lab appear to be going normally looks to be feeling down, and when Kurisu pulls him aside he tells her that tomorrow will be the day that Mayuri dies and tells her everything. And in order to negate the Dmail that Moeka sent, it’s decided that he’ll look for her while she watches over Mayuri.

His searching eventually leads to an apartment building cordoned off by the police who tell him that Moeka committed suicide the previous night, of course this doesn’t help him in the slightest and as Kurisu confirms his suspicions he time leaps back.

This time he finds himself at the point where Kurisu is pissed at him for eating her pudding cup, but once more he explains things to her and makes his move to find Moeka before it’s too late. And as it would happen, this time he finds her alone in her apartment distraught at how FB won’t respond, completely ignoring him until he snatches her phone, unleashing the pent-up emotions from all the worldlines in which she killed Mayuri to fling her back. In doing this she becomes enraged and attempts to smash the door down as he makes the arrangements to negate her message.

But when he does this his Reading Steiner doesn’t activate, the worldline remains as it was, and only now does he realise that she’s had the same phone all along. So in order to find out just what she really sent he prepares to brave Moeka’s rage, narrowly missing a table she’s thrown before restraining her, and when one of her neighbours walks by to find out what’s happening he forcefully kisses her. Following this she appears to have calmed down and is shocked to find that he knows as much as he does, and explaining that FB means everything to her and refuses to believe what Okabe tells her will happen in two days, that FB has abandoned her and that she will die waiting.

Faced with this and everything Okabe tells her, she now starts to break down but still diverges some information to Okabe, that she’s never met FB in person and as he continues to look through her messages he finds that she was the one who took the IBM 5100 from the shrine, and so tells her not to. However once more his Reading Steiner doesn’t activate, meaning they’ll have to track down this FB person, and upon hearing his resolve to save Mayuri, Moeka tells him that the IBM 5100 is located in a coin locker in Daibiru.


Honestly I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward an episode revolving around Moeka but I’m actually surprised at how good it ended up being. It still didn’t add much do much to make Moeka a bit more likeable but it served as something of a conclusion to this part of the story before Okabe heads off to go against the villain of the story, FB.

If anything what we learned about Moeka made me like her less, it wasn’t like Okabe trusting and welcoming her into the lab was a good idea to begin with but after backstabbing them and killing Mayuri there just wasn’t anything to redeem her for it in this episode. Heck, the way she follows FB’s orders without question made it worse, people who follow orders for such acts unquestionably are just as bad as those who gave them in the first place. And what’s more it didn’t seem like she would have shown any remorse to committing them either, she would just blindly go along to her next order.

Even if it all was kind of misplaced, Moeka having not yet committed the act or even being the one who gave it, I must say that it was extremely satisfying to see Okabe plant his fist in her face. It was as if he unleashing all the pent up emotions from going through countless worldlines to save Mayuri only to have her kill her before his eyes, as if he was carrying through with any feelings of revenge he had at the time. Not to mention that he even went a step further than that, by telling her that her saviour couldn’t care less about her and only saw her as a tool to be used and discarded. Most of all I thought that Moeka’s voice actress, Saori Goto did an amazing job at voicing her fit of rage, Moeka’s world had been taken away from her and she did a good job at showing that.

Last of all this episode also felt as if it was the conclusion to this part of the story, serving to wrap up the section of the story where Okabe goes around meeting the other girls and getting them to take back the message that they sent. And with Moeka’s part of it kind of resolved it’s time to move onto the next part, facing this FB figure, someone whose identity is still something I’m looking forward to seeing and seems to be the root of all the trouble Okabe now has. With this I’m also starting to wonder whether Moeka may help Okabe out in finding and confronting them, it would actually be something that would redeem her a bit and help her move on by becoming a bit more self-reliant or reliant on others. Either way I’m interested to see the direction that the story will take at this point.


2 Responses to Steins;Gate 19

  1. Nelorzoul says:

    Fantastic review, and I love your Steins;Gate background by the way! The only thing I disliked about this episode, that I realized upon reading your post, is that Moeka sent herself the Dmail regarding the IBM5100 initially – so why wouldn’t she believe another Dmail from the same phone? I suppose you could tag all kinds of unstated reasons onto why she wouldn’t believe the Dmail Okarin sent, but ultimately its just one of those things that was necessary to allow the plot to continue. Anyways I don’t have too much of a gripe about that. Great episode, great review, and sick background!

    Side note – you may want to check out the visual novel after the series finishes. Its currently undergoing fan-translation to English for non-Japanese speakers like myself. That translation should be done before December this year. A quick Google search for “Steins;Gate VN Translation” should yield the website for the translation group, it should be the third link or so (I don’t want to leave any links on your page, out of respect).

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Thanks, I thought it was time for a change.
    Now that you think about it how she only believed the first message is actually kind of odd, it could be due to something like FB ordering her to investigate any possible leads or even that the message Okabe sent didn’t give much of a reason to. It really is kind of unclear why, though after watching it I guess I took that as being more implied than actually stated.

    I don’t really mind it if you have to post links, as long as they’re not too specific (i.e. links to files and stuff). But anyway going through the VN is one of the things that I intend to do once the series is over, it’ll be interesting to get a better insight as to what’s going on in Okabe’s head and also how different the anime may have done things. The translation project appears to be going incredibly fast though, it looks like they’ve only been working on it for a few months but they’ve already translated more than half of it. I’m not exactly sure how long it is but it’s still an amazing feat.

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