Dantalian no Shoka 05

When Huey answers the door one day he meets someone who appears to be an old friend of his from his days as a pilot Armand Jeremiah of the Jeremiah Conglomerate, who’s come to him to ask for a Phantom Book.

The reason he needs one however is in order to court the highclass courtesan known as the “Quicksilver Idol”, Viola Duplessis who demands a Phantom Book from each of her suitors, and curious of the woman who would demand such Huey and Dalian decide to tag along. When they finally meet Viola they find that Armand is infatuated with her and as they start to question her about the Phantom Books she’s requested, she knowing Dalian’s identity apologises personally but tells her that she herself doesn’t really know why she needs them. However what appears to be a fairy made of mercury suddenly attacks and warns Viola that the count will be returning for her soon.

Because of this they deduce that she needs the Phantom Books to fight this count and when the time comes they meet up with Viola again, this time surrounded by her suitors and the mercenaries they’ve brought with them. Huey and Dalian also happen to give Armand the Phantom Book he needed and Dalian alikens this situation to that of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, aside from that the other suitors also happen to have acquired the Phantom Books they needed. However when the count arrives Viola recognises him as her father and all their weapons and the Phantom Books they all brought turn out to be useless against him. But Dalian doesn’t recognise his powers being from a Phantom Book, instead he possesses forbidden wisdom, in other words he’s a true magician. The count then introduces himself as Melgar and reveals that he’s come to collect the results of his experiment, that Viola is nothing more than a humonculus to find the point at which that which is fake becomes human.

However just as he’s about to harm her suitors, Viola takes action and saves them with the cuts she received being revealed to bleed mercury, and when Melgar reveals his intentions to dissect her Armand and her suitors step up to protect her, so in order for them to do this Dalian gives Huey permission to open the gate. And this time we’re shown another look into how Huey met the white-haired girl, of how when he asked her if she was lonely she had only been reminded of what loneliness was when he left. Now with genuine copies in their hands, Viola’s suitors are now able to stand up to Melgar’s magic and reverse the damage he’s done, and it’s from this feat that he accepts defeat, allowing his daughter the chance to find love with an unaging body and the choice of returning to him when she wishes. However when he bids Huey and Dalian farewell, she tells him to drop dead. In the epilogue Armand and the suitors return the Phantom Books, but when they think Viola is going to pick one of them, she reveals that she’s already decided on another man.


For some reason I found this episode to be better than the previous ones, seeing all of Viola’s suitors head over heels trying to impress her may have been kind of stupid but I thought that it made up for that with a few other things. There was still something of an element of mystery in what Melgar was up to and just what he really was added a bit of variety to the show.

And it wasn’t just how it was executed that made me like this episode a bit more than some of the previous ones, I also thought that it managed to use some of the main characters a bit better as well. One thing I was uncomfortable with in the previous episodes was that Huey and Dalian have a lot of potential to be good characters (futher than Huey being badass and the little things that make Dalian adorable) but it depends on how they’re used, will we get a better look into Huey’s past and will the white-haired girl inside the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian be expanded upon? Next to that Viola being “fake” may have not surprised me, but there was still that aspect of just what Melgar was using her for that still wasn’t clear. In the past episodes things had either been too clear or predictable, so this was a nice surprise.

While Viola being a humonculus created by Melgar wasn’t that much of a surprise just what he intended to use her for was still something I was interested to find out, at first it seemed like he was using her as a way of gathering Phantom Books through her suitors, even if it did seem a little too obvious. But instead it turned out to be quite different, to him she could be taken as an experiment to find the exact point in which something becomes human, in a sense seeking the origins of the soul at the same time. What’s more a magician of his level doesn’t come across as the type who would be actively seeking Phantom Books either. Aside from that while I didn’t exactly like how she let on at least five guys at the same time, I thought this was a pretty nice twist for Viola’s character and even then this ending was better than the other option.

Finally it was also great to see someone who looks to be another somewhat reccurring character, Armand Jeremiah voiced by Takahiro Sakurai introduced. His way of being overly infatuated may have gotten a little repetitive at one point but I guess that will just be part of his character, a young noblemen who easily falls in love with any girl that comes his way but it doesn’t work out in the end. It could get a little repetitive at times but it isn’t really that bad when you think about it. Most of all though I’m interested to see how Armand fitted in with Huey’s past as a pilot, I’m interested to find out just what Huey must have gone through then but it feels like it’s mostly forgotten at times. In all though it was just great to see the cast expand a bit more.


2 Responses to Dantalian no Shoka 05

  1. tomphile says:

    Maybe it was better because we got a glimpse of the mystical library?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Perhaps, how the story between a younger version of Huey and the white-haired girl was one of the nicer parts of the episode, it’s gradual but it’s still something overarching alongside the episodic stories.

    That aside the animation was also pretty awesome as well.

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